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Trump Vetoes Congress’ Attempt to Stop Border Wall

After all this time, many swamp dwellers are still fighting Trump’s border wall.

Congress hasn’t to pass anything that gives the president the funds to finish the job. He had to declare a national emergency just use military funding to proceed.

And even that was opposed by both houses of Congress. It looks like these people go out of their way to oppose keeping us safe!

Trump has planned to secure an additional 500 miles by 2020. But Congress voted to overturn his emergency declaration and halt construction. Read more…


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Trump Beats Pelosi’s Impeachment Bluff

Pelosi has been backing an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. Her allies have even subpoenaed White House staff-all to find dirt on the president.

But last week, Trump called Pelosi’s bluff. In a letter, he brutally condemned House Democrats’ impeachment push.

He called them out for refusing to hold a vote in the full House over it. In fact, he said he and his staff will not comply until the entire House voted in favor of the inquiry.

Well, it looks like Nancy has made up her mind. Read more…


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Donald Trump Secures Mideast Cease-Fire

Many in Washington-even a few Republicans-were shocked when President Trump withdrew the few soldiers we had in Northern Syria.

I guess Democrats suddenly want us to be engaged in endless wars now.

Some in the media blamed recent movements by Turkey on Trump-once again blaming him for things others do.

But President Trump is no fool. He doesn’t abandon our allies-and he punishes those who go back on their word.

He sent Vice President Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Turkey directly to set things straight. Read more…


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Jim Jordan Sideswipes Schiff’s Inquisition

If it weren’t for Congressman Jim Jordan, we might not know what’s really going on behind Schiff’s closed-door impeachment.

It’s clear Schiff doesn’t want you to know what he’s doing. Even though impeaching the president would affect all of us, Schiff is holding hearings in Congress’ basement behind closed doors.

Schiff is trying to hide this man’s identity. Why? We already know he is a partisan Democrat who worked with Joe Biden.

If we knew who he was, it might completely destroy Schiff’s case. Read more…


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Jim Jordan Corners Elijah Cummings for Violating Bi-Party Agreement

Democrats are on the warpath again.

They’re obviously willing to do anything to get an edge on the competition, and this includes violating major agreements.

Democrats and Republicans had an agreement: they wouldn’t let bipartisan politics affect law and order.

In other words, their biases couldn’t override basic protocol.

But surprise! A leading Democrat has been accused of violating that agreement.

This time, Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) has subpoenaed two Department of Homeland Security officials … and the GOP says this is breaking the rules. Read more…


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Hunter Biden Resigns, But…

While Democrats try to impeach Trump over a simple phone call, Donald has raised the alarm about Joe Biden and his son.

Hunter Biden sat on a Ukrainian board while his father was pressuring the country to fire an investigator looking to Hunter’s company.

On top of that, Hunter was on the board of a Chinese company, just as Joe Biden was negotiating with them.

The media was all too happy to ignore these conflicts of interest. They claim it was all smoke, no fire. Read more…


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Trump Sends Omar Begging Democrats For Money

Trump held a massive rally in the heart of Democrat territory. He was in Minneapolis, Ilhan Omar’s home district.

The rally was packed with thousands of patriotic Trump supporters. The left was so scared of Trump’s impact on the state, they tried to stop the event by forcing a massive security fee.

They failed, of course.

While speaking to America, Trump called out Omar. He exposed her track record in Congress and condemned her radical views.

Omar caught wind of his speech and in a desperate bid to salvage her career, turned to liberals to bail her out. Read more…


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Schiff’s Impeachment Crumbles as Ukraine Reopens Their Investigation

Looks like Adam Schiff is going to have a hard time pushing this impeachment bid much longer.

The Democrat is out there claiming Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. Schiff says Trump threatened to withhold military aid, in order to get the Ukrainian president to comply.

The first part had already been debunked. The Ukrainian president didn’t know about the funds until a month after the phone call.

So… no quid pro quo.

Now, new evidence is coming out that blows out the second part of Schiff’s claim. Seems like Ukraine had already been eyeing Biden’s situation. Read more…


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Border Chief Vows to Give Trump Over 400 New Miles

Every day, President Donald Trump fights to protect America.

And despite Democrat opposition, he has done a LOT already.

He’s worked to get a new wall built along our southern border, which greatly adds to the safety and stability of our country.

This improved wall, which is higher and stronger than our previous barrier, is a real barrier. It is much harder for anyone to get past this new technology.

And now, the Trump administration is promising even more barriers for 2020. Read more…


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Ukraine Claims Burisma Paid Biden 900,000 For Lobbying

Take a look at this huge development in the Biden case that the media is conveniently ignoring.

We are now learning about a huge accusation leveled at – not Hunter Biden – but Joe himself.

It’s common knowledge that the former Vice President’s son was working for a Ukrainian company. At the same time, Biden pressured the country to fire a man investigating the company.

A pretty clear conflict of interest. Yet, Democrats just looked the other way. When Donald Trump wanted answers, they tried to impeach him! Read more…