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Jim Jordan Demands 8 Witnesses from Schiff

Here’s some good news from the impeachment front, Jim Jordan was put on the council.

That means there’s one more person fighting to actually aid the president and our country.

Jordan and the GOP are demanding to question key figures at the center of this scandal.

They want eight witnesses to appear in public and testify-under oath-what is really going on.

We can’t ignore the fact that partisan Democrats have been running the show the whole time. You don’t have to imagine how they are trying to twist this entire process. Read more…


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Trump’s Chief of Staff Shuts Down Adam’s Subpoena

Adam Schiff is getting desperate. After a month of closed-door hearings, he’s yet to find the “smoking gun” that will clinch Trump’s impeachment.

Soon, hearings will go public, forcing Democrats to come face-to-face with this train wreck.

Schiff thinks he can pressure Trump’s people into turning on the president. He sent out subpoena after subpoena, hoping to get a White House staffer to give him dirt. Read more…


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‘Big Bill Barr’ Sideswipes James Comey

Despite what the mainstream media want you to believe A.G. Barr and his bulldog are taking swift action against the last FBI administration.

We know James Comey’s FBI was up to no good when they spied on Trump’s campaign. I don’t have to tell you how they used a bogus dossier in a coordinated effort to take down the presidential candidate.

All of Durham’s digging has struck paydirt. Now the probe is a full-blown criminal investigation.

The former FBI must be getting nervous. He attacked the probe, claiming it’s biased. So are Democrats in D.C. Read more…


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Trump: Dems Want “Justices Who Will Shred the Constitution”

President Trump held one of his biggest rallies yet in Dallas. What they say is right: everything’s bigger in Texas!

During his firey, energetic speech he pulled back the curtain on what 2020 Democrats are trying to do.

They won’t admit it today, but they are eager to pack the Supreme Court. All to undo the good Trump has accomplished.

And he revealed how far they’re willing to go to drag us back into the Dark Ages. Read more…


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Jim Jordan Corners Elijah Cummings for Violating Bi-Party Agreement

Democrats are on the warpath again.

They’re obviously willing to do anything to get an edge on the competition, and this includes violating major agreements.

Democrats and Republicans had an agreement: they wouldn’t let bipartisan politics affect law and order.

In other words, their biases couldn’t override basic protocol.

But surprise! A leading Democrat has been accused of violating that agreement.

This time, Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) has subpoenaed two Department of Homeland Security officials … and the GOP says this is breaking the rules. Read more…


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Ukraine Agrees to Start an Audit On Hunter Biden’s Case

President Trump asked a simple question on the now-infamous Ukrainian phone call: can you help investigate corruption?

Trump is determined to drain the D.C. swamp, no matter how hard it will be. He’s known for a long time something wasn’t right about how Biden pressured Ukraine to fire their prosecutor.

It seems everyone knew the prosecutor was investigating Hunter Biden’s company. But nobody in the U.S. government thought that was suspicious?

Well, even though our lawmakers dropped the ball it looks like Trump’s getting his wish from Ukraine. Read more…


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Trump Calls China and Ukraine to Help Investigate Biden

Donald is fed up with the Democrats – so he’s calling in the big guns!

The Left keeps pushing for impeachment with no hard evidence. They totally ignore what Trump was really doing – rooting out corruption within our government.

You have to be blind to not suspect Biden was involved in some shady dealings. Joe’s son made “bank” while he was vice president.

But, as usual, Democrats refused to look into these alarming concerns.

So Trump is calling on not just one major nation, but two, to back him up. And it’s got the Left panicking. Read more…


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Giuliani Sends Democrats Scrambling With Individual Lawsuits

Adam Schiff and the impeachment Dem’s went one step too far this week-and now they’re going to pay.

They just tried to go after President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani by subpoenaing his records.

It’s pretty clear the Left is on a fishing expediction to find Trump dirt. Their “inquiry” gives them the leeway to run an investigation in search of wrongdoing.

Schiff wants to get something juicy from Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer. If he refuses to comply, Schiff said he would hit him with an obstruction charge and add that to his reasons to impeach Trump. Read more…


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Hillary Judge Fined, Disbarred From the Law

A liberal judge was caught being liberal – but this time she’s paying a big price!

We know that Obama-appointed judges (and many others) have used the courts to push an agenda. Judges are tasked with upholding the law. Federal judges are supposed to defend the Constitution.

It’s actually against the law for a judge to engage in political activity while on the bench.

Yet it seems to happen all the time, especially for leaders like Hillary and the Clintons.

But in this one case, a judge is facing the penalty for what she did in trying to help Clinton. Read more…


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Jordan Sideswipes Nadler’s ‘Impeachment’ Brigade with Comey Letter

We are hearing a lot about Rep. Nadler and his Impeachment Brigade, but he didn’t see Jim Jordan coming.

Nadler and his Democrats are pushing impeachment through, whether or not there’s evidence.

The Inspector General conducted its own investigations, and while it didn’t turn up anything on Trump, it came up with plenty on the investigators.

They sent a letter to Nadler about James Comey’s actions, but nothing was heard. So Jordan called him on it.

But when Jim Jordan asked Nadler about the letter the IG sent to his office, Jerry had a pretty sad response. Read more…