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Politico: Dems Are Getting Really Worried About November

If you’re Nancy Pelosi, you’re getting a little nervous these days. Or, well, maybe not.

Pelosi’s ability to sense the political winds is legendary for being entirely insensitive.

That might be why she continues on her anti-tax cut ‘crumbs’ tour despite that polling shows a steady shift in favor of Republicans as we head into the thick of the midterm elections.

Dems are really excited about the prospect of retaking Congress, but the polls don’t seem to be cooperating.

According to Politico, that has members of Pelosi’s caucus beginning to reconsider whether her serial losses over four cycles is cause for a coup.

If Dems lose this opportunity to take the House, it could be the end for Pelosi.

And that’ll be unfortunate for Republicans since she’s clearly their best asset.

Here’s more from Hotair…

Should they be? As much as they bragged about coasting to a new House majority over the last several months, the sudden and repeated hits on the panic button might give observers whiplash. Politico reports that dissension has grown in the ranks as polling has reversed itself not just on the generic Congressional ballot but on the economy and Donald Trump himself.

Now many Democrats say they’re watching nervously as polls start to trend in Republicans’ favor — and worry they’re witnessing the beginning of a slow-motion train wreck that they have no idea how to stop.

There are still widespread disagreements within the diverse 193-member caucus about what campaign message Democrats should rally around in the final months before the midterms and even who should be the party’s chief messenger. …

“People get caught up in the anti-Trump messaging. That’s what the messaging has been,” said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.).

“The Democrats focus so much on Trump and the carnival that is around him that we don’t spend enough time talking about who we are and what we will do if the voters give us a chance in the majority.”



Pelosi Gets Owned by Heckler On Her ‘Crumbs’ Tour

We should all cut Nancy Pelosi some slack.

After all, she’s having a hard enough time remembering which presidency we’re in.

So, it comes as no surprise that she’s entirely out of touch with reality and cannot possibly fathom how a couple thousand bucks is a big deal to a working American family.

That’s why she thinks it’s a fantastic idea to go across America criticizing Trump’s tax reform, which incidentally a majority of Americans approve.

But in Arizona this week, she got completely owned by a heckler who called BS.

As she was on her usual diatribe about how terrible tax cuts are, the heckler interrogated, “How much are you worth, Nancy?”

Her reply? “We’re not talking about that.”

But since she won’t tell you, we will.

She’s the wealthiest female in all of Congress at a net worth easily in the nine-figure range.

Hence, the ‘crumbs’.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has been one of the few Democrats actively speaking out against the GOP tax cuts, usually referring to the benefits that have come about from corporations to people as “crumbs.”

Calling it “crumbs” is at best laughable, and at worst a blatant lie. Corporations have been doing everything from giving out huge bonuses, to opening up employment programs that benefit its workers. Apple announced it was going to take the extra cash garnered from the tax cut to open up a second campus and create 20,000 more jobs.

Pelosi is famously one of the most out of touch politicians in Washington, and also one of the wealthiest. The House Minority Leader is currently worth $100 million dollars, and is hilariously fighting for $100,000 in tax breaks for herself as she seeks to eliminate tax breaks for the people.

This makes Pelosi’s talk about the GOP tax cuts being evil ridiculous to hear, and one person listening to her bash the people getting tax cuts during her town hall in Phoenix, Arizona a little bit too much.

“These are kitchen table issues for America’s families,” said Pelosi. “Most people are not in deadening poverty, but some are. Most people have to struggle to make ends meet.”



CNN: 16 Year-olds Should Vote…Because Gun Control

According to a CNN column this week, sixteen-year-olds should have the right to vote.

The proof? They’re pro-gun control.

According to the author, teenage brains are fully developed and passionate about important issues, and that’s all that should be required of them.

Of course, for those of us with teenage children, we might beg to differ.

A quick read of the Federalist Papers might remind CNN of the many impediments to pure democracy which were intentionally built into the American republic to protect against raw political passions of the mob.

History aside, where was CNN when tens of thousands of teenagers marched on DC last month in support of the sanctity of life?

Here’s more from Redstate…

When it comes to atrocities that spark political debates, each side reaches for whatever advantage they can get to work in their favor. This includes so-called “news networks,” especially CNN, who after the Parkland shooting began to gather high school students who attended the school to asked them to talk about guns are. This naturally lead CNN to ponder the question of whether or not 15 through 17-year-old kids should be able to vote, since they would most definitely vote the right way.

“The real adults in the room are the youth from Parkland, Florida, who are speaking out about the need for meaningful gun control laws. They are proving that civic engagement among young people can make a difference. The ironic part? They can’t even vote yet,” wrote law professor and CNN contributor Joshua Douglas.

Douglas argues about how teen brains are fully developed, and how they’re proving that by calling out all the right politicians (just Republicans) to stop having such a close relationship with the NRA. Douglas argues that these kids are having rallies, because apparently having a rally warrants we take you seriously.


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Rumors ‘Swirling’ About Justice Kennedy’s Retirement

The New York Times is reporting a big headline about ‘swirling rumors in DC’ concerning the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

We’ve heard this all before, however.

But the NYT is mum on what developments might be afoot that would justify the renewed rumors.

Some analysts argue that the second year of a presidency is typically when judges have retired.

But others argue that he’s hired new clerks for the upcoming term, potentially pointing to his intent to stay on at least another year.

Whatever the truth, it’s highly likely Kennedy will step down before 2020, which means Trump will get another pick on the Court to solidify its conservative leaning.

Here’s more from Newsmax…

Rumors that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy may retire are sweeping Washington, The New York Times is reporting.

It marks the second consecutive year the rumors have hit the nation’s capital.

Kennedy is 81 and was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the high court, the Times noted.

The newspaper said Kennedy has held the decisive vote in many of the court’s most contested cases. His retirement would give President Donald Trump the chance to move the court more to the right, according to the Times.

Kennedy is likely looking at many factors in making his decision, the newspaper said. Judicial experts believe those factors include party loyalty and the preservation of his judicial legacy.

And the newspaper noted justices usually prefer to retire when the sitting president is of the same party as the one who nominated them to the high court in the first place.

“If the incumbent president is of the same party as the president who nominated the justice to the court, and if the incumbent president is in the first two years of a four-year presidential term, then the justice has odds of resignation that are about 2.6 times higher than when these two conditions are not met,” it said.


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Idaho Just Gave Obamacare the Middle Finger

President Trump ensured that the individual mandate — the core of Obamacare — was killed early this year which means even if taxpayers fail to get an approved plan, nothing will come of it.

And that seems to have cleared the way for states essentially to give Obamacare the middle finger–Idaho just became the first to do so.

According to Obamacare regs, all insurance companies across the land must offer plans that are compliant, which is why premiums have skyrocketed.

But Idaho’s move is simple: allow insurance companies in the state to offer non-compliant plans, which of course are much cheaper.

And Blue Cross of Idaho took the bait, which means more states will follow. So long Obamacare…

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Congressional Republicans failed to repeal or replace Obamacare. But one state has come up with a way to get around it. Idaho is dealing with Obamacare by just blowing it off. If it works, other states seem likely to follow.

Idaho’s Republican governor, Butch Otter, signed an executive order last year paving the way for non-Obamacare-compliant health insurance plans to be sold in his state, and Lt. Gov. Brad Little has since cobbled together what is sure to be the nation’s most controversial healthcare initiative. Their principal intention is to give the people of their state a way of avoiding Obamacare’s monstrous increases in insurance premiums. They want to put affordable insurance plans on the market again.

Obamacare’s spiraling premium increases have especially hurt middle-income consumers, who have had to pay the whole cost without getting the government subsidies that apply to poorer people. Those people have either gritted their teeth and bought expensive policies or, in many cases, chosen instead to break the law, pay the fine, and do without insurance. In Idaho, at least, they will be able to select from among plans that don’t fulfill all of Obamacare’s expensive criteria.




Bill Clinton Wants Block Unsealing of Monica Lewinsky Files

Surprise, surprise, Bill Clinton isn’t all that excited about sealed files related to the Monica Lewinsky scandal becoming unsealed.

What is surprising, however, is that CNN asked a federal court to unseal the files related to the grand jury subpoena and other court documents.

Slick Willy’s attorney, David Kendall (yes, THAT David Kendall, associated with the wiping of Hillary’s email server) is arguing to the court that his client would like to ‘present his position’ on the potential release.

Which should be assumed will be an argument against releasing details that might be, shall we say, a stain on his reputation.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Former President Bill Clinton wants to weigh in on a federal court’s decision to unseal records surrounding the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

Clinton’s criminal defense attorney, David Kendall, said his client wants to “present his position” about revealing to the public records related to subpoenas over the 1998 grand jury investigation into his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

CNN requested that a federal court unseal the documents.

The records detail Clinton’s own grand jury subpoena and other court documents that include a grand jury investigation into leaks.

CNN said there is a good chance the judge will allow Clinton to participate should she invite the individual involved in the original subpoenas to offer comment and CNN and the Justice Department don’t reject Clinton’s request.



AG Sessions: DOJ Will Investigate FBI’s FISA Warrant

Just 72 hours after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced an investigation into the FBI’s failure to follow-up on tips about Nikolas Cruz, another shoe dropped.

During an interview over the weekend with Maria Bartiromo, he was asked directly whether there would an additional investigation into why the FBI presented the DNC-funded Steele dossier as evidence for the FISA warrant for Carter Page.

Sessions replied point-blank: “Every FISA warrant based on facts submitted to that court have to be accurate…That will be investigated and looked at.”

With all the investigations and investigations of investigations going on with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, there isn’t much bandwidth left for any real law enforcement.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Sunday that the Department of Justice is investigating whether the FBI submitted accurate information about the infamous Steele dossier in order to obtain a surveillance warrant against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.


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Fail: Hillary Claims Over 230 Shootings in 6 Years

Hillary is peddling a bold-faced lie. Yes, yes, we know that’s nothing new.

This headline is really more for our readers’ entertainment value because some lies are so blatantly untrue, one must suspend reality to ponder how Hillary thinks people will believe it.

But this is America.

Most folks will believe just about anything.

Enter Hillary’s anti-gun hysteria in which she tweeted after the Florida shooting that there have been at least 230 shootings since 2012.

She went on to detail that that amounts to 5 shootings per month.

It’s the same misleading statistics we saw from the Washington Post.

Factcheck: there have been 25 fatal shootings since Columbine…nearly 20 years ago.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

Hillary Clinton tweeted out a misleading statistic in the aftermath of the deadly school shooting this week in Florida.

Clinton tweeted a claim that there have been “over 230” school shootings since the Sandy Hook shooting, which occurred in 2012. The statistic comes from the gun control group Everytown.

The statistic is misleading because it lumps in the discharge of all firearms in or around a school in that time period. The accidental discharge of legal firearms, shootings where no one was injured or present at the school and suicides all are included in the statistic. There have been 25 fatal school shootings since Columbine.


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Joe Biden Moving Pieces Into Place for 2020

Joe Biden is done being coy about his presidential ambitions.

This week he officially opened the office for his Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, just down the road from the US Capitol.

And it’s admittedly a front for his not-so-clandestine campaign headquarters.

According to anonymous advisers, five key officials were invited to a meeting at the office to discuss Biden’s plans for 2020.

In which Biden made it clear that he’s making serious moves to be positioned for a run against President Trump.

The big issue is his age. At 78, he’d be the oldest president ever elected…by far.

That might be why advisers discussed a promise to serve only one term then hand the ball over to his VP.

We’ll see.

Here’s more from Yahoo…

Former Vice President Joe Biden is tiptoeing toward a potential run in 2020, even broaching the possibility during a recent gathering of longtime foreign policy aides.

Huddled in his newly opened office steps from the U.S. Capitol, Biden began a planning meeting for his new diplomacy center by addressing the elephant in the room. He said he was keeping his 2020 options open, considering it a real possibility. He insisted he had made no decision, and didn’t need to yet, according to five people who either attended the meeting or were briefed on it by those who did.

Biden also expressed interest in bringing those in the room onto his team if he decides to launch a campaign. At the same time, he gave them an out: There would be no hard feelings if they decided they were content in their current roles outside of government, said the people, who demanded anonymity to discuss a private meeting.


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Breaking: AG Sessions Orders Investigation of the FBI

Better late than never, we suppose.

Recall Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself in the early days of the new administration as the investigation into Russia collusion got underway.

Since then he’s missed a plenitude of opportunities to call for an investigation of the FBI.

So now he’s finally coming out of his shell.

Director Chris Wray admitted in a public letter that protocols were not followed in responding to the tip on Nikolas Cruz, thus he was allowed to plan and execute his heinous attack.

Sessions responded this weekend by calling for an official investigation into the bureau.

Heads are almost certain to roll.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Friday afternoon, Florida Governor Rick Scott called for FBI Director Christopher Wray to resign over the way the FBI totally screwed the pooch in their handling of a report that the shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, might have been dangerous.

The FBI has admitted it failed to follow its own procedures…and the FBI admitting anything is a fairly seismic event.