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Pelosi’s Impeachment Could Be In Trouble

Nancy Pelosi think she’s got Donald Trump cornered.

The House Democrats are looking to formalize their impeachment inquiry tomorrow, but it may not go as planned…

We’re already starting to hear about Democrats who aren’t on board the “Impeach Trump” bandwagon.

As a result, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s mission to oust the President might be starting to fall apart.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) is one of the first who plans to say NO. Read more…


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Possible Omar Investigation Just Announced

It’s no secret millions of Americans are frustrated with Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.

After this past year in Congress, she has crafted for herself quite the reputation.

It seems she can’t help but offend and insult America and our allies. But there have always been rumors and evidence that she has skirted the law more than once or twice.

Now we’re getting early information that she might be reaching the end of the line.

A reporter just announced that he has submitted damaging information to the FBI. It looks like they’re acting on it. Read more…


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Jordan Exposes Pelosi’s Impeachment Bill

Thank goodness for Jim Jordan. As the Democrats conduct this circus of an impeachment inquiry, Jordan is the only one holding them to the light.

From the very beginning, he’s blown the whistle on the Democrats scheming. He’s exposed their tricks to keep the facts from reaching the American public.

Now, he’s caught them in what could be their worst sham yet.

After a month of carrying out hearings with no vote, they suddenly want to bring it to the House. Read more…


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New Impeachment Witness Could Be In Trouble

Democrats are doing all they can to find dirt on Trump. They were excited over a new witness, Lt. Col. Vindman.

This man claims that the transcript of Trump’s call left out “vital” information. Of course, what the information, or if it proves the left’s wild claims, he neglected to share.

However, he did share one important piece of information. He admitted he shared a piece of classified information with others. Read more…


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Bernie Says No More Private Healthcare

Bernie Sanders is a self-described “Democratic Socialist.” That means he wants to take your hard-earned money and give it to somebody else. Namely, the federal government.

His biggest promise is to create a government-run healthcare program called “Medicare for All.” This would eliminate all private health insurance companies and force everyone to use it.

You can just imagine the kind of problems this would create.

The biggest problem, of course, is that the government won’t really pay for this program. You will, through massive taxes. Read more…


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‘Big Bill Barr’ Sideswipes James Comey

Despite what the mainstream media want you to believe A.G. Barr and his bulldog are taking swift action against the last FBI administration.

We know James Comey’s FBI was up to no good when they spied on Trump’s campaign. I don’t have to tell you how they used a bogus dossier in a coordinated effort to take down the presidential candidate.

All of Durham’s digging has struck paydirt. Now the probe is a full-blown criminal investigation.

The former FBI must be getting nervous. He attacked the probe, claiming it’s biased. So are Democrats in D.C. Read more…


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Republican Senate Set Up Vote to Condemn ‘Impeachment Inquiry’

Democrats are on a collision course with reality. And boy, is it going to hurt!

Adam Schiff and his House Democrats are pushing an impeachment inquiry against all reason and support.

He thinks he can do whatever he wants, claiming he is investigating the president. Even though there has been no formal vote-nor any official procedure.

Schiff is just pushing his own agenda-hoping to find something to hurt Trump. Read more…


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Lawmakers Storm Impeachment Session, Shut Schiff Down

President Trump and the GOP are showing frustration over how the Democrats are running this “impeachment inquiry.”

Adam Schiff is conducting closed-door sessions, refusing to reveal the whistleblower’s identity, and it looks like he is denying Trump a right to defense.

Schiff is being accused of leaking details out of context to make Trump look bad and build his case.

Well, a group of Republicans have had enough. Read more…


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Nunes Drops Impeachment Hammer on Schiff’s Star Witness

Once again, Democrats held closed-door meetings with “witnesses” related to Trump’s impeach inquiry.

As usual, Schiff refuses to reveal what is going on. Only select details are being leaked. Of course, only leaks that paint Trump as badly as possible.

The latest witness was grilled for hours, but only his partisan opening statement was released.

But Rep. Nunes came out with a firey response. Read more…


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Democrat Donors Begging 4 Candidates to Jump in Race

Most Americans look at the Democratic primary for 2020 yawn in boredom. Others see a big clown car full of jokers.

None of the left’s “frontrunners” appear all that impressive. Do they actually think they have a chance against Trump?

Joe Biden looks sleepy, Bernie looks too extreme, and Warren just can’t stop coming up with fake sob stories.

In fact, some powerful Democratic donors are having cold feet. Read more…