NY Times: Trump ‘Preached Unapologetic Division’ in Phoenix

Just as we expected, the leftist press took quick occasion to rally the mainstream media troops behind the narrative that President Trump’s rally in Phoenix yesterday was a double-down on his ‘racist’ inclination.

During his speech he defended his comments on Charlottesville and hinted further to a pending presidential pardon for Sheriff Joe.

That sent liberal talking heads and columnists through the roof in which they responded — NY Times first out of the gate — with charges that he’s inciting racism and starting ‘another civil war.’

It’s clearly more of the same for the media’s love affair with hating Trump in which no good deed goes unpunished.

Meanwhile, Antifa’s masquerading around the country as the paragon of peace through violence goes unheeded in the press.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

A news article in the New York Times accused President Trump of encouraging “unapologetic division” at his campaign-style rally in Phoenix.

“It was the latest shift in what has become a nearly daily change of roles for this president,” the Times article read, “from the statesmanlike commander in chief who sought harmony on Monday evening by citing the example of America’s soldiers to the political warrior who, just a day later, preached unapologetic division to his supporters here [in Phoenix], eliciting louder cheers with every epithet.”

At the rally Tuesday night, Trump referred to the national press as “sick people” creating “division,” and adding, “I really think they don’t like our country. I really believe that.”

Trump berated the media for, he said, failing to offer him any credit when he denounced bigotry and white supremacists following the violence in Charlottesville, Va.

“The only people giving a platform to these hate groups is the media itself and the fake news,” Trump said.

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