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Omar’s ‘Controversy Mask’ Comes Flying Off On National TV

Ilhan Omar just made yet another shocking statement-and it seems like her real intentions are coming out.

This “squad” member is giving AOC a run for the title of “Most Disliked Member of Congress.” They even make Nancy Pelosi look good-that’s hard to do!

Omar has frustrated Americans with her insulting and dismissive comments. We are constantly questioning her loyalty to the country-and her support of our most trusted allies.

But, once again, she made an even more surprising statement before a national audience. Read more…


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Trump Unveils ‘First Step’ to Firing Nancy Pelosi

We all know the kind of job Nancy Pelosi has been doing as Speaker of the House—the kind that could get her fired.

She promised the world to voters to get in during the 2018 Elections. But over the last year, she has sat back as Democrats spread chaos.

It’s clear she’s no longer fit for the job. But to get rid of her requires that Republicans can retake the House.

Hopefully, they’ll appoint someone as sharp as Jim Jordan to oversee it.

The first step is clear. And Trump announced to a packed rally what they have to do. Read more… 



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Lawsuit Against President Trump Dropped After Accusation Falls Apart

Democrats keep trying, but they keep missing. The latest attempt by the left to hurt Trump failed spectacularly.

A former staffer came out accusing Trump of forcefully kissing her in public. It seems like she was trying to out the president as the womanizer the left has always accused him of being.

But then, this happened. Video evidence came out in the trial. And what do you know?

It looks like the encounter was an innocent moment when the woman greeted Trump and he gave her a peck on the cheek.

Now her case is falling apart. Read more…


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Barack and Michelle Obama Branded “Deplorables”

Barack and Michelle Obama often like to say “when they go low, we go high.”

In fact, you can call it their family motto.

They like that phrase so much they want to use it as the name of their new production company, which is cashing in on a Netflix deal.

“High Ground Productions” will be the name of all the liberal content they produce for the streaming service. There’s only one problem…

There is another company out there with a similar name, in a different business. Read more…


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Mom Drops ‘Homewrecker Hammer’ On Omar

Ilhan Omar may be many things, but “decent” probably isn’t one of them.

She thought she’d stir up D.C. in new and bold ways. Instead, she seems to be just another swamp dweller. With a personal life totally in shambles.

As she’s torched the left with her wild statements, outraging both liberals and conservatives, she was causing even more trouble elsewhere.

Turns out, her home life isn’t very peachy. And now, an angry spouse is firing back with a blistering divorce filing. Read more…


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Trump Allies Launch Investigations Into Media

The media does more than treat President Trump unfairly. You have to agree that they have pushed some of the wildest conspiracies just to undermine him.

“Fake news” might not be the best word to describe the often misleading or dishonest “stories” major liberal outlets put out on Trump.

Let’s get real here: the mainstream media accused him-for over three years-of being a Russian spy. That was based on nothing but rumors and hearsay.

The mainstream media thinks they are getting off scot-free after years of deceit. But 2020 is not going to be like any other election years. Read more…


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Trump Sends Billions for Border Wall Against Democrats Wishes

President Trump has worked time and again with Congress to strike a border wall deal-but Congress has refused to play ball.

They acknowledged that there is a problem at our Southern border. They’ve even flown down there to show us all the problems.

Yet when they’re asked to actually do something about it, they’ve refused.

President Trump is done with playing games. He vowed to secure our border-for the good of the American people. Read more…


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China Jumping On Donald’s MAGA Train

President Trump-unlike some presidents before him-is truly putting America first.

We’ve seen the results. Unemployment is at record lows. Wages are rising. And Americans are thriving.

It wasn’t easy doing this. Trump had to make some hard, and very unpopular, choices. One of those was hitting China with tariffs.

Experts claimed this would damage our economy and our relationship with the communist country.

They fear this “trade war” will lead to our ruin. Not exactly. Read more…


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Top Sanctuary City’s Mass Exodus Speeds Up

This city was the pride of America – now it’s become a punchline!

The biggest cities in America usually are run by Democrats. Most of them are also sanctuary cities, overrun with crime and filth.

It seems like Democrats don’t know how to run a city. Yet they demand we let them run an entire country!

You don’t have to look far to see that most liberal states are the most expensive, crowded, and difficult places to live.

Heck, even the residents of these cities know that. And more and more are fleeing in record numbers. Read more…


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Ilhan Omar Shows Her Allegiance to the UN On the Border

You really have to wonder about the liberals who elected Ilhan Omar.

Putting aside the continuous reports of things in her personal life, the freshman congresswoman hasn’t done a thing to improve this country.

Unless you call alienating our allies, insulting victims, or calling Americans ignorant an improvement…I don’t.

Worse still, she arrogantly lectures us about how we should behave. It seems like the Democrat truly has resentment toward the very country she fled to for refuge. Read more…