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Al Sharpton Could Be In Deep Trouble

Remember when Reverend Al Sharpton ran for president? Probably not, because it was over sixteen years ago.

The man, considered a radical by some, never really had a chance. But he’s continued to pop up in the media, mostly to push his political views.

Even though he’s gone on to earn a nice salary from his non-profit, he left a big hole of debt.

Apparently, just last year, he made a mint from his non-profit.

But his campaign is still on the hook… for a big sum. Read more…


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Trump Preparing Middle-Class ‘Tax Cuts 2.0’

I’m sure you remember what Trump did in 2017.

He scored one of the biggest tax cuts in American history.

Many experts agree this bill supercharged the economy. Companies were able to hire more workers, leading to record unemployment.

The bill also resulted in a 25% tax savings for many Americans.

But some complained-can you believe that? Democrats said the bill didn’t do enough for the little guy-even though they didn’t even vote for it.

But they didn’t think Trump was already prepared to do even more for the American people. Read more…



Trump Steps On Obama Legacy Once Again

Yes, President Trump is the incumbent, but he’s not taking anything for granted. The 2020 race is make-or-break for the country.

And the president is treating the primaries as seriously as he should, even though none of his GOP challengers have a chance against him.

The media is trying to put as much attention on the Democratic primaries as possible. As if that’s the only race that matters.

President Trump doesn’t agree. He’s sent top members of his team to Iowa and New Hampshire. He hosted major rallies in both states. Read more…



Joe Biden Blindsided By His Own Party

Aw, poor Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. Both have had a pretty bad week.

Once upon a time, they were considered frontrunners for the Democratic nomination. At one point, “experts” said Warren was the woman to beat.

Both Biden and Warren lost it big time in the first two states. Their campaigns are trying to downplay the losses, but we suspect they are bleeding, big time.

With major primaries coming up, and Super Tuesday around the corner, can these two candidates turn it around? Read more…


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Trump Challenging New York “Green Light Law”

President Trump has been fighting liberal states like New York and California since the start of his presidency.

The Democrats who run these states seem to oppose him tooth and nail. When they aren’t challenging him with lawsuits, they are passing new laws that undermine his agenda.

They block him at every turn, even when he works to make the country safer.

Recently, New York even voted to give non-citizens (however they got here) driver’s licenses. Read more…


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Biden Just Admit He Lost the 2020 Race

Joe Biden is quickly becoming a footnote in this 2020 race. He finished in 4th in Iowa. And he just finished 5th in New Hampshire.

This was their frontrunner. Not good, Joe, not good.

Remember when the media said Joe was the most “electable” candidate in the group?

The party threw their weight behind him because they thought he was the only one that could beat Trump.

(Some even say they impeached Trump just to protect Joe’s reputation.) Read more…


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AOC Has New Challenger That Could Give Her the Boot in 2020

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez must think her job is safe in her liberal district-but it’s not.

She continues to push radical, far-left ideas, with no sign of waking up to reality.

Republicans might not have a chance at beating her, but that doesn’t mean someone from within her own party can’t take her seat.

And guess what? An Emmy-award-winning TV anchor is about to give AOC a run for her money. Read more…


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Trump Releases Swamp-Draining Budget

Donald Trump just enjoyed one of his best weeks as president. And he doesn’t seem to be slowing down!

He announced a major proposal that will shake up D.C. and help Americans big time.

Many have wondered if he would live up to his promise to cut our bloated budget. For years, Democrats have spent like crazy, ratcheting up our deficit.

Well, now we know what Trump is planning. He wants to make big changes insiders in D.C. won’t like. Read more…


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President Trump Fires 70 Obama Washington Holdovers

When President Trump entered the White House, he had a bigger problem than anyone might have expected.

It turns out Obama really stacked the deck against him. He expanded the size of government to record, bloated levels.

Numerous offices had twice (or more) the number of staff than in previous administrations.

On top of that, Obama left behind loyalists, it turns out, weren’t fans of Trump. Many think men like Vindman and Sondland tried to paint Trump in a bad light during impeachment with their opinion, hard evidence. Read more…


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Congress Files Charges Against Nancy Pelosi

It looks like Nancy Pelosi made a big mistake at the State of the Union-bigger than she could have expected.

I’m sure you were shocked-like so many other Americans-to see the Speaker rip up President Trump’s speech before the entire country.

She claimed she did it because the speech lacked “one page” of truth. I’m sure she went back to her party to brag about her “statement.”

But not many Americans are cheering. Read more…