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Another Facebook “Hate Agent” Revealed

Breitbart just released another bombshell on Facebook’s “Hate Agents” internal list: conservative author and terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel. Facebook has already confessed that the list is divided into three levels tracking its users’ “signals” as far back as three years. According to the spreadsheet, Gabriel was specifically flagged for “1 lifetime deletion for hate speech-dehumanizing” after speaking at a Christians United for Israel event where she referred to “Arabs as Barbarians” in the context of giving martyrdom status to suicide bombers who kill Jews. This is just one small facet of the Silicon Left’s censorship of the Right ahead of 2020.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Lebanese-American conservative author and terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel is also on an internal list of “Hate Agents” maintained by Facebook, Breitbart News can exclusively reveal.

Breitbart News exposed the existence of the “Hate Agents” list last week, after a Facebook insider leaked a partial screenshot showing black conservative leader Candace Owens was also on the list. The insider, who leaked the information to Breitbart, also shared a partial image of the list.

Following the leak, Facebook admitted that the list exists, but stressed that Owens had not yet been investigated.

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