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4 GOP Senators Hint They Could Turn On Trump

Finally, this impeachment charade is in the Senate’s hands.

Thanks to a Republican majority, we can count on a fair trial. The president will finally get to clear his name.

Even still, Democrats want to rig the system. They demand a do-over for the House’s faulty investigation.

Democrats want to drag new witnesses in to testify. People they hope will throw Trump under the bus. Read more…


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Ted Cruz Proposes New Impeachment Rules

Despite Nancy Pelosi’s best efforts, the House’s impeachment articles against Trump are finally going to the Senate.

There was speculation that the Republican-controlled Senate would just dismiss the charges without a trial. That was enough to make Pelosi reverse course (something she’s good at doing) and actually do what the Constitution required.

A trial will turn out to be a good thing for the president. He will have a chance to clear his name before the entire country. Also, the Democrats will not be able to say Republicans “protected” Trump with a quick dismissal. Read more…


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Jim Jordan Sideswipes Nancy Pelosi

What really happened this past week?

Nancy Pelosi was deadset on making Trump “impeached for life.” She refused to send over the articles, unless the Senate bowed to her demands.

Some say it was Mitch McConnell, who refused to bend to Pelosi’s scheme. He even gave her a deadline, or else her entire impeachment was getting dismissed.

Did Nance get so scared, she backed down on her entire plan? Read more…


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Sanders Staff Caught On Video Supporting Re-Education Camps

If you thought a “President Bernie Sanders” would be just another liberal, you might be wrong. Dead wrong.

Sanders calls himself a “Democratic socialist.” His policies are very similar to the far-left policies implemented in other countries.

Take a look at socialist countries across the world. They all collapse under economic ruin. The people are destitute, starving in the streets.

On top of that, their governments crack down on their human rights. Read more…


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Queen AOC Refusing to Pay Her Fundraising Dues

In my view, the Democrat party is in serious turmoil.

It’s as if they’ve lost their identity. They don’t seem like American politicians anymore, and clear cracks are starting to form.

And I think those cracks are coming courtesy of The Squad.

Far-left representatives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are driving the Democrats farther and farther left.

And now, we learn she’s not even willing to pay dues to her own party! Read more…


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Mike Pence Stands Up to Republican Rebel

President Trump took decisive action when he took out Iran’s top general.

Iran had been crossing the line, again and again, harassing us and our allies in the Middle East. And, according to reports, they were going to cross that red line again.

Most Americans celebrated the fact our president was willing to do what it takes to keep us safe.

Except for Democrats, of course. Liberals in the media and D.C. complained up a storm about the strike.

They didn’t like the fact that President Trump did his job. And apparently, Republican Sen. Mike Lee is bent out of shape as well. Read more…


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Lindsey Graham Tells America The Senate Will Start Trial Next Week

Nancy Pelosi tried to build a dam to keep Trump impeached forever, but things are going against her.

It’s clear Mitch McConnell was either going to give Trump a chance to testify-or throw out the articles outright.

Pelosi’s bogus scheme would have backfired. In fact, this would have worked out to Trump’s advantage.

So, like a cornered rat, Pelosi has been sitting on impeachment for a month. She is refusing to obey the Constitution by sending the articles to the Senate. Read more…


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Senate Democrats Just Turned On Nancy

Nancy Pelosi has been playing a dangerous game and now it’s blowing up on her.

She thought she could plunge our country into chaos over her impeachment. Pelosi had the entire media spinning her story for her.

That impeaching Donald Trump was an “urgent” crisis. Her Democrats had to rush it through for the sake of “national security.”

While the rest of us were just scratching our heads. Really? Over this?

But even as she managed to coerce her party into voting for a partisan impeachment, she slammed the breaks. Read more…


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Nunes Opens Investigation Into Whistleblower Report

Nothing about the Left’s rammed-through impeachment crusade looked right.

After all, how does the president get impeached based on nothing more than accusations by a whistleblower?

A whistleblower, you might remember, that never showed his face. A whistleblower whose complaint was riddled with problems and is still protected by Democrats like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

This thing stinks to high heaven, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, it looks like Republicans, led by Devin Nunes, are finally going to get to the bottom of this. Read more…


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Jim Jordan Shows How Trump Has Dominated Foreign Policy

For the last three years, Democrats have stood in Trump’s way as he’s worked to make America better.

They try to paint him as a failure, when the only people blocking progress is them!

Think about the countless accomplishments Trump has achieved in his first time. The Democrats opposed every last one of them.

Right now, House Democrats are talking about limiting Trump’s ability to keep us safe. They are actually upset he defeated a one of our greatest enemies. Read more…