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California DMV Caught Selling Driver Information For 50 Million

California is the poster child for the leftist utopia. They have embraced far-left socialist ideas more than any other state.

They claim their policies, like the infamous sanctuary law, helps individuals thrive.

Yet we’re seeing quite the opposite.

Democrat-run California has the highest cost of living. Their taxes are through the roof. Housing is unaffordable for many in their major cities.

And, on top of it all, their infrastructure is crumbling due to decades of neglect. Read more…


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Trump Signs 19th Amendment Bill Honoring 165 Million Women

The media has devoted plenty of hours marking Trump as some kind of enemy to women.

They found numerous women who accused Trump of wrong behavior. But all too often, their accusations didn’t hold any water.

The reality is, Trump has a long history of respecting and supporting women. His daughter, Ivanka, is a star businesswoman and influential member of his administration.

And that’s not to mention the numerous women who have worked for Trump in the White House. Women like Kellyanne Conway, Nikki Haley, and Sarah Sanders. Read more…


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Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Ruling is Sending Dems Scrambling

Democrats did everything in their power to stop Brett Kavanaugh from getting onto the Supreme Court.

They ultimately failed, but their intense pressure was meant to do another thing: intimidate the Justice from standing up for conservative values.

Even with a conservative majority on the bench, Democrats were hoping Kavanaugh would cave to leftist pressure.

I guess they shouldn’t have gone after his family. Read more…


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Warren Just Lost Half Her Supporters

Trump recent admitted he may have mocked “Fauxcahontas” Elizabeth Warren too soon since she rose to the frontrunner.

But it looks like Trump’s timing was just fine. Because as some in the media were declaring Warren the woman to beat, things are changing rapidly.

New national polls are coming out, gauging Democratic voters’ interest in this dismal race.

Seems like Warren took her commanding lead and totally destroyed it. Read more…


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Mexico Turns the Tables on Pelosi Sides With Trump

Last week, Donald Trump called Nancy Pelosi “the least productive House Speaker in history.”

And Trump slammed Nancy on one particular issue:

She dragged her feet on the all-important United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and as a result, it likely won’t see a Congress vote this year.

Trump says Pelosi’s lack of action could wreck the whole deal: Canada and Mexico might “flee,” he said. Read more…


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Adam Schiff Admits Democrat Impeachment “Isn’t Going to End”

After months of media spin and private/public hearings, the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry seems to have reached its end.

Adam Schiff spent two weeks questioning “witnesses,” but none of them could provide convincing-enough proof that Trump committed impeachable offenses. At least according to what Americans are saying.

New polls are coming out, revealing more and more Americans are rejecting impeachment.

If Schiff was smart, he’d just drop this whole thing and move on, right? Read more…


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Adam Schiff May Have Leaked False Impeachment Info

Boy, has it been a Schiff Show on Capitol Hill this fall. Democratic ring leader Adam Schiff has been conducting meetings and hearings to find dirt on Donald Trump.

All to justify a bogus impeachment push against the president.

First, he held closed-door meetings to prevent the public from knowing the truth. But even after the public hearings began, Schiff has refused to let Republican lawmakers have a fair time.

Apparently, though, that wasn’t enough. It seems like Schiff may have been deliberately trying to leak false information to one outlet. All in an attempt to further smear the president. Read more…


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Ben Carson Calls Out Maxine Waters

It takes a lot to get patient and calm Ben Carson worked up-but congrats to Maxine Waters, because she did it.

Waters is a 30+ year Democrat from California. Like the rest of her party, she tries to blame the problems of her state on President Trump.

Keep in mind, Trump has been in office for three years. Waters has been a congresswoman for decades.

So who should really be blamed for CA’s problems?

Waters had the gall to send a condemning letter to Trump, accusing him of shamelessness. His crime? Trying to help California residents in serious need. Read more…


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Ken Starr: Pelosi is Not Running Watergate, But A ‘Coup’

If anyone out there understands how a real impeachment happens, it’s Ken Starr.

This lawyer was a key investigator in the impeachment of Bill Clinton during the 90s. His team did a sharp job investigating and providing evidence of wrongdoing by then-President Clinton.

And Starr has been commenting on what’s been going on during Pelosi and Schiff’s impeachment push.

He’s already made it clear there has been no evidence worthy of impeaching Trump. Read more…


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Evidence Shows Omar Paid Another 150,000 to Lover’s Firm

Omar is a Minnesota freshman congresswoman. And her first year in D.C. has been less than stellar.

It might be safe to say that more than a few Minnesota residents regret putting her into office.

It has more to do with the damaging things she’s said about Americans (being ignorant), 9/11 victims, and Israel.

Seems like this “squad” member-who is an advocate for Bernie Sanders and socialism-has a troubled history with doing the right thing. Read more…