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Illinois County to Become ‘Sanctuary County’…For Guns

More sanctuary news in the headlines this week, but not for the reason you’d think.

Effingham County, Illinois, has had enough of the state legislature’s socialist crackdown on guns (Chicago is home to some of the most draconian gun control laws in the nation).

And now they’re taking matters into their own hands.

By a vote of 8 to 1, the county board declared that, should a spate of anti-gun laws pass through the state legislature in the coming weeks, the county will officially become a sanctuary for gun owners in which authorities will not enforce the new state laws.

Finally, some federalism and common sense in an otherwise blue state.

This could be another showdown at the OK Corral.

Here’s more from Hotair…

Out in Illinois, the state legislature has been attempting to seize on the supposed momentum for new firearms restrictions and begun passing a raft of new gun control measures. Governor Bruce Rauner has been using his veto powers in some cases, but that hasn’t slowed down the Democrats seeking new restrictions. In response to this flurry of legislative activity, the residents and elected officials of one Illinois county have come up with what some are seeing as at least a partial solution. They’ve voted to declare themselves a “sanctuary county” for gun owners if the new control measures all go into effect. (Washington Times)

An overwhelming majority of board members in Effingham County, Illinois, decided to “flip the script” this week and declare itself a “sanctuary” for gun owners.

Effingham County State’s Attorney Bryan Kibler and board member David Campbell called a barrage of gun-control bills working their way through the Illinois House and Senate a clear signal that it’s time to “take a stand.”

The men joined “Fox & Friends First” on Thursday to discuss a new Second Amendment resolution that passed along an 8-1 vote…

The resolution reads: “If the Government of the State of Illinois shall infringe upon the inalienable rights granted by the Second Amendment, Effingham County shall become a ‘sanctuary county’ for all firearms.”


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Joe Biden: Republicans ‘Don’t Want Black Folks Voting’

It’s no secret former Vice President Joe Biden is gearing up for a presidential bid in 2020, especially given the polls showing he’d likely have beaten Hillary for the Democrat nomination and would have given Trump a run for his money.

So, of course, he’s turning to the age-old Democrat playbook in which the go-to play is class and race warfare.

On an interview with everyone’s favorite race-card-pulling, shake-down artist Al Sharpton, Biden dropped this humdinger: “These Republicans don’t want working-class people voting. They don’t want black folks voting.”

According to Democrats, enforcing federal law and reducing voter fraud qualifies as racism.

Because clearly Dems usually lose in a fair fight.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Sunday on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” former Vice President Joe Biden told host Al Sharpton that Republicans didn’t want African-Americans voting.

SHARPTON: Let me ask you about voting rights. That was another thing the Obama-Biden administration was heavy on under attorney general well as Lynch going in with lawsuits against voter ID and doing in to deal with voter suppression. They have said that foreigners are voting.

BIDEN:  It’s a lie. It’s a flat lie. The assertion the president made from the beginning is a flat lie. Every study, every program -every commission that looked at it said it’s simply not true. It’s part of the big lie. You realize just in past year, in 24 states, the administration’s allies have introduced 60 pieces of legislation, or maybe 70 pieces of legislation, to curtail the franchise. It’s what these guys are all about, man. These Republicans don’t want working-class people voting. They don’t want black folks voting. Look what we are doing now. There’s a movement. You have George Will making the argument that felons should have their—after serving their time—their right restored to vote. What is the one thing we want people getting out of prison to do? We want them to engage in society again. What’s the most significant thing you can do to engage? Get in and vote. These guys, you’re talking about 1.5 million people who have served their time who are unable to vote. Of those there are 30% or more that are African American. We should have like other countries have, automatic registration. You turn 18, you go to any government agency, Department of Motor Vehicle, get your Social Security number clarified and you are automatically registered to vote in your district. We should be be engaged. That’s the one thing that keeps people focused on what’s going on in their country. It’s totally crazy.


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Poll: Nearly Half Support Troops Along The Border

Surprise, surprise. Nearly half of Americans are in favor of President Trump’s order to send the National Guard to the US-Mexico border.

The poll conducted by Politico shows 48 percent of respondents agree that the Guard is needed in order to counteract the flood of illegal immigrants across the border.

While it’s not quite a majority, it’s far greater than the 42 percent who disagreed.

That’s a stark contrast leading up to the November elections, and it could serve as a marker for how those elections will go if immigration remains a major issue.

Stay tuned.

Here’s more from Hotair…

A poll by Politico/Morning Consult found nearly half of Americans surveyed support sending National Guard troops to the border. Of course, there is a stark divide between Democrats and Republicans on the issue.

A plurality of 48 percent support sending troops to the border — greater than the 42 percent who oppose dispatching the National Guard. Nine percent of voters have no opinion of Trump’s order…

“President Trump’s decision to deploy National Guard troops is a hugely popular move with his base,” said Dropp. “Sixty percent of Trump voters ‘strongly’ approve of the decision. Among this same group, 49 percent ‘strongly’ approve of Trump’s job performance overall.”

The partisan split on the issue underscores this divide: Just 22 percent of Democratic voters support sending troops to the border, compared to 84 percent of Republicans. Independents are evenly divided: 44 percent support sending the National Guard to the border, and 44 percent oppose doing so.

As Jazz pointed out Monday, Border Patrol agents appear to be among those who are in support. The number of troops at the border will gradually ramp up until it reaches up to 4,000. CNN reports they are armed but are not expected to be interacting directly with illegal immigrants because they have no authority to detain or arrest anyone.


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LA Is Painting Streets White to Combat Global Warming

Because the state of California is totally flush with dollars and citizens absolutely don’t mind being taxed even more, the city of Los Angeles has decided to paint their roads…white.

Apparently global hot air is getting so bad that it’s time to paint the roads a lighter color to reflect the sunlight and drop the temperature.

This is a really great idea, provided global warming is really real.

Plus, it only costs a low, low price of 40 grand…per mile.

Given that LA is among the nation’s largest metros, they’ll eventually have to increase that to 40 billion.

At that rate, no one will be able to afford air conditioning. Brilliant.

Here’s more from Redstate…

The city of Los Angeles is taking going to combat global warming, and now they’re taking it to the streets, and I mean literally.

According to Fox News, LA found that applying a coat of sealant to the road, and giving it a white hue reduces the temperature of the roads:

The LA Street Services began rolling out the project last May, which preliminary testing shows has reduced the temperature of roadways by up to 10 degrees. The project involves applying a light gray coating of the product CoolSeal, made by the company GuardTop.

“CoolSeal is applied like conventional sealcoats to asphalt surfaces to protect and maintain the quality and longevity of the surface,” according to the company website. “While most cool pavements on the market are polymer based, CoolSeal is a water-based, asphalt emulsion.”

This reportedly reduces climate change…somehow.


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AZ Supreme Court Nixes In-State Tuition for Dreamers

The fight over Dreamers and DACA is getting hot. We have Congress promising to argue incessantly over a DACA deal.

Meanwhile, migrants in Mexico are still pressing to cross into the U.S. just as the National Guard are massing along the border to receive them.

And now the Supreme Court of Arizona has just handed down a decision to nullify in-state college tuition rates to Dreamers.

If ever you thought the election of Donald Trump would finally solve the illegal immigration question, think again.

It’s now more volatile than ever with the issue being adjudicated in Congress, at the border, likely with the US Supreme Court, and almost certainly in the November election.

Get ready, folks.

Here’s more from AZCentral…

Arizona colleges can’t give in-state tuition to young immigrants covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Monday.

The court issued a brief decision order saying justices unanimously agreed with the Arizona Court of Appeals’ ruling that said existing federal and state laws don’t allow the Maricopa Community Colleges to grant in-state tuition rates for DACA recipients.

A full opinion further explaining the court’s ruling will be released by May 14, the order states.

The court released the order Monday to allow Maricopa Community Colleges students and the state to have as much time as possible to plan for those affected by the ruling.

More than 2,000 DACA recipients, commonly referred to as “dreamers,” currently attend community college or a state university in Arizona and pay in-state rates. The ruling will make DACA recipients pay much more to attend these schools, as out-of-state rates are about triple the cost of in-state tuition.


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Trump Orders End to ‘Catch and Release’ Program

As the immigration issue heats up again with the migrant horde in Mexico, President Trump took advantage of the occasion finally to end the Bush administration’s notorious ‘Catch and Release’ program.

Under ‘Catch and Release’, non-violent illegal aliens were summarily allowed to go free under the auspices of humanitarian concerns.

But the program was massively expanded under President Obama — because of course it was — to justify releasing virtually everyone, and it served as a precursor to sanctuary city amnesty.

And now we’re paying the price for it economically and in loss of local safety.

This will likely be litigated in federal court and will be an issue in November. Get ready.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Donald Trump signed a memo on Friday ordering the end to the Bush-era program that allowed illegals caught at the border to be released from detention pending the outcome of their legal proceedings.

“Catch and release” began during the administration of George W. Bush and was greatly expanded during the Obama years.

The Hill:

The memo signed by Trump orders the Department of Homeland Security, in coordination with other agencies, to submit a report to the president within 45 days “detailing all measures that their respective departments have pursued or are pursuing to expeditiously end ‘catch and release’ practices.”

The report instructs departments to share information on any contracts to construct or operate detention facilities along the border as well as steps taken to assign asylum officers at detention facilities, among other measures.

As part of the order, Trump is requesting “a detailed list of all existing facilities, including military facilities, that could be used, modified, or repurposed to detain aliens for violations of immigration law at or near the borders of the United States.”


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Federal Judge: Second Amendment Doesn’t Protect AR-15s

Judicial tyranny is on the roll against the Second Amendment again this week.

A federal judge — a Reagan appointee, no less — ruled that the AR15 is ‘outside the scope’ of the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms clause.

That means states and Congress have the authority to regulate or entirely ban the gun. His reasoning? The AR15 is ‘most useful in military service’ and therefore is negated from constitutional provisions.

Pardon us for saying so, but the entire motivation of the Second Amendment was to protect the right of self-defense against foreign — or domestic — attacks by tyrannical military forces.

The framers weren’t concerned about home invasion or hunting rights.

Here’s more from Hotair…

He’s from Massachusetts. He’s, er, also a Reagan appointee.

The ruling doesn’t matter, though, in this sense. Someday there’ll be another liberal majority on the Supreme Court and that majority will surely declare “assault weapons” outside the bounds of the Second Amendment, whatever happens legally between now and then. You could have a mountain of lower-court rulings holding that the right to bear arms includes assault weapons, you could have umpteen Supreme Court precedents affirming that fact. The next liberal Court will flip over the table because gun rights is one of the litmus-test issues for which the justices will have been selected and appointed. It’ll be a replay of the conservative movement to appoint anti-abortion justices in the name of overturning Roe, but unlike the right’s picks, the left’s won’t choke when they get the opportunity. In fact, never mind assault weapons: The entire line of cases beginning with Heller’s assertion of an individual right to bear arms is going out the window as soon as liberals on the Court have the numbers.

Usually it’s the Supreme Court that acts as a last line of defense against Congress for the right wing. (That’s how it was supposed to work with ObamaCare, anyway. Thanks, John Roberts!) In this case it’ll be Congress that’s the last line of defense against the Court. An assault weapons ban will be constitutional — if Democrats can find the votes in Congress to pass one. No easy trick. In the meantime, though, blue-state bans are constitutional, at least according to blue-state federal courts:

“AR-15s and [large capacity magazines] are most useful in military service, they are beyond the scope of the Second Amendment […] and may be banned,” wrote Massachusetts District Court Judge William Young. The case was first brought in January 2017 by several gun owners, the nonprofit group Gun Owners’ Action League, and gun stores On Target Training and Overwatch Outpost…

Young called Scalia’s majority writing a “tour de force” on the Second Amendment. Critically, Young wrote that Scalia “explained that ‘weapons that are most useful in military service—M-16 rifles and the like’ are not protected under the Second Amendment.”

“The AR-15 and the M16 were designed and manufactured simultaneously for the military and share very similar features and functions,” Young wrote. “Therefore, because the undisputed facts convincingly demonstrate that AR-15s and [large capacity magazines] are most useful in military service, they are beyond the scope of the Second Amendment.”


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Mexico Flinches, Shuts Down Migrant Caravan

Earlier in the week, the horde of Central American migrants had swelled to as many as 1,500 as it made its way through multiple towns in southern Mexico, en route to the U.S. border.

For days, the crowd had been untouched by Mexican authorities despite that Mexican immigration laws are some of the toughest in the western hemisphere.

Then the Trump administration responded with plans to mobilize the National Guard.

And curiously the Mexican government suddenly became interested in enforcing their immigration laws.

As of yesterday, the horde has been shut down and is no longer moving north.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

President Trump praised Mexico Thursday morning for using its immigration laws to stop the caravan of more than 1,000 Central American citizens from reaching the border.

Although Trump said border crossings are at a 46-year low, he still feels the rate at which immigrants can unlawfully enter the U.S. is “unacceptable.”

“The Caravan is largely broken up thanks to the strong immigration laws of Mexico and their willingness to use them so as not to cause a giant scene at our Border,” Trump tweeted Thursday. “Because of the Trump Administrations actions, Border crossings are at a still UNACCEPTABLE 46 year low. Stop drugs!”

Over the past week, Trump has been critical of those migrants walking, riding in vans, or traveling by train from Honduras and other Central American countries to seek refuge in Mexico and America. Mexico said the caravan is an annual demonstration that was never going to swarm the border, although the government acknowledged that some might try.


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National Guard Troops Being Sent To The Border Immediately

Perhaps prompted by the massive 1,500-strong throng of migrants making their way through Mexico, the Trump administration announced yesterday that National Guard troops will be deployed immediately to the Mexican border.

The other issue is that Congress has refused to deal with the so-called ‘catch and release’ policy from the previous administration as well as an inability to fully fund the border wall.

So Trump’s DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen detailed that these troops will be deployed in similar fashion to those under George W. Bush in order to fill the gaping holes in the border and to back up the US Border Patrol.

So in short, President Trump “has a pen and cellphone” and is willing to use them.

Here’s more from Hotair…

No word yet on how many or for how long, but WaPo cites a source who says the operation will continue until Congress ends “catch and release” for illegals detained in the U.S.

So in other words, it’ll continue forever.

There was some question yesterday as to what Trump has in mind. Was he talking National Guard or regular military, which would potentially create a problem under the Posse Comitatus Act? Is he contemplating a presence much larger than Dubya’s deployment of several thousand troops more than a decade ago? “We’re going to be guarding our border with the military,” he said yesterday during a White House photo op, and “we really haven’t done that before.” That suggested something novel to come. When reporters pressed Kirstjen Nielsen about it today, though, she said no, this’ll be in line with what Bush and Obama did. It’ll be “strong” but familiar. Via the IJR:



Trump: ‘No More DACA Deal’, Migrant March Closes In

President Trump is done being Mr. Nice Guy on DACA negotiations.

Over the weekend he tweeted that he’s no longer willing to work for a deal to find a solution on so-called DREAMers as Democrats continue to stonewall on a workable plan.

Meanwhile, the throng of migrants from Central America is now reportedly swelling to 1,500 strong and has marched 400 miles closer to the U.S. border.

Having passed through a third Mexican town, authorities aren’t stopping them.

This is going to slowly build into a massive issue that will eclipse MeToo and gun control.

And Trump is ready to go to war.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

On Easter Sunday, President Trump announced he would no longer be pursuing a deal with the Republican establishment and Democrats to give amnesty to at least 1.8 million illegal aliens in exchange for a few pro-American immigration reforms.

In a series of tweets, Trump signaled a return to his “America First” immigration agenda, mentioning that he will no longer try to negotiate a deal between the GOP establishment and Democrats on the issue of giving amnesty to potentially millions of illegal aliens shielded from deportation by the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“NO MORE DACA DEAL,” Trump wrote on Twitter, while also saying that Republicans “must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough” legislation that ends the “Catch and Release” program which releases border-crossers into the U.S. while they await trial:

The Catch and Release program was recently expanded with Trump’s signing of the omnibus spending bill with more illegal aliens set to be released this year into the interior of the country than the year before.