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AOC and Omar Team Up On Trump to Order the ‘End of Sanctions On Iran’

The global crisis is hard on everyone, but it looks like AOC and Omar are ready to make it worse.

Nations around the world are battling to end this problem. But left-wing congresswomen are pushing idiotic policies.

Americans are suffering. The economy has been frozen. And everyone’s wondering when it will end.

What are these two “socialists” worrying about? Oh, nothing, just one of our enemies. Read more…


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President Trump Initiates Phase Four

Most presidents would never do this, but Trump is a man of action.

The first three phases of relief came in the form of emergency legislation. Those laws have pumped trillions of dollars into loans, health care, and stimulus checks.

But many on Capitol Hill are talking about a “phase four.” They want to pass more legislation to bring relief to the people most affected by this crisis.

And the president just pitched a unique way we can turn this country around for years to come. Read more…


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Senator Cotton Accuses China of Continuing to Lie About Their Numbers

Many Americans are convinced China is responsible for this global crisis.

Apparently, they didn’t report the problem for months. They told the WHO at one point that disease couldn’t even be transmitted from person to person.

Many people think the nation isn’t being honest about how bad they were hit. Some suggest they have under-reported the number of cases in their country.

Yet you can count on our media to parrot China’s numbers—and claim the U.S. has the most cases.

But Sen. Tom Cotton, who has been after China from the beginning, is calling out the communist government. Read more…



After Barr Bans Hoarding, CA Union ‘Finds’ Stash of 39 Million Masks

As we reported earlier this week. Attorney General Bill Barr warned anyone that tried to hoard medical supplies.

He promised that anyone sitting on a warehouse of life-saving supplies or equipment will face the wrath of the DOJ.

He and the administration were not about to let crooks exploit the situation. All needed supplies must be provided in the relief effort.

And just three days after giving the order, a liberal CA union “found” quite the stash. Read more…


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Graham Demands if Relief Bill Doesn’t Pass, “Cut Off Our Pay”

Partisan games in Congress have slowed down the effort to get relief to the American people.

Senate Republicans hammered out a great deal last weekend. But it was stalled—thanks to Democrats.

Pelosi even thought she could rush out a bill aimed at funding far-left goals. She lost most of that battle, but still snuck some Democrat goodies in.

Even with the Senate’s heroic efforts this week, some House Democrats could stall even further, possibly forcing House members to fly back and vote.

So Lindsey Graham is joining one of his colleagues to hit Congress with an ultimatum. Read more…


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Bulldog Barr Officially Indicts Socialist Dictator

During the worldwide pandemic, many of us have forgotten what happened to Venezuela.

But Attorney General William Barr sure hasn’t.

After disaster struck the socialist South American country in recent years, many wondered if the nation of Venezuela would even survive.

It didn’t help that its leader, President Nicolas Maduro, was also accused of facilitating the global drug trade.

That’s right, Maduro didn’t just preside over a failed socialist system — he also may have helped spread dangerous drugs by partnering with a Columbia-based group known as FARC. Read more…



Trump’s Approval Rating Skyrockets After Setting Easter Deadline

The virus outbreak took the world by storm. But President Trump has taken extraordinary action to win this war.

It’s no secret we were blindsided by this outbreak. Extreme measures were taken to blunt the scourge of this disease.

Trump mobilized every agency and resource of the federal government in the battle. But the most extreme measure, shutting down the economy, can’t last forever.

The president himself expressed his hope to see us back to work by Easter. And he’s even said we’ll come roaring back, once we’re clear of this crisis.

How are Americans responding to his leadership? Well, get a load of these numbers. Read more…


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Nancy Pelosi Releases 1,400 Page ‘Pork-Pocalypse’ Bill

Nancy Pelosi is making a big mistake—and she’s probably going to regret it.

America is reeling from the fallout of the virus panic. We need relief in the form of aid from the government.

But Pelosi? She’s playing her usual political games. Instead of passing a clean bill, she’s trying to stuff it with all kinds of bogus liberal goals.

Does she not realize what’s going on outside? Is she so stuck in D.C. that she thinks she can get away with this?

You might not realize how utterly despicable she’s being. But check out what she tried to get into this “emergency relief” bill. Read more…


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FDA Approves Potential Corona Turning-Point

Believe it or not, there is lots of good news out there, right now. Just don’t go to the mainstream media if you want to know about it.

The American people were hit hard by this virus. But we are hitting back harder.

Companies are revving up to produce life-saving equipment for hospitals. Even alcoholic beverage companies are making hand sanitizer.

Restaurants are delivering food. Grocery stores are hiring more people to meet demand.

And now we are learning the FDA has approved a new item that could turn this around very quickly. Read more…