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Hillary Judge Fined, Disbarred From the Law

A liberal judge was caught being liberal – but this time she’s paying a big price!

We know that Obama-appointed judges (and many others) have used the courts to push an agenda. Judges are tasked with upholding the law. Federal judges are supposed to defend the Constitution.

It’s actually against the law for a judge to engage in political activity while on the bench.

Yet it seems to happen all the time, especially for leaders like Hillary and the Clintons.

But in this one case, a judge is facing the penalty for what she did in trying to help Clinton. Read more…


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Jordan Sideswipes Nadler’s ‘Impeachment’ Brigade with Comey Letter

We are hearing a lot about Rep. Nadler and his Impeachment Brigade, but he didn’t see Jim Jordan coming.

Nadler and his Democrats are pushing impeachment through, whether or not there’s evidence.

The Inspector General conducted its own investigations, and while it didn’t turn up anything on Trump, it came up with plenty on the investigators.

They sent a letter to Nadler about James Comey’s actions, but nothing was heard. So Jordan called him on it.

But when Jim Jordan asked Nadler about the letter the IG sent to his office, Jerry had a pretty sad response. Read more…


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Trump’s GOP Fundraising Numbers are in, Dems are Sweating

Democrat polls keep saying Trump is losing – but the cold, hard numbers are out!

The media wants you to think Trump had a rough August—but just look at his fundraising numbers.

Donald isn’t sitting back on his laurels. As Democrats launch investigations – Trump is busy being the President and making sure he can serve for 4 more years.

That is resulting in some real changes. All through the summer, Trump has confounded the Democrats with his record-breaking funds. Read more…


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Trump Names New National Security Advisor

Democrats would stop Trump’s pick in a heartbeat – but they can’t!

President Trump is already replacing John Bolton as his National Security adviser.

It was only last week when we learned Trump kicked Bolton to the curb-after his policies clashed with the President’s plans.

The media and the left have speculated on who Trump would appoint to the role.

Now we know for sure-and it’s a high-profile choice. Read more…


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Pelosi Gives in: Surrenders to Trump On the Border Wall

Nancy just gave in to Donald — it’s so big, the media won’t cover it!

Trump has been taking some hard stances on the border–and Pelosi just gave in.

Democrats can’t deny the progress Trump’s made on the wall. He’s gotten billions more dollars to build hundreds of miles of barrier by next year.

Pelosi and her House Democrats have vowed that the wall will never happen–but they keep failing.

And Pelosi gave Trump one of her big fails yet–and another big win for Donald. Read more…


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Omar’s ‘Controversy Mask’ Comes Flying Off On National TV

Ilhan Omar just made yet another shocking statement-and it seems like her real intentions are coming out.

This “squad” member is giving AOC a run for the title of “Most Disliked Member of Congress.” They even make Nancy Pelosi look good-that’s hard to do!

Omar has frustrated Americans with her insulting and dismissive comments. We are constantly questioning her loyalty to the country-and her support of our most trusted allies.

But, once again, she made an even more surprising statement before a national audience. Read more…


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Top Billionaire Flees Major Sanctuary City to Red State

Sanctuary cities are experiencing a major exodus, and the biggest one in the country just lost a billionaire.

The sad reality is that Democrat-run sanctuary cities have many problems. You’d think that “enlightened” liberals would transform their cities into bastions of prosperity and peace.

Not a chance.

The biggest cities in America are being run by Democrats. They also happen to be filled with crime and border jumpers.

And to top it all off, taxes in their regions is through the roof. You think it’s bad for the working man? Even business owners feel the pain. Read more…


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Trump Unveils ‘First Step’ to Firing Nancy Pelosi

We all know the kind of job Nancy Pelosi has been doing as Speaker of the House—the kind that could get her fired.

She promised the world to voters to get in during the 2018 Elections. But over the last year, she has sat back as Democrats spread chaos.

It’s clear she’s no longer fit for the job. But to get rid of her requires that Republicans can retake the House.

Hopefully, they’ll appoint someone as sharp as Jim Jordan to oversee it.

The first step is clear. And Trump announced to a packed rally what they have to do. Read more… 



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Cruz Finds 12 Billion Dollars For Trump’s Border Wall

President Trump has promised that his big, beautiful wall would be paid for by Mexico.

While Congress and some Mexican leaders disagree on that point, Sen. Ted Cruz has come up with a brilliant plan.

We talked about it before. Cruz wants to use $12 billion in seized assets, but Mexico is not happy about that. Of course not. $12 billion is a big sum of money.

So, their president has another idea for the money. Read more…


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Lawsuit Against President Trump Dropped After Accusation Falls Apart

Democrats keep trying, but they keep missing. The latest attempt by the left to hurt Trump failed spectacularly.

A former staffer came out accusing Trump of forcefully kissing her in public. It seems like she was trying to out the president as the womanizer the left has always accused him of being.

But then, this happened. Video evidence came out in the trial. And what do you know?

It looks like the encounter was an innocent moment when the woman greeted Trump and he gave her a peck on the cheek.

Now her case is falling apart. Read more…