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DOJ’s Bruce Ohr Feared ‘Exposure’

What exactly was Justice Department official Bruce Ohr worried about being exposed? Nobody knows…yet. However, his email to the man behind the unverified “Steele dossier,” the misinformation fan fiction hand-delivered by the Kremlin to the Clinton Campaign, made clear that Ohr was “very concerned about Comey’s firing – afraid they will be exposed.” It has already been revealed by now fired FBI agent Peter Strzok that “the FBI received documents and materials from Mr. Ohr.” The FBI also used this unverified dossier as the basis for surveillance warrants against a presidential candidate. Perhaps it’s time the DOJ appointed another special prosecutor to investigate the special prosecutor.

Here’s more from Fox News…

A collection of Justice Department official Bruce Ohr’s emails, texts and handwritten notes, reviewed by Fox News, reveals that he was deeply connected to the unverified Steele dossier as well as its author and, during the presidential election campaign, the alleged government surveillance abuses involving a Trump campaign official.

The dossier, which was used by federal officials to justify the surveillance of a top Trump aide, Carter Page, was created by Fusion GPS and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Ohr wrote that Christopher Steele, the ex-British spy who wrote the salacious dossier, was “very concerned (abt) about [former FBI Director James] Comey’s firing — afraid they will be exposed.”

The Ohr documents shed more light on Steele’s activities before the presidential election. While Steele shopped the dossier to multiple media outlets, he also appeared to ask Ohr for help with a Russian oligarch — Oleg Deripaska — after rumors the U.S. might impose sanctions.


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Senate Dems Vow to Sue if Kavanaugh Kenneth Starr Docs Not Coughed Up

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has now vowed his Capitol Hill claque will sue to get requested documents related to the Ken Starr investigation. These documents – numbering in the millions – are part of the left’s effort to find some sort of silver bullet to block Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, which begin on September 4. The agency affected by the FOIA request has until September 6 to fork over the leviathan of paperwork, with Schumer pointedly noting “we stand ready to sue the National Archives” for failing to deliver. This is the left’s Hail Mary attempt.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) vowed today that Democrats are poised to sue to get documents on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh requested through the Freedom of Information Act last week.

Senate Democrats contend that Republicans are trying to conceal documents about Kavanaugh’s career, which stretches back into the Ken Starr investigation, his three years as staff secretary in the George W. Bush White House, and his appointment to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Dems argue that their request is identical to the dig Republicans did through the records of nominee Elena Kagan, who was a domestic policy advisor in the Clinton White House and solicitor general under Obama.

Republicans say that the request for millions of documents is a stall tactic intended to derail Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) goal of having a new justice seated by Oct. 1.


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NY GOV CUOMO: America “Was Never That Great”

In the latest showcase of the political left’s detachment from reality and disdain for America, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made clear just how he feels about our nation, saying America “was never that great.” During his New York City speech criticizing Trump, Cuomo said, “We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.” The governor – who is facing re-election – hinged his argument on the allegedly entrenched and systemic discrimination against women here in America. For some reason he never bothered to notice that his Italian ancestors came to America when our nation opened its arms to the “tired, poor, huddled masses” which were able to excel in freedom to produce, eventually, a governor of one of the largest states in the union. Bygones.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Wednesday in New York City while giving a speech, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) said America “was never that great,” referencing President Donald Trump‘s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

Wrapping up his speech that was highly critical of Trump, Cuomo said, “We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.”

He added, “We have not reached greatness. We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged. We will reach greatness when discrimination and stereotyping against women, 51 percent of our population, is gone, and every woman’s full potential is realized and unleashed, and every woman is making her full contribution. When that happens this nation is going to be taken even higher.”


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Again: Christian Baker Targeted for Transgender Cake

Christian baker Jack Phillips only just recently prevailed in a Supreme Court victory against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission fining him for refusing to sell out his Christian faith by baking a same-sex wedding cake. Now, he’s being penalized for not baking a “gender transition celebration” cake because his religious belief is that a person’s biological sex is predetermined by God. He also believes he is being targeted by this particular unhappy customer, and that the transition cake was only the latest in a series of controversial cakes and the one that finally stuck with the Civil Rights Commission. Make no mistake: this isn’t a matter of discrimination against a group of people; it’s a matter of whether or not the First Amendment – particularly its protection of religious exercise – will survive to the next generation amid the left’s assaults. Should Trump’s Supreme Court remain consistent, it will…for now.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

On Tuesday, according to The Daily Caller, Christian baker Jack Phillips — who was recently handed a victory at the Supreme Court after the Colorado Civil Rights Commission discriminated against him on the basis of religion by fining him for not baking a same-sex wedding cake — filed a new lawsuit against the Civil Rights Commission. Why? Because the Civil Rights Commission has apparently issued a preliminary ruling penalizing him for not baking a gender transition celebration cake.

Yes, seriously.

On the same day the high court agreed to review the Masterpiece case, an attorney named Autumn Scardina called Phillips’ shop and asked him to create a cake celebrating a sex transition. The caller asked that the cake include a blue exterior and a pink interior, a reflection of Scardina’s transgender identity.Phillips declined to create the cake, given his religious conviction that sex is immutable, while offering to sell the caller other pre-made baked goods.


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Strzok Raking in Cash in Post-Firing Fund-raising

Estranged and ousted FBI agent Peter Strzok may have found an infinitely more lucrative gig than collusive federal service. Since his firing for unprofessional (read: corrupt) anti-Trump text messages during the course of investigations, Strzok has doubled his online fund-raising goals from $150,000 to $350,000 to help pay legal bills… and make up for his lost salary. Incredibly, almost a quarter million dollars has already been donated, and the effort has become an overnight Twitter sensation, with 25,000 followers gained after just two posts on the page. When leftists and bureaucrats circle the wagons, it’s a phenomenon that rivals the Mafia.

Here’s more from The Daily Caller…

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok has more than doubled the amount of money he is seeking from an online fundraiser set up in the wake of his recent firing from the bureau.

Strzok, who was fired Friday over anti-Trump text messages he sent in 2016 and 2017, initially sought $150,000 to help pay for legal bills and lost income. (RELATED: Peter Strzok Fired For Anti-Trump Texts)

The goal of the GoFundMe fundraiser was increased to $350,000 Tuesday morning. As of this writing, nearly $240,000 has been donated.

Strzok has also set up a Twitter account, as The Daily Caller News Foundation first reported. The account had seven followers on Monday, prior to TheDCNF report. He now has more than 25,000 followers on the social media site.

Strzok has made only two posts to the account. The first, on Monday, was a link to a statement issued by his attorney about the FBI’s decision to fire Strzok.


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Poll Reveals Majority of Democrats Support Socialism

According to a Gallup report released Monday, “Democrats have a more positive image of socialism than they do of capitalism.” While 57 percent of Democrats since 2010 have had a steady positive take on socialism, this year marks a major change regarding their views on capitalism, with only 47 percent positive despite 4.1 percent economic growth and an all-time low unemployment rate. Among young adults, there has been a sharp “12-point decline” in positive views of capitalism in the past two years. So how do we reconcile the disparity between these polls and the recent defeat of socialist candidates around the country. Simple: millennials don’t vote, which explains, in part, why the so-called “blue wave” in November is more likely to describe the crowd at a Miley Cyrus concert than a leftist revolution at the ballot box

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Gallup reported Monday morning that “Democrats have a more positive image of socialism than they do of capitalism” for the first time since the company began polling that question over the past decade.
The major shift, Gallup says, has been that Democrats have lost faith in capitalism — even as the economy has exceeded 4.1% growth and unemployment has hit all-time lows:

Attitudes toward socialism among Democrats have not changed materially since 2010, with 57% today having a positive view. The major change among Democrats has been a less upbeat attitude toward capitalism, dropping to 47% positive this year — lower than in any of the three previous measures. Republicans remain much more positive about capitalism [71%] than about socialism [16%], with little sustained change in their views of either since 2010.



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Peter Strzok Finally FIRED!

Many months after his anti-Trump text messages were exposed during his tenure on Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation of alleged campaign collusion, FBI agent Peter Strzok has finally been fired. According to a report from The Washington Post, FBI Deputy Director David L. Bowdich overruled a junior director who had previously recommended that the 22-year veteran of the FBI–who also investigated Hillary Clinton’s secret server and classified emails–be merely demoted and suspended for sixty days over his “politically charged” texts. The obvious question is why Strzok has continued to be employed for so long after both his dalliance with a fellow FBI agent and the discovery of their apparent collusion to prevent the election of Donald Trump. Justice has been served albeit long overdue.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

The FBI has fired embattled agent Peter Strzok over a series of anti-Trump texts sent in the midst of his work on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials to sway the 2016 Presidential election.

The Washington Post was the first to report that FBI Deputy Director David L. Bowdich ordered Strzok fired on Friday, overruling a more junior FBI deputy director who recommended Strzok be demoted and suspended for 60 days for his anti-Trump texts.

Strzok, of course, was a 22-year veteran of the FBI and a lead investigator on two crucial cases: an FBI probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server and a private email address during her time as Secretary of State and the all-important Mueller investigation.



Stealth Street Artists Support Trump with Hollywood Star Surprise

A secret conservative Hollywood street artist is taking matters into his own hands to defend President Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame…with dozens of look-alike vinyl reproductions of it stuck to the iconic sidewalk. While they can be peeled up, they can’t be axed as has happened several times to the real Trump star awarded for the show The Apprentice. The City Council may likely introduce a fine for ‘defacing’ the sidewalk. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for other stars celebrating Hollywood’s most prodigious philanderers to be removed.

Here’s more from Hot Air…

If you can’t beat them, fake ’em.

An anonymous conservative street artist in Hollywood, upset over the repeated destruction of Donald Trump’s sidewalk star on the Walk of Fame, has come up with a solution. He and a team spent about $1,000 to make vinyl reproductions of the iconic sidewalk symbol.

Overnight Wednesday, the group in what they call The Faction stuck the very real lookalikes on several dozen blank sidewalk spaces in the tourist-heavy Hollywood district.

Good luck smashing every one of those with a pick-ax, as protesters have done to the real Trump star a few times already.

The artist told The Hollywood Reporter he was bothered by the destructions of the president’s star, awarded for his successful NBC show “The Apprentice,” by Trump haters and the recent unanimous vote by the West Hollywood City Council to remove the genuine Trump star altogether.


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Russia Ready For Economic Cold War

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was up front Friday, announcing that the former Soviet Union is ready to wage “economic war” against America should President Trump impose tougher sanctions. “I would like not to comment on the talks about future sanctions, but there is one thing I can say: if measures like a ban on banking activities or the use of this or that currency follows, this can be clearly be described as a declaration of an economic war,” Medvedev said. He then went on to threaten a response by ‘economic, political, or other means’. It’s the first direct threat the U.S. has received from Russia since President Trump’s inauguration. But let’s not hold it against them. They’ve gotten used to working with a push-over in the White House during the previous two terms.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned Friday that he is prepared to wage “economic war” with America if the Trump administration tries to impose tougher sanctions against his country.

“I would like not to comment on the talks about future sanctions, but there is one thing I can say: if measures like a ban on banking activities or the use of this or that currency follows, this can be clearly be described as a declaration of an economic war,” Medvedev said, according to the state-run Tass.

“And this war will have to be responded – by economic, political and, if necessary, other means,” he said. “And our American partners should realize this.”

The Trump administration this week imposed new sanctions against Russia in response to a chemical weapons attack on British soil that the West believes was sponsored by Russia.


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Rep. Massie: 3D Gun Printing Renders Gun Control ‘Obsolete’

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has made political waves for his praise of Cody Wilson, who posted 3D printing designs for firearms online, for making “gun control obsolete.” The plastic print-at-home plans and resulting products have earned flak from the gun control lobby for the difficulty in regulating and detecting the production and carry of such firearms. “The liberals are apoplectic, and they should be. Let me tell you why. He just made gun control obsolete,” Massie said. “How are you going to stop somebody with a 3D printer from printing a gun? You can’t do it, and it’s awesome.” The Left is screaming mad, and for good reason. Gun printing technology threatens to set gun control back a century.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) praised Cody Wilson, who posted 3D printing designs for plastic handguns and other firearms online, for making “gun control obsolete” because the government has no way to stop someone from using a 3D printer to create a gun.

“He’s the guy that put the plans to print a gun for a 3D printer on the Internet and the State Department came in and shut him down. Now why did the State Department do it? Because there’s no law that outlaws the First Amendment – putting designs for a gun online. So, they had to try and find a law and contrive it to apply to him…. They accused him of exporting firearms or military firearms to hostile nations. They used the Arms Control Export Act to keep him from having things on his website, which is ridiculous, right?” Massie said during the recent Turning Point USA High School Leadership Summit.

“So this was a First Amendment issue and instead of complying, what did he do? He fought back, and he fought back and he fought back and just a couple weeks ago he won.