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Obama Holdovers Attack Each Other

Lost without their leader, Obama-era Chemical Safety Board (CSB) members are now attacking each other. According to a March 22 memo, two members of the board scheduled an “URGENT” vote to outmaneuver another in planning its budget for the secretive organization charged with investigating toxic chemical accidents. Its Acting General Counsel Thomas Zoeller even kept budget documents and discussions secret from another board member. All current board members were Obama appointees. It’s just one more example of what’s been happening across the board whether in the EPA, the IRS, or the FBI. When the lights get turned on, the rats begin to scurry about and eat their own.

Here’s more from The Daily Caller…

Chemical Safety Board (CSB) member Manuel Ehrlich turned on his fellow board members in a March 22 memo for forcing through a budget proposal without consulting him.

CSB board members Rick Engler and Kristen Kulinowski declared an “URGENT” vote and passed a proposed operating budget for 2020 on March 6. The two members passed the budget with minimum warning to Ehrlich and without him being present for the vote by declaring the vote urgent. All sitting board members were appointed by former President Barack Obama. (RELATED: Exclusive: ‘This Place Is So Toxic’: Chemical Safety Board Employees Berate Management Over Secrecy)

The CSB is an independent agency responsible for investigating accidents involving toxic chemicals, most often at places like refineries and chemical plants. It is allowed to propose its own budget outside of the White House’s annual proposed budget for executive agencies.

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