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MSNBC Guest Dismisses Mollie Tibbetts As “Some Girl in Iowa”

“Some girl in Iowa” that “Fox News is talking about.” It doesn’t get more out of touch with reality than Fordham University Prof. Christina Greer’s dismissal of the murder of 20-year-old Iowan Mollie Tibbetts. To put a finer point on it, Tibbetts was murdered by one of Barack Obama’s “Dreamers.” According to Greer, Fox News failed to cover the Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen charges adequately (a claim debunked by NewsBusters). So the murder of a college student by an illegal alien given amnesty isn’t newsworthy, but, if we’re to believe the left, the unending Mueller witch hunt and the ongoing saga over the alleged Russia collusion is.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Fordham University Professor Christina Greer dismissed the memory of 20-year-old Iowa resident Mollie Tibbetts after news broke that she was allegedly murdered by an illegal alien, saying that she was some “girl in Iowa” that “Fox News is talking about.”

Greer was complaining that Fox News was not covering the two major stories on Tuesday about Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, even though NewsBusters noted that “both legal stories dominated Fox News Channel programming on Tuesday with multiple segments every hour.”

“I’ve been ringing the alarm on this show for months now, the separation of powers is not working because the Republican has not stood up to this president not once,” Greer complained. “So, even if there is a guilty verdict from Manafort. Even though Cohen has turned himself in.

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