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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hands Donald Supreme Court Victory

Democrats didn’t think RBG would do this – now they’re triggered!

Many Republicans can’t wait until Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires from the Supreme Court.

That’s because it will give Trump yet another seat to fill on the court. Which means the tenuous 5-4 majority will turn into a 6-3 stronghold.

But until then, it looks like RBG may not be the reliable leftist justice the Democrats were hoping for.

Why? Because she just handed Trump a big win. Read more…


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Pelosi’s Impeachment Mistake May Cost Her the Speakership

The last thing Nancy wanted to hear – music to my ears!

Ever since Pelosi backed impeachment, pundits have said it was a colossal mistake.

All of the hearings, investigations, and wild claims will probably backfire on the Left. In fact, many are predicting it will result in Trump’s easy re-election win.

After the last two months, it’s hard to disagree. Polls are showing Americans aren’t convinced-instead, they’re tired of impeachment.

Now, Minnesota senator Tom Emmer is making an even bigger prediction. Read more…


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Hunter’s Paternity Case Spills into Impeachment

You probably know all about how former Vice President Joe Biden’s son got caught in some baby mama drama.

A DNA test seems to have proven he’s the father of an Arkansas’ woman’s child. She is suing Biden’s son for support.

But this case is getting pretty wild-and now might impact the ongoing impeachment charade.

Because the judge in this paternity case is demanding Hunter explain how much he got from Ukraine. Read more…


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After Pelosi Promises Impeachment Trump Orders to Do it Fast

Nancy didn’t think Donald would react this way – here he comes!

Nancy Pelosi set Democrats on a collision course with impeachment when she made her recent announcement.

I can only wonder what was going through her mind when she doomed her party? Did she really think Trump would cower in the White House?

Did she think he would break under the pressure? A man who conquered New York real estate?

We don’t know what she was thinking, if she was thinking anything. Read more…


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After Pelosi Commits to Impeachment Trump’s Approval Rating Sky Rocket

You’ve probably heard the news that Nancy Pelosi sealed the Democrats’ fate with her impeachment announcement.

There’s no going back for her or for House Democrats. The evidence against Trump has been slim to none. Pelosi hasn’t been able to convince one Republican to join in on her scheme.

Yet she and her Democrats will push their impeachment vote-to the outrage of millions.

Right after she made her announcement, Trump’s latest approval ratings were released. Read more…


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Democrats Move to Take Away Constitutional Right in the Dead of Night

Democrats said they wouldn’t – now they’re going to take them all!

If you care at all about your rights, you need to know what the left is up to.

In a recent election, they took control of Virginia’s state government. What they are pushing now is an example of what they want to do around the country.

For decades, they’ve tried to chip away at Americans’ right to self-defense.

Now we’re seeing how far they’re willing to go when they get total power. Read more…



Trump Taps Rising Star Nikki Haley For 2020

2020 is just a few weeks away, and the Democrats still are scrambling.

As they try to find a frontrunner for the election, Donald Trump’s campaign is on a roll. The last few months, they broke records in fundraising.

The Democrats will have a hard time catching up.

The president is known for picking the very best for his team. Only stars can serve Donald Trump, especially during his crucial re-election bid. Read more…



Eric Trump Introduces New 2020 Slogan

I love the “Make America Great Again” slogan. Don’t you?

It’s exactly what President Donald Trump has been trying to do for the past three years.

However, while MAGA is indeed fantastic, we might have to embrace another slogan…

And this one reflects the turmoil our Commander-in-Chief faces every single day, and I think it’s 100 percent accurate.

Eric Trump Jr. unveiled a brand new red hat over the Thanksgiving holiday – and it doesn’t say “MAGA” on it. Read more…


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Trump Packs Out Florida Rally For Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving Week, a time when Americans of all stripes come together and reflect on what they’re thankful for.

I bet more than a few Democrats were hoping to be thankful for a successful impeachment scheme that would have taken down the People’s President.

Ehhh… it didn’t work out that way, did it? President Trump is having a much better week than most liberals were banking for.

Polls are showing that Americans are not on the side of the impeachment Democrats. The public hearings blew a hole in Adam Schiff’s agenda. Read more…


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California DMV Caught Selling Driver Information For 50 Million

California is the poster child for the leftist utopia. They have embraced far-left socialist ideas more than any other state.

They claim their policies, like the infamous sanctuary law, helps individuals thrive.

Yet we’re seeing quite the opposite.

Democrat-run California has the highest cost of living. Their taxes are through the roof. Housing is unaffordable for many in their major cities.

And, on top of it all, their infrastructure is crumbling due to decades of neglect. Read more…