Breaking: CNN Declares Russia to Be a Muslim Nation

Yesterday we shared the story regarding the egregious error made by Time magazine in its recent cover which attempted to depict the Kremlinization of the White House…using the domes of Moscow’s St. Basil Cathedral (complete with crosses photoshopped out).

Then CNN doubled-down on fake-news stupidity by reporting on Time’s use of the ‘minarets’.

The problem is minarets are specifically domes used on Muslim mosques, not the ‘onion domes’ found atop St. Basil’s.

CNN must think Russia is a Muslim nation…or they just don’t know the difference.


Here’s more from Redstate…

Yesterday I posted on TIME magazine’s rather blatant ripoff of MAD magazine’s cover art in which the White House is morphed into the Kremlin (actually, it is St. Basil’s Cathedral which is not part of the Kremlin, but close enough for everyone to get the message.) Banal, unimaginative, and derivative are one thing. CNN has crossed into the blindingly stupid.

No. Those are not minarets. They are onion domes:


This feature is associated with Russian Orthodox churches but if you spent time in Bavaria you know it is very common to find the same feature on Catholic churches there as well as in other areas of Central Europe.

This is a minaret:


It is a tower associated with a mosque and is used for the various calls to prayer.

One can’t help but notice the crosses were also removed from the onion domes but that is not CNN’s doing… they probably wouldn’t have known what they meant anyway.

We have a news organization that is seemingly unaware that Russia is not Muslim, otherwise they would not have used the term “minaret,” or that the most famous Orthodox cathedral in the world is not a mosque and yet we are supposed to believe their reporting on other things.

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