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2020 New Hampshire Primary Poll: Trump 48, Kasich 42

Um, so, the Republican nomination for 2020 isn’t such a sure thing after all.

A new poll is out for New Hampshire which has John Kasich within the margin of error with President Trump.

The caveats that New Hampshire is a quirky place and that it’s still a year and a half until the primary season really heats up are obvious.

Nevertheless, it reveals the soft underbelly of Trump’s support at a time when most presidencies would still be solid among their base.

Should the Republicans lose Congress, Trump’s ability to push through his agenda will hurt the likelihood of racking up legislative wins ahead of 2020.

This could get interesting.

Here’s more from Hotair…

American Research Group found Gov. John Kasich of Ohio trailing Trump in a two-way race, 42% to 48%, among likely Republican primary voters, with 9% undecided. Trump leads another possible rival, Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, 49% to 33%, with 18% undecided.

The results come ahead of Kasich’s third visit to the nation’s first primary state since ending his 2016 bid for president. He will speak Tuesday evening at New England College in Henniker. Flake, who is retiring from the Senate this year, made a trip to the state last month…

The more anti-Trump challengers in New Hampshire, the easier the path for Trump. In a hypothetical primary where Flake and Kasich both run, Trumps leads the three-way field with 51%, followed by Kasich at 34%, and Flake at 4%, with 11% undecided.

Look again at that last number. In a three-way race with Trump running as a populist and Kasich running as a centrist, leaving Flake the entirety of New Hampshire conservatives and libertarians as his natural base, Flake manages … four percent. New Hampshire is “quirky,” I realize, but that feels like a useful snapshot of the state of the conservative movement circa 2018.

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