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Biden Sweating After New Ukraine Evidence

Democrats want President Trump impeached because of that infamous Ukraine call, but they should really be worried about one of their own:

Joe Biden. Why?

Because his Ukraine connections are starting to emerge, and it’s not looking good for ol’ Joe. The latest development is sure to send Democrats scrambling… now they need damage control!

Looks like he may have committed a serious potential political ethics violation. Read more…


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Ted Cruz Demands the Democrat ‘Circus’ Get Out of Washington

Sen. Cruz used to be Trump’s biggest rival – but today he’s ready to stick up for him.

The senator is fighting back against the Democrats’ impeachment plans. Over what? A friendly call between presidents?

Not once did the call contain any pressure or threats, as the whistleblower claimed. Even the Ukrainian president confirmed that.

All the while, Democrats like Joe Biden get off the hook for much worse. Read more…


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Trump Transcript Links Clinton to Ukraine

The Trump transcripts are out and one thing looks clear:

Democrats are once again turning Washington upside down with no evidence.

Despite Democrats calling for impeachment, the freshly released documents are showing that Trump didn’t mention withholding aid even once during the call.

But Trump did bring up something else in his discussions with the Ukrainian president:

In fact, it has more to do with Hillary Clinton than it does with Biden. Read more…


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Sanctuary California Fail: Trump Fans Clear Out 50 Tons of Garbage

Trump supporters are tired of seeing Democrats run (and ruin) our major cities – so they’re taking real action.

First, they started in Baltimore – a rat-infested city led by Rep. Elijah Cummings. The city was in deep trouble, overrun with trash and rodents.

What happened? A group of Trump supporters rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They cleaned up the city as a sign of respect and love for all Americans.

But it didn’t stop there. The organizers of this kind-hearted movement went to cities all over America.

Oh, and they just happen to be liberal-run cities neglected by their leaders. Read more…


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Lindsey Graham Calls for Investigation of ‘Biden-Ukraine Connection’

Democrats are doing everything they can to get Donald Trump impeached, but Lindsey Graham is turning it back on Sleepy Joe.

Last week they learned about a phone call where Trump spoke with Ukraine. Democrats claimed what he discussed with them was some kind of crime.

So, they’re back on the impeachment drive.

But it turns out this “scandal” quickly turned on the Left, as it was revealed the real culprit was not Trump. In fact, it looks like Joe Biden was up to some bad dealings with Ukraine when he was VP. Read more…


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Cheerleaders Forced to Sit Out a Year After Waving Trump Sign

Some proud Trump supporters showed off their love for the president – only to be punished by local government!

It’s true that there are many around the country that support the president. Many of them are young people.

And even though they can’t vote (yet), they want to show their support for the man making America great again.

In North Carolina, a group of cheerleaders posed with a Trump 2020 banner to show our leader love and support.

It’s a great pic – we all love it, of course. Read more…


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Hillary Judge Fined, Disbarred From the Law

A liberal judge was caught being liberal – but this time she’s paying a big price!

We know that Obama-appointed judges (and many others) have used the courts to push an agenda. Judges are tasked with upholding the law. Federal judges are supposed to defend the Constitution.

It’s actually against the law for a judge to engage in political activity while on the bench.

Yet it seems to happen all the time, especially for leaders like Hillary and the Clintons.

But in this one case, a judge is facing the penalty for what she did in trying to help Clinton. Read more…


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Jordan Sideswipes Nadler’s ‘Impeachment’ Brigade with Comey Letter

We are hearing a lot about Rep. Nadler and his Impeachment Brigade, but he didn’t see Jim Jordan coming.

Nadler and his Democrats are pushing impeachment through, whether or not there’s evidence.

The Inspector General conducted its own investigations, and while it didn’t turn up anything on Trump, it came up with plenty on the investigators.

They sent a letter to Nadler about James Comey’s actions, but nothing was heard. So Jordan called him on it.

But when Jim Jordan asked Nadler about the letter the IG sent to his office, Jerry had a pretty sad response. Read more…


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Lawsuit Against President Trump Dropped After Accusation Falls Apart

Democrats keep trying, but they keep missing. The latest attempt by the left to hurt Trump failed spectacularly.

A former staffer came out accusing Trump of forcefully kissing her in public. It seems like she was trying to out the president as the womanizer the left has always accused him of being.

But then, this happened. Video evidence came out in the trial. And what do you know?

It looks like the encounter was an innocent moment when the woman greeted Trump and he gave her a peck on the cheek.

Now her case is falling apart. Read more…


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Barack and Michelle Obama Branded “Deplorables”

Barack and Michelle Obama often like to say “when they go low, we go high.”

In fact, you can call it their family motto.

They like that phrase so much they want to use it as the name of their new production company, which is cashing in on a Netflix deal.

“High Ground Productions” will be the name of all the liberal content they produce for the streaming service. There’s only one problem…

There is another company out there with a similar name, in a different business. Read more…