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Trump’s 2020 Chances Take a Turn After He’s Acquitted

Democrats pulled out all the stops to defeat Donald Trump. They put the nation through the wringer with their impeachment hearings.

We got months of speculation, controversy, and distraction from what’s important to the American people.

What has it gotten for Democrats? The Senate voted yesterday to acquit Trump of all charges, like many expected.

But here’s the real question:

Will it hurt Trump’s re-election chances? Oddsmakers are saying, quite the opposite. Read more…


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After Pelosi Tears Up Trump’s Speech, The Senate Tears Up Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi gave the President of the United States the ultimate insult.

She impeached him over a phone call-with a vote along party lines.

But she knew she had no power left, certainly none to remove Trump from office. She even sat on the impeachment articles for nearly a month, just to force the Senate to bend to her will.

Even that failed and she knew it. In one last stab at the president, she tore up his State of the Union address before the entire country.

Did she think that would really hurt him? Read more…


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Schiff Loses it in Closing Remarks

The Senate impeachment trial is almost over, thankfully.

But we’ll all remember this process for a very long time, won’t we?

And most of all, maybe we’ll remember some of the more controversial comments made along the way.

For example, Republicans say Adam Schiff made LOTS of questionable statements in recent weeks.

But this one might take the cake. Read more…


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Romney Gets Uninvited From CPAC After Voting Against Trump

The impeachment of Donald Trump was a concerted effort by House Democrats to undo the 2016 Election. But there’s a silver lining.

America got to see the Republican Party stand united to defend the president, and it will probably have a big impact on the 2020 election.

It was truly a historic moment, one every conservative can be proud of.

Except for two Republicans who decided to stand with the Democrats: Senators Mitt Romney and Susan Collins. Read more…


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Impeachment Pelosi Loses it On Live TV

Does Nancy Pelosi think she’s a dictator? She might be Speaker of the House, but last time I checked, that doesn’t give her power in the Senate.

Yet she demanded the Senate agree to her terms, before she sent over the articles of impeachment.

Mitch McConnell refused, so she sat on the articles for nearly a month (claiming that Trump is impeached “forever”).

Now that the Senate trial might be ending soon, she made some pretty interesting statements about the Senate’s vote. Read more…


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President Trump Gets Numerous Arab States Support

Most Americans are aware of the decades-long tensions that exist in the Middle East.

You can trace it back to conflicts that have been going for centuries.

Perhaps the greatest problems exist in the land of Israel, between Israelis and Palestinians.

To this day, Arab Palestinians have refused to acknowledge Israel’s statehood. It has led to near-endless fighting and bloodshed.

A few American presidents have tried to bridge the gap and forge a peace agreement. Read more…


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Trump Slams ‘Book-Seller’ Bolton

The media’s been talking a lot about John Bolton.

The former National Security Advisor (who was fired by Trump) has been in the news about an upcoming book.

According to reports, Bolton makes a big claim about Trump and want he wanted from Ukraine and it has sparked a renewed interest to drag witnesses into the Senate impeachment trial.

Many suggest the “leak” was just to boost Bolton’s book sales. After all, nothing sells a book faster than controversy! Read more…


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Biden Says He’s Got Plans For the Obamas

We are just days away from the first primary elections.

Soon, we will see which of the left’s 2020 “winners” will jump ahead. Everyone thought Joe Biden was a shoo-in.

But recent polls revealed “Crazy” Bernie Sanders might be taking a lead.

Maybe Joe is struggling to connect with Democrats. Maybe he is getting too desperate to win them over. Read more…


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Days Before Democrat Primaries Biden’s Polls Take a Turn

We’re getting close to the first primary votes and the Democrat race is shaking up.

Many have predicted the outcome, but once again, the “experts” seem wrong.

Joe Biden was considered a shoo-in for the 2020 Democratic nomination. He’s a former vice president, Obama’s boy. And he’s considered a “moderate” compared to his rivals.

The rest of the field appeared pretty bland and uninspired in our opinion. Honestly, it was Joe’s race to lose.

But a bunch of new polls, on the eve of the primaries, is dashing Biden’s dreams. Read more…