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In Biden’s Victory Speech, Joe Claims He Will Restore ‘World Order’

Joe Biden thinks he has the Democratic nomination in the bag. Now, it looks like his real intentions are becoming clear.

What does he want to do to America? First up, is what he intends to prioritize over we, the people.

He basically admitted it during his speech this week. It’s something that will make the globalists very happy.

From 100PercentFedUp:

Joe Biden made a statement after his primary victory last night that is the globalist mantra used by George Soros. Biden wants to get us back into the Paris Climate Accord just like Soros does. Read more…



President Trump’s 2020 Primary Numbers Are In

It’s a foregone conclusion that incumbents win their primary races. But Trump?

His re-election is doing things we never expected. We’re not sure there is a word for what he’s doing.

I guess “revolution” comes to mind…

But one thing’s for sure, Republicans are coming out of the woodwork to break records for the POTUS. Read more…


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Judge Orders Hunter Biden Show Up Unless His ‘Hair Is On Fire’

What a rollercoaster this Hunter Biden case has been, huh? A nasty, vomit-inducing, rollercoaster.

The judge threatened to punish Biden if he didn’t show up in court on March 11. He said he better be there, “unless his hair was on fire.”

What did Hunter do?

Why, use the coronavirus as an excuse.

From Daily Wire:

Days after the mother of Hunter Biden’s out-of-wedlock baby demanded he be held in contempt of court for refusing to disclose his income for child support purposes, Hunter Biden’s lawyers announced that he will be skipping a scheduled deposition on Wednesday, March 11, due to coronavirus concerns and his pregnant wife’s approaching due date. Read more…


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Trump Gives CO-VID Tax Cut, Pelosi and Schumer Shoot it Down

President Trump has been working to fight the coronavirus. Long before Democrats even knew what was going on, he was taking action.

The president closed the border to China—perhaps one of the biggest things keeping the spread in check. He’s secured billions to help test and treat the disease.

But the fear of this virus can have a bigger impact than the disease itself. We’ve seen the markets fluctuate as news spreads.

And workers and businesses worry about the cost to their ability to pay the bills. So, Trump has some more solutions. Read more…


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Pelosi Losing Her Head, Pushes False Health Claim About Trump

Nancy Pelosi’s back at it. Just like Joe Biden, it seems like the old gal is losing her mind.

After all, this woman did rip up the State of the Union address in front of the entire country. A sane person doesn’t do that.

Now, with the country facing a virus outbreak, the woman looks to make the matter worse.

President Trump has taken strong action to secure our country. We are seeing the virus contained, thanks to his efforts.

Pelosi, in response, is melting down. Read more…


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Biden Loses Swing State Endorsement to Bernie

If you think Joe Biden had the Democratic nomination in the bag-think again.

There are still over 2,000 delegates up for grabs, with most states still in play.

We all know that the liberal establishment is banking on Biden. (They keep ignoring his troubling gaffes and mistakes, though.)

But that doesn’t mean Bernie Sanders is out of the running. Anything can happen before the summer conventions.

And it turns out, Sanders just got a major endorsement. Read more…


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Mitch McConnell Exposes Democrats New Weakness

By now, you probably know all about the shocking things Chuck Schumer said to our Supreme Court justices.

The Democrat senator specifically called out Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. In no uncertain terms, he said they would “pay the price,” if they voted against the left’s agenda.

The backlash against Schumer was fierce. Even then, his “apology” was hardly that. Mitch McConnell said the senator merely tripled-down on his sentiment. Schumer blamed it on being from Brooklyn.

Sorry, Chuck, I’m from Brooklyn, too. And I don’t threaten people to make them do what I want. You insult a great borough by your actions. Read more…


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Supreme Court Rules Against Sanctuaries

Last week, we reported on the groundbreaking Supreme Court ruling on sanctuary cities.

The highest court in the land handed Trump a big victory. They ruled it was entirely lawful for the federal government to withhold funds to cities and states that refuse to cooperate.

It’s a pretty big deal. That means Trump can use his authority to strike back at these Democrat-controlled regions.

And it wasn’t long before the president had some tough news for places like New York and California.

Their days of coasting along on federal funds are over. Read more…


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As Biden Retakes the Lead, Congress Opens Investigation

The Democrat primary race just shifted in Joe Biden’s favor, but it might not last long.

After Super Tuesday, the gaffe-making former VP is considered the frontrunner.

But Bernie Sanders is still nipping at his heels. With so many states still in play, anything can happen.

Which is why I’m sure the last people Biden wanted to hear from was Republican senators.

Because they just dropped a major setback on his race. Read more…


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Biden Gets Caught on Super Tuesday Stealing a Sniff

Joe, Joe, Joe. Listen man, you just got a lead in this vicious primary race. Now is not the time to screw it-oh, he already screwed it up!

Democrats pulled out a game-stopping scheme to help Biden beat Sanders. They got two candidates to drop out before Super Tuesday. It was a move to ensure moderate voters would flock to Biden.

This was after months of people saying Biden was a goner. But as soon as he gets ahead, he goes and does something really weird.

It seems this guy just can’t seem to keep his hands-or nose-off people.

And someone caught him at it again-on video. Read more…