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Fresno State Refuses to Rebuke Despicable Leftist Prof

Recall our previous report about uber-leftist, Muslim Professor Randa Jarrar — paid by taxpayer dollars — at Fresno State University in the Left Coast People’s Republic of California. Jarrar tweeted a rather hate-filled message of joy about the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush cooing that she’s “happy the witch is dead.”

We’re entirely unsurprised to learn that Fresno State bureaucrats have swiftly decided to do precisely nothing to reprimand Jarrar for what the left would otherwise almost certainly deem ‘hate speech’ if a conservative had remarked in similar fashion about a recently decease Democrat First Lady.

As usual, it’s free speech for me, but not for thee. Reason is not a hallmark of the socialist vocation.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Well, this is maddening. It also provokes much debate over issues of protected speech and the continuing downward spiral of civil discourse in this nation.

I’m speaking of the California State University, Fresno professor, Randa Jarrar, and her hateful speech, after the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush.

We’ve discussed the loathsome Jarrar on these pages before. There’s nothing strong enough that any of us could say to adequately express the complete ugliness of who this person is, inside and out.

Jarrar was the heatless, hate-filled ghoul that responded to the news of Mrs. Bush’s death on social media in this way:

“Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal,” Jarrar wrote.

Jarrar also commented that she was “happy the witch is dead.”

So uncalled for, on every level.

Enough people were outraged that there were calls for the university to fire her. A petition gathered around 50,000 signatures, calling for her dismissal.



Congress: Investigate Hillary’s Secret Payments to Fusion GPS

We’re utterly shocked to report to you that Hillary lied and funneled money.

Okay not so much, but seriously, it’s about time Congress demand a closer look into how Hillary ran her financial shell game both in her campaign and through the DNC, which was essentially a wholly-owned subsidiary for Hillary 2018.

Remember Fusion GPS, the firm that worked with the FBI and Chris Steele to create the infamous Russia dossier?

Though we know Hillary paid Fusion GPS, curiously none of that money ended up in her federal campaign reports at the FEC, despite that it is required by federal law.

Instead, roughly 12 million was shown to have been paid to Perkins Coie, the heavily Democrat, Obama law firm that serves as a front group for all sorts of leftist operations.

And now the House is demanding that the DOJ investigate Hillary for election law violations.

It’s yet another rabbit hole in Hillary’s fantastically corrupt operation that makes the mafia look legitimate.

Here’s more from American Greatness…

As I reported here, the Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission last year alleging that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee violated campaign finance laws by not revealing their payments to Fusion GPS. In an October 25, 2017 filing with the FEC, the watchdog group accused the Hillary for America campaign and DNC of failing to “accurately disclose the purpose and recipient of payments for the dossier…effectively hiding these payments from public scrutiny.” The complaint was filed one day after the Washington Post confirmed that both entities paid Perkins Coie – a politically-connected law firm – to retain Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on Donald Trump, which resulted in the infamous dossier.

According to the Center, the Clinton campaign and DNC paid Perkins Coie more than $12 million during the 2016 election cycle; all payments were recorded as “legal services.” No payments to Fusion GPS were itemized on disclosure reports by either group. Corey Goldstone, a spokesman for the Campaign Legal Center, told me via email that “normally, a campaign files a report with the FEC listing the people and companies it paid money to and what that money was for. The Clinton campaign and the DNC did not comply with their legal obligation to disclose their payments to Fusion for opposition research. Instead, they concealed the fact that any payments were made to Fusion at all.” Goldstone said the complaint is still pending at the FEC.


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Government Study on Guns Confirms They Save Lives

So why is one of the most hard-hitting studies on gun use being kept secret?

You’ll likely be completely unsurprised to learn that regulations bar the Centers for Disease Control from using taxpayer dollars to “advocate or promote gun control.”

That’s why there are no headlines — until now — showing that the CDC’s study proves guns save lives.

In years between 1996 and 1998, guns were used defensively (which is to say in order to stop a crime) 3.6 times more often than they were used in the commission of a crime.

And a new independent study by experts has confirmed those numbers.

So, next time an anti-gun lefty regurgitates the ‘guns kill people’ nonsense, remind them guns save even more people.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

A survey by the Centers for Disease Control on defensive gun use (DGU) in the United States that shows DGU happening more regularly than gun crimes has never been publicized.

Gary Kleck, a Florida State criminologist, conducted his own study of DGU and his results mirror those of the CDC.

The Daily Caller:

The CDC’s data, collected a few years after Kleck’s survey, appears to corroborate his findings, reported. The question asked in the CDC survey addressed the use or threatened use of a firearm to deter a crime. “During the last 12 months, have you confronted another person with a firearm, even if you did not fire it, to protect yourself, your property, or someone else?”

Kleck, upon reviewing the CDC’s data, noted just how close it came to mirroring his own.

The final adjusted prevalence of 1.24% therefore implies that in an average year during 1996–1998, 2.46 million U.S. adults used a gun for self-defense. This estimate, based on an enormous sample of 12,870 cases (unweighted) in a nationally representative sample, strongly confirms the 2.5 million past-12-months estimate obtained Kleck and Gertz (1995)….CDC’s results, then, imply that guns were used defensively by victims about 3.6 times as often as they were used offensively by criminals.

Many gun control advocates have complained about the fact that the CDC is limited with regard to research on gun violence. A 1996 amendment to a spending bill bars the organization from using congressionally allocated funds to “advocate or promote gun control.”

What those fighting for stronger gun-control generally leave out is the fact that the CDC is not barred from doing any research on gun violence — and the research it has done in the last two decades has largely corroborated Kleck’s findings.


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Illinois County to Become ‘Sanctuary County’…For Guns

More sanctuary news in the headlines this week, but not for the reason you’d think.

Effingham County, Illinois, has had enough of the state legislature’s socialist crackdown on guns (Chicago is home to some of the most draconian gun control laws in the nation).

And now they’re taking matters into their own hands.

By a vote of 8 to 1, the county board declared that, should a spate of anti-gun laws pass through the state legislature in the coming weeks, the county will officially become a sanctuary for gun owners in which authorities will not enforce the new state laws.

Finally, some federalism and common sense in an otherwise blue state.

This could be another showdown at the OK Corral.

Here’s more from Hotair…

Out in Illinois, the state legislature has been attempting to seize on the supposed momentum for new firearms restrictions and begun passing a raft of new gun control measures. Governor Bruce Rauner has been using his veto powers in some cases, but that hasn’t slowed down the Democrats seeking new restrictions. In response to this flurry of legislative activity, the residents and elected officials of one Illinois county have come up with what some are seeing as at least a partial solution. They’ve voted to declare themselves a “sanctuary county” for gun owners if the new control measures all go into effect. (Washington Times)

An overwhelming majority of board members in Effingham County, Illinois, decided to “flip the script” this week and declare itself a “sanctuary” for gun owners.

Effingham County State’s Attorney Bryan Kibler and board member David Campbell called a barrage of gun-control bills working their way through the Illinois House and Senate a clear signal that it’s time to “take a stand.”

The men joined “Fox & Friends First” on Thursday to discuss a new Second Amendment resolution that passed along an 8-1 vote…

The resolution reads: “If the Government of the State of Illinois shall infringe upon the inalienable rights granted by the Second Amendment, Effingham County shall become a ‘sanctuary county’ for all firearms.”


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Hillary: ‘They Were Never Going To Let Me’ Win

That Hillary went into a seething tirade at her campaign watch party after learning she was losing isn’t exactly big news.

But the details concerning how all that went down on election night and what she said immediately upon learning it actually is news.

According to a new tell-all book, Hillary remarked cynically, “They were never going to let me be president.”

Of course, that begs the question who is ‘they’? Bill Clinton speculated that there was a conspiracy between the New York Times and Trump to secure his victory for the purpose of better headlines. Right.

Meanwhile, we’re aboard an alien spaceship in the Bermuda Triangle sipping mint juleps with Big Foot.

Moving right along.

Here’s more from Hotair…

One day, when Americans of stout heart rise up and declare themselves free of it, the 2016 election will be over, but … today is not that day, friends. While the minutiae and meaning of Donald Trump’s campaign continue to get dissected, the other campaign gets some attention in a new book from reporter Amy Chozick titled Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling.

The Daily Beast’s Gideon Resnick excerpts several passages from the book, none of which make Hillary Clinton sympathetic. For example, this recounting of her Election Night notification reminds everyone of both Hillary’s sense of entitlement and paranoia:

“Of all the Brooklyn aides, Jen Palmieri had the most pleasant bedside manner,” Chozick writes. “That made her the designated deliverer of bad news to Hillary. But not this time. She told Robby there was no way she was going to tell Hillary she couldn’t win. That’s when Robby, drained and deflated, watching the results with his team in a room down the hall from Hillary’s suite, labored into the hallway of the Peninsula to break the news. Hillary didn’t seem all that surprised. ‘I knew it. I knew this would happen to me….’ Hillary said, now within a couple of inches of his face. ‘They were never going to let me be president.’”


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Sheriff Israel Faces No Confidence Vote from Deputies

Shamed Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has unfortunately dropped out of the headlines despite his abject incompetence and self-congratulation after the Parkland massacre.

But now he may finally receive his comeuppance.

Over the next several days, Israel is being subjected to a no-confidence vote from his deputies, which was confirmed by the president of the deputies’ union.

We’re not quite sure what might have prompted the vote.

Well, except maybe that he threw Deputy Scot Peterson, who failed to enter the school during the shooting — completely under the bus.

Oh, and there was the policy of not arresting juveniles along with the dozens of visits to the shooter’s home.

We could go on, but you get the picture.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is facing a no-confidence vote from his own deputies for his actions in the wake of the Parkland school shooting that have “crushed morale through the agency,” as the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association described it.

The February 14th shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School left 17 students and teachers dead, and an additional 17 wounded. Israel has faced intense criticism for the dozens of visits to the shooter’s home that never resulted in an arrest, their policy of avoiding juvenile arrests even for serious and violent crimes, and the failure of his deputies to enter the school and engage the shooter.

Israel’s actions in the aftermath of the shooting have only raised the v0lume from his critics — his grandstanding attempts to demonize the NRA and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) at a CNN townhall, his scapegoating of his own deputies, and additional troubling reports about the shooter’s brother being arrested on campus and a BSO deputy getting caught sleeping while on duty that same day at Stoneman Douglas.


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Comey: I Could Testify Against Andrew McCabe

James Comey is in such a rush to ingratiate himself to the world and prove he’s a really great guy, after all, that he is ‘potentially’ willing to testify in a case against his former FBI Deputy Andy McCabe.

This is a pretty big deal.

When political cronies start throwing each other under the bus, that’s when things really start getting interesting.

Now, there still remains the question whether the Inspector General’s recent report will produce any criminal charges against McCabe in the first place.

But one safe bet is that if the US Attorney’s office doesn’t pursue them, Congress might pursue contempt. And this has its own ramifications.

Either way, the rats are jumping ship and eating their own.

Here’s more from CNN…

Former FBI Director James Comey said in a wide-ranging CNN interview Thursday that he could potentially be a witness against the FBI’s former number two.

His commentson CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” came after CNN reported that the Justice Department’s inspector general referred its findings on Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director, to the US attorney’s office in Washington for possible criminal charges associated with lying to internal investigators.
Asked if he could end up being a witness, Comey said, “Potentially.”
“Sure, given that the IG’s report reflects interactions that Andy McCabe had with me and other senior executives, I could well be a witness,” Comey said.


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DOJ Inspector: Criminal Charges for FBI’s McCabe

So IG Horowitz’s investigation is finally yielding some fruit which may end be in the first of many dominoes to fall.

Following the release of his report last week, Horowitz has formally submitted his recommendation to the US Attorney’s office for DC on possible criminal charges.

What was McCabe’s offense? You may want to sit down for this. He lied.

Actually, the phrase that was used was “lacked candor” which admittedly has less punch.

But what we hope is McCabe will be seeking a plea bargain and offer something a little more substantial in exchange.

Perhaps maybe — and we’re just spitballing here — the plan by Strzok and Page to collude in the election of Hillary Clinton?

Here’s more from CNN (yes, really)…

The Justice Department’s inspector general referred its findings on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to the US attorney’s office in Washington for possible criminal charges associated with lying to internal investigators, according to a source familiar with the matter.

When exactly the referral was made to the US attorney’s office was not immediately clear, and prosecutors there may decline to prosecute.
Last week, the IG issued a report finding that McCabe “lacked candor” on four occasions with internal investigators when discussing a Wall Street Journal article about the FBI’s Clinton Foundation investigation, according to a copy of the report obtained by CNN.


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San Diego Joins Trump Lawsuit Against CA Sanctuary

Uber-lefties at the helm in the state capitol in Sacramento are up against the wall this week as the growing cadre of cities around the state of California openly opposing the sanctuary state now includes one of the largest: San Diego.

The City Board met early this week to vote on whether to join the suit against the state brought by the Trump administration, and by a one-sided vote of 3 to 1, the deal was done.

San Diego joins at least nine of the cities along the Mexico border where incursions by illegal aliens has been most felt most acutely.

Here’s more from Mercury News…

Leaders of California’s second-largest county voted Tuesday to officially support the Trump administration’s lawsuit against the state’s so-called sanctuary law that limits police cooperation with federal immigration agents.

The decision by San Diego County’s all-Republican Board of Supervisors comes amid a growing conservative backlash in California against the Democratic governor’s stance on immigration enforcement.

The region of 3 million residents that borders Mexico joins neighboring Orange County and at least nine other Orange County cities that have passed anti-sanctuary resolutions or voted to support the lawsuit filed last month by President Donald Trump’s administration.

The board voted 3-1, with one member absent. It pledged to file an amicus brief supporting the federal lawsuit at the first available opportunity, chairwoman Kristin Gaspar said. She expects the Trump administration to win and California to appeal, at which point the county would be allowed to file its brief.


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Muslim Prof Cheers Barbara Bush’s Death: ‘Happy witch is dead’

You really have to hand it to the lefty administrators in the Ivory Tower elite universities, largely on the coasts.

They’re so enamored by political correctness, diversity, and inclusion that anyone marginally fitting the criterion of ‘minority’ status otherwise gets a pass on hard-left nutwing ideology.

Enter Muslim Prof. Randa Jarrar who, upon learning of the passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush, blasted on Twitter, “I’m happy the witch is dead and I can’t wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise.”

What’s her beef? The War on Terror in Iraq.

Apparently she’s unpersuaded by the fact that millions of Iraqis — both Muslims and Christians — can now vote for their leaders rather than face butchery for daring to oppose Saddam Hussein, who murdered roughly a half million of his own people.

Here’s more from BizPacReview…

Randa Jarrar, a self-described Muslim who’s a professor at Fresno State University, gleefully cheered the death of former first lady Barbara Bush, tweeting: “I’m happy the witch is dead and I can’t wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise.”

Jarrar called Mrs. Bush an “amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal” while dancing on her grave.

Jarrar also mocked the grief of the Bush family, saying she couldn’t care less about all the backlash she stirred up on Twitter. “All the hate I’m getting ALMOST made me forget how happy I am that George W. Bush is probably really sad right now,” she cooed.