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Supreme Court Takes Unprecedented Action

The Supreme Court plays a vital role in upholding our government.

It decides whether laws are Constitutional, or not. Our justices often rule on cases that determine the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

For over 100 years, the court has carried out this duty. It even endured during intense times of trial, including wars and other crises. So, today’s announcement is pretty historic.

From LA Times:

The Supreme Court announced Monday it would not hold oral arguments during the next two weeks due to the coronavirus, the first postponement of its kind since 1918. Read more…


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Biden Gets Caught on Super Tuesday Stealing a Sniff

Joe, Joe, Joe. Listen man, you just got a lead in this vicious primary race. Now is not the time to screw it-oh, he already screwed it up!

Democrats pulled out a game-stopping scheme to help Biden beat Sanders. They got two candidates to drop out before Super Tuesday. It was a move to ensure moderate voters would flock to Biden.

This was after months of people saying Biden was a goner. But as soon as he gets ahead, he goes and does something really weird.

It seems this guy just can’t seem to keep his hands-or nose-off people.

And someone caught him at it again-on video. Read more…


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After Hunter Biden Refuses to Give Baby Mama a Penny

The media is focusing all their time on the boring Senate impeachment trial, so, you probably won’t find out about this story in any mainstream media.

They’ve all but ignored Hunter Biden and his closet full of secrets. They regularly claim it’s all been disproved. Really?

Well this story could make Hunter look really bad.

Biden has been in a child support battle over in Arkansas. He recently refused a court order to give up his financial records. Read more…


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Joe Biden Slips Up On Live TV Rally

Well, it’s good to know Creepy Joe still lives up to his name!

Answer me this: why do Democrats keep forgiving Biden for all his mistakes, gaffes, and policies?

Of all the talent in the country, why are they looking to this man to be the next president?

He wasn’t a very impressive vice president. Heck, he even bragged about pressuring a foreign country to help out his son.

Then there are the numerous gaffes that make us worried about this mental state. And other comments that have us worried about his views on minorities. Read more…


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Democrats Planning to Sabotage Trump’s Senate Trial

Nancy and Chuck couldn’t wait – but we found their plan!

Tonight, Democrats sealed their fate by impeaching Donald Trump over non-crimes.

This bogus impeachment is a black stain, but not on our president.

Democrats who want to remove our duly-elected president will be forever shamed over their scheme.

Without strong evidence, bipartisan support, or the will of the people, they pushed through their impeachment articles. Read more…


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Biden’s Doctor Says Joe is Being Treated For a Heart Condition

The health of our leaders is extremely important. Wouldn’t you agree?

This is one of the reasons why Americans are concerned about guys like Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden – they just seem too old.

We should always respect our senior citizens, but with age comes problems. And those problems can impact a person’s ability to lead.

This is just common sense.

So, when we find out one of the candidates for the President of the United States has a potentially severe issue, we should worry. Read more…


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New Conservative Squad Now Coming for AOC’s Squad

Look out, AOC – there are 4 new sheriffs in town!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and “The Squad” get lots of headlines.

We constantly hear about their far-left policies, many of which are beyond questionable.

Well, it’s high time the lefties got some serious female competition.

So enter the new “Conservative Squad!”

These are four congressional candidates, and every last one is a brave, patriotic fighter. Read more…


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Joe Biden is in Deep 2020 Trouble

They weren’t supposed to say it out loud – now Joe’s triggered!

Can you believe it? Joe Biden is still the Democratic frontrunner.

Even after all his gaffes, his son’s numerous scandals (baby mama, much?), and his own shady Ukraine deals, he’s the man to beat.

It just goes to show you how weak the rest of the field is. You can’t find a winner among them. The closest contenders are far-left socialists who would cripple our economy.

It’s not a huge surprise to see moderate Democrats-and ones that just want to win-flocking to Biden as their only hope. Read more…


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10 of Pelosi’s Own Democrats Demand Her to Consider Censure

Nancy made a major mistake – she didn’t count on these 10!

Nancy Pelosi sealed the Democrats’ fate when she official put forward articles of impeachment against Trump.

It was a political game. We all know it had nothing to do with what Trump did, right or wrong.

Democrats just want him gone, because he keeps winning for Americans.

Already, the rats are fleeing this sinking ship. It’s true, Pelosi might twist enough arms to get the articles passed. Read more…


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“Impeach Pelosi” Petition Just Passed Over 285,000 Signatures

Impeachment Nancy never saw this petition coming!

For a long time, Nancy Pelosi was the voice of reason among radical, left-wing Democrats. She was strongly opposed to impeaching Donald Trump-and said that regularly.

But somewhere along the way, she gave up her role as Speaker. She caved to the left and greenlit impeachment.

She betrayed her own words by endorsing an impeachment only supported by Democrats.

This week, she and House Democrats put forward articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. Even though Americans are largely against such a radical scheme. Read more…