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Schiff’s Impeachment Crumbles as Ukraine Reopens Their Investigation

Looks like Adam Schiff is going to have a hard time pushing this impeachment bid much longer.

The Democrat is out there claiming Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. Schiff says Trump threatened to withhold military aid, in order to get the Ukrainian president to comply.

The first part had already been debunked. The Ukrainian president didn’t know about the funds until a month after the phone call.

So… no quid pro quo.

Now, new evidence is coming out that blows out the second part of Schiff’s claim. Seems like Ukraine had already been eyeing Biden’s situation. Read more…


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Border Chief Vows to Give Trump Over 400 New Miles

Every day, President Donald Trump fights to protect America.

And despite Democrat opposition, he has done a LOT already.

He’s worked to get a new wall built along our southern border, which greatly adds to the safety and stability of our country.

This improved wall, which is higher and stronger than our previous barrier, is a real barrier. It is much harder for anyone to get past this new technology.

And now, the Trump administration is promising even more barriers for 2020. Read more…


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Ukraine Claims Burisma Paid Biden 900,000 For Lobbying

Take a look at this huge development in the Biden case that the media is conveniently ignoring.

We are now learning about a huge accusation leveled at – not Hunter Biden – but Joe himself.

It’s common knowledge that the former Vice President’s son was working for a Ukrainian company. At the same time, Biden pressured the country to fire a man investigating the company.

A pretty clear conflict of interest. Yet, Democrats just looked the other way. When Donald Trump wanted answers, they tried to impeach him! Read more…


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Pelosi Fumbles Impeachment, House Republicans Want Pay Back

It’s really amazing how Nancy Pelosi made such a turnaround. For three years, she stood up for reason and common sense when she rejected her party’s demands for impeachment.

Yet, over a flimsy whistleblower complaint, she made a 180 and backed Schiff’s impeachment push.

It looks likeit was all a major mistake, that could cost the Democrats big time.

There is evidence that she knew more about the phone call than she lets on. But, in the end, there is zero evidence in that call to justify an impeachment-much less Trump’s removal from office. Read more…


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Queen AOC Calls For Abolishing Prisons in the US

Do you love how AOC speaks for Americans? She never seems to actually ask us what we think.

She says we all want to spend $100 trillion on a Green New Deal—which bars airplanes, cows, and every building.

AOC thinks we all want the president impeached-after he’s done such a good job.

It only gets worse from there.

Her latest idea-that you apparently want-is to get rid of a major necessity in a safe, law-abiding society. Read more…


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New Audio Recording Sends Hillary Scrambling

Democrats say Donald Trump should be impeached over a phone call, but every time we turn around, it looks like Democrat leaders should be the suspects!

Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, are deeply involved in this mess already.

And now, another well-known Democrat has become embroiled in this charade: Hillary Clinton!

The Blaze just released evidence that apparently links Ukraine to helping the DNC and Hillary’s 2016 campaign.

This could REALLY be bad news for Hillary … and great news for Trump. Read more…


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Ukraine Agrees to Start an Audit On Hunter Biden’s Case

President Trump asked a simple question on the now-infamous Ukrainian phone call: can you help investigate corruption?

Trump is determined to drain the D.C. swamp, no matter how hard it will be. He’s known for a long time something wasn’t right about how Biden pressured Ukraine to fire their prosecutor.

It seems everyone knew the prosecutor was investigating Hunter Biden’s company. But nobody in the U.S. government thought that was suspicious?

Well, even though our lawmakers dropped the ball it looks like Trump’s getting his wish from Ukraine. Read more…


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Trump Scores 30 Billion China Trade Victory

President Trump has worked hard for the American people.

That’s the entire purpose of his trade war with China: he wants to stop China’s unfair trade practices, for the sake of our citizens.

That’s why he hit the Eastern superpower with heavy tariffs, and the results speak for themselves:

It’s a $30 billion windfall for America!

That’s how much extra we’ve brought in after the tariffs dropped in July 2018, and it’s just another significant victory for the Trump administration. Read more…


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Trump Calls China and Ukraine to Help Investigate Biden

Donald is fed up with the Democrats – so he’s calling in the big guns!

The Left keeps pushing for impeachment with no hard evidence. They totally ignore what Trump was really doing – rooting out corruption within our government.

You have to be blind to not suspect Biden was involved in some shady dealings. Joe’s son made “bank” while he was vice president.

But, as usual, Democrats refused to look into these alarming concerns.

So Trump is calling on not just one major nation, but two, to back him up. And it’s got the Left panicking. Read more…


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McCarthy Demands Pelosi’s ‘Reckless’ Impeachment Hunt Suspended

It seems like Democrats will stop at nothing to get what they want. They are determined to push impeachment, no matter the cost.

They are acting like bullies to get their way. They demand witnesses show up and give them dirt on Trump, or they’ll go after them for obstruction.

They’ve even admitted they are rushing this process through (it seems before Americans can figure out what’s really going on).

Now, the Republican House Minority Leader is trying to shut down Pelosi’s little charade. Read more…