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Federal Court Hands Obama Major Defeat

Barack Obama’s legacy has almost completely crumbled, and now it’s taking its final hit.

Why? Only one reason:

Because Donald Trump is determined to tear it down. Unnecessary environmental and tax regulations? Gone.

Obamacare? On its way down.

Many politicians and citizens say Obama’s pet project is unconstitutional. They want it gone for good, and replaced with common sense. Read more…


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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hands Donald Supreme Court Victory

Democrats didn’t think RBG would do this – now they’re triggered!

Many Republicans can’t wait until Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires from the Supreme Court.

That’s because it will give Trump yet another seat to fill on the court. Which means the tenuous 5-4 majority will turn into a 6-3 stronghold.

But until then, it looks like RBG may not be the reliable leftist justice the Democrats were hoping for.

Why? Because she just handed Trump a big win. Read more…


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Hunter’s Paternity Case Spills into Impeachment

You probably know all about how former Vice President Joe Biden’s son got caught in some baby mama drama.

A DNA test seems to have proven he’s the father of an Arkansas’ woman’s child. She is suing Biden’s son for support.

But this case is getting pretty wild-and now might impact the ongoing impeachment charade.

Because the judge in this paternity case is demanding Hunter explain how much he got from Ukraine. Read more…


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Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Ruling is Sending Dems Scrambling

Democrats did everything in their power to stop Brett Kavanaugh from getting onto the Supreme Court.

They ultimately failed, but their intense pressure was meant to do another thing: intimidate the Justice from standing up for conservative values.

Even with a conservative majority on the bench, Democrats were hoping Kavanaugh would cave to leftist pressure.

I guess they shouldn’t have gone after his family. Read more…


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Supreme Court Freezes Congress Order to Hand Over Trump’s Taxes

Democrats in Congress have spent the last three years trying to undo the 2016 Election.

The current impeachment push has been only the latest effort to remove Trump from office.

We’ve seen plenty come and go.

Another attempt seemed to have been moving quickly through the courts. They were trying to dig into the president’s personal files.

It was clear they were just hoping to get dirt on him-to endanger his chances of being re-elected. Read more…


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After Impeachment Fails Trump’s Approval Rating Sky Rockets

Yep, you’ve been hearing about it all week. Adam Schiff held his first public hearings in his attempt to impeach Donald Trump.

After a month and more of media hype, leaks, and big boasts, all America saw what Democrats have on Trump.

At it looks like a big load of nothing.

All of Schiff’s key “witnesses” were humiliated by Republicans. They couldn’t even answer a simple question, “What did Trump do that was impeachable?” Read more…


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Nunes Drops ‘Devastating’ Impeachment Hammer

Adam Schiff and his Dems have been trying to control the impeachment push, preparing for the public trial just hours away. But bulldogs like Rep. Devin Nunes are holding their feet to the fire.

The liberal media is running away with the narrative that Trump tried to pressure Ukraine. But every Republican aware of Schiff’s closed-door meetings tell a different story.

Soon, the transcripts of those meetings will be released. The entire country will get to learn what these “witnesses” have been saying.

Will it be a slam-dunk for the left? I don’t think so. Why? Read more…


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Jim Jordan Demands 8 Witnesses from Schiff

Here’s some good news from the impeachment front, Jim Jordan was put on the council.

That means there’s one more person fighting to actually aid the president and our country.

Jordan and the GOP are demanding to question key figures at the center of this scandal.

They want eight witnesses to appear in public and testify-under oath-what is really going on.

We can’t ignore the fact that partisan Democrats have been running the show the whole time. You don’t have to imagine how they are trying to twist this entire process. Read more…


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Trump’s Chief of Staff Shuts Down Adam’s Subpoena

Adam Schiff is getting desperate. After a month of closed-door hearings, he’s yet to find the “smoking gun” that will clinch Trump’s impeachment.

Soon, hearings will go public, forcing Democrats to come face-to-face with this train wreck.

Schiff thinks he can pressure Trump’s people into turning on the president. He sent out subpoena after subpoena, hoping to get a White House staffer to give him dirt. Read more…


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‘Big Bill Barr’ Sideswipes James Comey

Despite what the mainstream media want you to believe A.G. Barr and his bulldog are taking swift action against the last FBI administration.

We know James Comey’s FBI was up to no good when they spied on Trump’s campaign. I don’t have to tell you how they used a bogus dossier in a coordinated effort to take down the presidential candidate.

All of Durham’s digging has struck paydirt. Now the probe is a full-blown criminal investigation.

The former FBI must be getting nervous. He attacked the probe, claiming it’s biased. So are Democrats in D.C. Read more…