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DNC Rigs Tulsi Gabbard out of Next Debate

The Democratic Party is desperately trying to rule-rig veteran Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) out of the running for 2020 … all because she dared to challenge their black, female socialist candidate Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) in the last round of debates. According to a Real Clear Politics report, she actually ranks HIGHER in the polls than those for whom the DNC is rolling out the red carpet, namely Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, and Andrew Yang. Apparently, though, Gabbard didn’t meet the mark in their “approved” polls. No true Scotsman, anyone?

Here’s more from American Thinker…

Iconoclastic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard did the unforgiveable in the eyes of the hidebound Democratic Party establishment: She knocked down one their favorites, Kamala Harris.

Because right after this incident from the last debate:

Now, through the miracle of rule-rigging, the Democratic establishment has maneuvered to exact a price from her: No appearance at the next Democratic debate. No more taking down the next favorite.



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Beto vs. Flat Tire

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke (TX) is trying feverishly to put those long, flailing arms to work repairing his failing image…by fixing a flat tire with cameras at the ready. Previous attempts to salvage his flatlined polling and fund-raising efforts include live streaming his haircuts, answering questions in Spanish, and, of course, standing atop flat surfaces in coffeehouses and cafes. In the words of a Daily Beast article regarding desperate Beto’s bids for attention, “You bet he got up on that counter.” Rest assured, though, in a field of two dozen candidates, Beto’s flash in the pan is all heat and no sizzle. He’s done.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

In the perfect metaphor for his presidential campaign, which started like a hot-air balloon soaring into the sky supported by all the hot air the Left could muster but is now flat as a balloon punctured by the reality that he is a political lightweight who is flailing about in any way he can to draw attention to himself, former Congressman and current failed presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke released another video to try to bolster his image: fixing a flat tire on a truck.

Last December, in a straw poll of members of, first obtained by NBC News, O’Rourke led the field at 15.6%, with former vice president Joe Biden close behind at 14.9%. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) came in third at 13.1%. NBC reported, “It’s another sign of O’Rourke’s surprising popularity among national Democrats and a potentially troubling indication for Sanders, whom MoveOn endorsed in the 2016 Democratic primary.


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Biden: “We Choose Truth over Facts”

Joe Biden attempted to woo a crowd on Tuesday with an astounding claim: “We choose science over fiction; we choose truth over facts.” The comment was ostensibly in reference to recent shootings in which the Left has–per usual–used the occasion as yet another opportunity for knee-jerk political stunts for massive gun regulations. Meanwhile, conservatives will continue with a preference for facts, particularly those that demonstrate time and again in such places as Chicago that gun regulations serve only to ensure that law-abiding citizens have no means of self-defense. Psst. Hey, Lefties, here’s a secret: criminals don’t obey laws.

Here’s more from Free Beacon…

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told a crowd of supporters on Tuesday that “we choose truth over facts,” apparently referring to the Democratic Party.

“We choose science over fiction; we choose truth over facts,” Biden said, drawing applause.

The former vice president has a history of tripping over his words.

Biden continues to hold a formidable lead in national Democratic primary polls. He leads the next two closest opponents, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, Vt.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), by over 15 percentage points.


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Only 5 Dems Have Money to Stay in

Nothing speaks louder in Washington than money, and it may well have already cut the Left’s overcrowded 2020 field down to size. According to a New York Times report, only five Democratic presidential candidates-raising a combined $96 million from individual donors in the last three months-are financially competitive enough to continue the race for the White House. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, for one, has come in as a dark horse leading the fund-raising with $24.9 million in his war chest followed by Joe Biden ($22m), Elizabeth Warren ($19.2m), Bernie Sanders ($18m), and Kamala Harris ($11.8m). As for Beto, few want to give their money to a lost cause after he blew $75m on his losing Senate bid last year. We expect the crowd to winnow quickly in the debate after Labor Day.

Here’s more from Sara A. Carter…

The New York Times reported on the current status of 2020 emocratic race.

“Five Democratic presidential candidates raised a combined $96 million from individual donors in the last three months – about three-quarters of the total fund-raising by the entire Democratic field, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission on Monday. [The NYT] crunched the latest fund-raising numbers for the candidates, and the findings paint a picture of the diverging fortunes in the 2020 race. The numbers highlight the financial challenges that many of the lesser-known candidates are facing as they seek to keep their campaigns afloat. Mayor Pete Buttigieg more than tripled his fund-raising from the first quarter, as did Senator Elizabeth Warren.


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Dems Want to Give Health Insurance to Illegals

During the second round of the first 2020 Democratic presidential debates, candidates made it clear that they want to give health care to illegals. When asked to “raise your hand if your government health care plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants,” every single one of them raised their hand. Joe Biden even insisted that illegal immigrants “contribute to the well-being of the country” and should get health coverage rather than jail time for committing a felony. The bottom line should one of these clowns prevail in 2020 is that illegal immigration won’t be illegal anymore, and the hordes of immigrants coming across will get free health care to boot. That ought to work out really well. Just ask Germany.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

In the second round of the first 2020 Democratic presidential debate on Thursday, all ten of the candidates onstage said their government health care plans would provide coverage for illegal immigrants.

NBC News co-anchor Savannah Guthrie asked the candidates — including frontrunners former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg — if they would cover illegal immigrants.

“Raise your hand if your government healthcare plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants,” she said.

Every single candidate raised his or her hand.


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Dem Strategist: “Painful to Watch”

Democratic Strategist Eric Soufer called Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s performance during last night’s 2020 Democratic debate “painful to watch.” He also described Senator Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) performance as “Death by a thousand platitudes.” Soufer did, however, credit Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as the winner if only because she was “the only one who could effectively explain why the economy isn’t working for everyone.” But none of this should come as a surprise since the Democratic race for the White House is little more than a beauty pageant for Socialist Reactionary of the Year award, wherein nothing worthy of serious consideration will be offered for voters to consider.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

A Democratic strategist who formerly worked on presidential campaigns for John Edwards and Barack Obama gave his post-debate analysis this morning on the first round of 2020 Democratic hopefuls. Eric Soufer, who is the managing director of political strategy outfit, Tusk Ventures, offered poignant critiques and some unexpected praise of the 10 Democrats on stage in Miami Wednesday night.

Soufer was deeply critical of New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker saying, “Death by a thousand platitudes. His riff about living in Newark has gone stale.” But his most negative review was of former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, once considered a front-runner, saying he was “surprisingly cautious and clearly uncomfortable. He failed to connect with the audience and took more arrows from his opponents than anyone else. It was painful to watch.”

Soufer offered high praise for former San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro, saying the 44-year-old offered “a good, standout performance as the young, energetic candidate in a primary where age will be an issue.”


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Piers Morgan Predicts Trump 2020 Victory

Liberal British journalist Piers Morgan rigorously debunked liberals pretending they have a chance to defy President Trump’s 2020 re-election odds. “When Trump launched his 2020 campaign on Tuesday night in Orlando, Florida, I didn’t sense I was watching a guy who’s going to lose. In fact, I got the complete opposite feeling,” Morgan wrote in the Daily Mail. “Trump exuded the confident all-conquering swagger of someone who defied all polls and logic last time, and fully intends to do so again.” Trump’s favorability opinion at 43.8%-more than six points higher than when he won the 2016 election-may be the best evidence that Morgan is right.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

In a piece for the Daily Mail on Thursday, British journalist Piers Morgan explained, quite thoroughly, why he thinks Trump is going to win the 2020 election. And not just win it, but win it easily. “When Trump launched his 2020 campaign on Tuesday night in Orlando, Florida, I didn’t sense I was watching a guy who’s going to lose. In fact, I got the complete opposite feeling,” Morgan wrote. “Trump exuded the confident all-conquering swagger of someone who defied all polls and logic last time, and fully intends to do so again.”

He’s spent two-and-a-half years bombarding Americans with relentless self-aggrandizing tweets, speeches, rallies and media interviews – all designed to keep his base pot boiling.
And his strategy has clearly worked.


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Dems Descend on Iowa

Iowa is getting stampeded by 2020 Democrats hoping to woo its voters. Except for Joe Biden-the party’s leading contender-who plans to visit the state after his rivals are finished fighting for his polling scraps. Candidates overwhelming (or underwhelming in many cases) Iowans over the weekend included Bernie Sanders, Beto O’Rourke, Corey Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, John Delaney, and John Hickenlooper, among others. With days left before the debate season kicks off, we’re itching to watch the circle firing squad begin. As of now, our money is on Dirty Uncle Joe, the grab-master of the circus.

Here’s more from Yahoo News…

A small crowd clustered around Beto O’Rourke in Des Moines on Saturday, after the presidential hopeful ran a 5K as part of the city’s LGBT Pride celebrations. Terry Eason, who’d just completed the race, turned to a friend and asked, “It’s Beto, Beto O’Rourke, is that right?”

“I wasn’t sure who he was, because there are so many of them,” said Eason, a retired teacher from nearby Waukee, Iowa.

Iowa, the first-in-the nation caucus state, is hosting 19 presidential hopefuls this weekend for its annual Hall of Fame celebration, a fundraiser for the state Democratic Party in Cedar Rapids on Sunday.


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Poll: Sanders Voters are “Low Information”

A new NBC poll released Sunday on “Meet the Press” confirms what we have pretty much known from the start: 2020 socialist candidate Bernie Sanders’ voters are “low information.” “The less you are paying attention, the more likely you are a Bernie Sanders supporter,” host Chuck Todd said, pointing to a Monmouth poll showing Bernie trailing Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Now Todd and NBC are facing social media outrage, as Bernie voters condemn the implication. With a little less than 18 months before election day, we’re already witnessing the circular firing squad that is the 2020 Democratic Party.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

An NBC poll which debuted Sunday on “Meet the Press” revealed a characteristic about Bernie Sanders (I-VT) voters that wasn’t exactly flattering.

It turns out, the less you pay attention to politics, the more likely you are to support the socialist option for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

WATCH Chuck Todd deliver the bad news to his panel.

“The less you are paying attention, the more likely you are a Bernie Sanders supporter,” Todd says, pointing to a Monmouth poll taken recently showing that Sanders is losing definite ground to both former Vice President Joe Biden and a suddenly-much-stronger Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who has jumped between 5 and 6 points in the polls since Biden entered the race.


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15 States Trying to Abolish Electoral College

Nevada just became the latest state to join the National Popular Vote pact to abolish the Electoral College and give liberal strongholds, such as California and New York, “majority” control over the White House. Fourteen other states plus the District of Columbia have already decided to give their state’s electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. Although the measure is now 75 electoral votes away from the 270-vote threshold needed to swing the electoral vote, Maine and Oregon are predicted to surrender their nonliberal constituents’ voting rights on a false pedestal of “representation.”

Here’s more from MSN…

The man who helped invent scratch-off lottery tickets now has his sights set on a bigger prize: overhauling the way the United States elects presidents.

On Tuesday, Nevada became the latest state to pass a bill that would grant its electoral votes to whoever wins the popular vote across the country, not just in Nevada. The movement is the brainchild of John Koza, a co-founder of National Popular Vote, an organization that is working to eliminate the influence of the Electoral College.

If Nevada’s governor signs the bill, the state will become the 15th — plus the District of Columbia — to join an interstate pact of states promising to switch to the new system. Those states, including Nevada, have a total of 195 electoral votes. The pact would take effect once enough states have joined to guarantee the national winner 270 electoral votes, ensuring election.