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Fake News Busted: CNN Caught Staging Anti-ISIS, Muslim Protest

The question almost never asked by the liberal media after a radical Islamist terror attack is this: where are all the outraged Muslims decrying radical Islam?

Maybe the reason is that there aren’t many to find.

As was made clear after CNN was caught this week in their race to defend Islam, it’s easier for the left-media to simply stage a faux protest in hopes that the world with finally believe there exists some level of outrage among Muslims against radical Islam.

Problem is they didn’t bother to check whether anyone was looking over their shoulders.

Oops, major fake news fail.

Here’s more from the Gateway Pundit…

A video released a day after the Islamic terror attacks in London show a CNN crew staging a scene with Muslims holding signs saying “ISIS Will Lose”.


The same crowd was used for the following AP post it appears – note the man with green around his neck in both pictures. This is how fake news spreads.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 2.39.18 PM

Below is a video of the behind-the-scenes work CNN did to stage the photo-op with Muslims holding up signs that read, ‘ISIS WILL LOSE’.

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