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Jim Jordan Demands 8 Witnesses from Schiff

Here’s some good news from the impeachment front, Jim Jordan was put on the council.

That means there’s one more person fighting to actually aid the president and our country.

Jordan and the GOP are demanding to question key figures at the center of this scandal.

They want eight witnesses to appear in public and testify-under oath-what is really going on.

We can’t ignore the fact that partisan Democrats have been running the show the whole time. You don’t have to imagine how they are trying to twist this entire process. Read more…


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President Trump Fires 8,000 From Washington’s Swamp Agency

It’s an open secret that Washington, D.C. is infested with politicians and government workers.

The main reason they despise Donald Trump? He actually expects them to do their job.

Sadly, our best suffer thanks to this swamp. Veterans are struggling while awaiting care from our country.

President Trump refused to let that stand. He’s taken steps to make sure that, on this Veterans Day, not one hero will be forgotten. Read more…


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Trump’s Chief of Staff Shuts Down Adam’s Subpoena

Adam Schiff is getting desperate. After a month of closed-door hearings, he’s yet to find the “smoking gun” that will clinch Trump’s impeachment.

Soon, hearings will go public, forcing Democrats to come face-to-face with this train wreck.

Schiff thinks he can pressure Trump’s people into turning on the president. He sent out subpoena after subpoena, hoping to get a White House staffer to give him dirt. Read more…


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Rand Paul is About Ready to Pull Off Whistleblower Mask

Senator Rand Paul is sick and tired of this impeachment circus. As I’m sure you are.

Clearly, Republicans believe Democrats have been the Lucy’s pulling the football from their Charlie Brown’s.

They keep promising transparency, only to deny the GOP-and President Trump-basic due process.

Democrats refuse to provide critical information to the public about this impeachment. Again and again, they keep their secrets, while leaking the most damaging-sounding bits of info. Read more…


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Rick Perry Denies Schiff His ‘Star Chamber’ Demand

Rick Perry played a key role in Trump’s relationship with Ukraine. Naturally, Pencil Neck Adam Schiff has been eager to get him to testify.

It seems like Schiff has very little dirt to use against Trump. So, he’s hoping to pressure anyone within the administration (or past staff) into turning on the president.

We already know Schiff’s got nothing. Trump did nothing wrong, nor can the left prove otherwise.

But he-and the rest of his swamp rats—think that Trump’s allies will turn traitor to save their own skins. Read more…


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FBI Arrest Senator and 7 Others in High-Profile Investigation

It’s no secret that the swamp runs deep. Not just in Washington, D.C., but in all fifty states and our territories.

Wherever there is power, there are greedy crooks looking to exploit it.

From coast to coast, elected officials betray the trust of the public. They abuse their power to get rich or to hand out favors.

Yet our justice system seems surprisingly unwilling to do anything about it. Crimes are broken, but nobody is held accountable. Read more…


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ABC Anchor Admits in Video to Dropping Clinton-Epstein Story

We all know about the alleged cover-ups connected to the Clintons, but this might be the biggest yet.

Whenever you look at the Clintons’ private lives, you find rumors of wrongdoing. People who accused the couple of crimes, suddenly “disappear.”

Then there are the scandals related to Hillary Clinton’s time in the Obama administration. I don’t have to tell you about what she did during the Benghazi raid.

Or how she had a private, illegal email server while Secretary of State. Or of the 30,000 emails she deleted when the FBI came calling. Read more…


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Donald Signs a Historic 2020 Refugee Plan

From the moment Donald Trump announced his candidacy, he promised to put Americans first.

Funny how so many liberals were outraged by this idea.

Do they really not care about Americans?

President Obama actually seemed to put outsiders first. He set his yearly refugee cap to 85,000 people by the end of his Presidency.

That’s a pretty huge number.

Just think of it: 85,000 new people coming into the country. They needed a place to go, homes to live in, food to eat. Read more…


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Dem Lawmaker and Daughter Caught in Federal Wire Charges

Why is it that whenever we turn over a rock, we find Democrats embroiled in some scandal?

Today we’ve learned that yet another child of a liberal politician was cashing in on their parent’s job.

The left, including their allies in the media, have constantly accused Donald Trump and his children of corruption.

Daily they make wild accusations against the one man making America great again.

But, what we actually see are numerous Democrats caught in a web of their own making.

This time, it’s a Democrat state lawmaker and her daughter. Read more…


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Sen. Johnson is Going After Clinton/Obama Emails

For years we’ve heard about Clinton’s illegal email server – and we’ve demanded to know just what she was up to.

But there is something new that is developing.

Apparently disgraced former FBI agents Peter Strzok had texted about certain Clinton/Obama emails.

Now THAT would be juicy!

We’ve heard a lot about the other emails Hillary was sending, but how much do you want to bet we would find something in the Clinton/Obama emails they had back and forth when he was President. Read more…