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Trump Draws New Red Line With Iran

Iran has been basically fighting a one-sided war against America before Trump.

They get aggressive, and our leaders cowered. The worst was when President Obama bowed to them by sending them a pallet of cash (amounting to $2 billion of your tax dollars).

But Trump is taking the bull by the horns.

He is not allowing the rogue nation to bully the world any longer. Iran has been threatening war in the Middle East for years.

Now, they are threatening an attack on U.S. soil. They never learn, do they? Read more…


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Obama White House Visitor Arrested

All eyes are on the Middle East this week, but they didn’t expect Obama would get caught up in it.

It all started with an Iranian-back protest against the U.S. embassy in Iraq.

“Experts” predicted it would become another Benghazi. Instead, President Trump acted decisively, ending the siege in just two days.

He proceeded to bring some much-needed justice to Iran in the form of a drone strike. The strike took out a top Iranian military leader, a man responsible for untold amounts of terrorism. Read more…


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Nancy Committed Quid Pro Quo On Impeachment Floor

Did you think the bombshells over the House’s impeachment were over? Think again.

Democrats shocked and disgusted Americans over their wildly partisan impeachment.

We watched as they obscured the facts, held secretive meetings, and reject every last House norm.

They contradicted their own statements to back an impeachment over political motives.

But it seems they’ve done much more than that. Rep. Matt Gaetz had one more shocking revelation to share. Read more…


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Senate Impeachment Deadline Slips Out

Despite Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre decision, the Senate impeachment trial will happen.

She can delay sending the articles all she wants. But the Constitution dictates that a Senate trial must happen.

Pelosi claimed she was withholding the articles until she can get the Republicans to do what she wants.

Nice try, Nance. You can’t dictate how the Senate conducts its trial. And eventually, you’ll have to send the articles over. Read more…


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After Dems Impeach Trump, His Approval Rating Swings Sharply

Just days ago, Democrats made a big mistake.

After months of talk and accusations, they rammed through an impeachment vote. The vote was wildly partisan, without a single Republican supporting it.

They cheapened the Constitution by voting on non-crimes. All so that can have an upper hand in the 2020 Election.

Most say they did it to hurt the president. So as the dust settles, did it work?

Have Americans abandoned Trump by the droves? Read more…


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Trump Gets 2020 Boost With New Census Report

Right at the end of the year, a major report comes out. And guess what? It’s great news for Republicans in 2020.

In the past, reports have made dire predictions about the state of our government. With the census soon to be held, the size of Congress is poised to change.

Some predicted it would shift power to far-left states, leaving conservatives in the dust.

Now, we are seeing something very different happen. California, in particular, will be stunned. Read more…


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Joe Biden Slips Up On Live TV Rally

Well, it’s good to know Creepy Joe still lives up to his name!

Answer me this: why do Democrats keep forgiving Biden for all his mistakes, gaffes, and policies?

Of all the talent in the country, why are they looking to this man to be the next president?

He wasn’t a very impressive vice president. Heck, he even bragged about pressuring a foreign country to help out his son.

Then there are the numerous gaffes that make us worried about this mental state. And other comments that have us worried about his views on minorities. Read more…


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Schiff Caught Hiding Key Impeachment Evidence

Do you think the Democrats have all but made Trump’s impeachment a done deal?

Because it isn’t.

We know this, partly because the House hasn’t sent their articles over to the Senate yet. Until the Senate receives them and prepares the trial, technically Trump isn’t even impeached yet.

Others seem to believe there is another reason. Democrats are withholding evidence.

Namely, bombshell testimony that just might clear Trump’s name for good. Read more…


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Hunter’s Multiple Investigations Crashing Joe’s 2020 Race

My oh, my. It turns out, of all his problems, the millstone around Joe Biden’s neck is his son, Hunter.

We really thought all of Uncle Joe’s gaffes would sink him. Seems like Democrats are willing to forgive almost anything to beat Trump.

But again and again, we discover that Hunter is the real problem facing Joe’s bid for the White House.

Joe recent said he “needs” to beat Trump so that he can return decency and normalcy to the White House. Read more…


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Lindsey Graham Drops Deadline On Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has made a lot of wrong moves. I think we can agree on that.

She promised no impeachment, then flipflopped. She accused Trump of bribery and other crimes, then impeached him over non-crimes.

Now, perhaps her worst, is withholding the articles from the Senate.

All the rush to impeach Trump was a farce. Because apparently now, there’s no rush.

What was this all about, then? Were they “holding accountable” an out-of-control president? Or were they just making a big show for the fake news? Read more…