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Joe Biden Slips Up On Live TV Rally

Well, it’s good to know Creepy Joe still lives up to his name!

Answer me this: why do Democrats keep forgiving Biden for all his mistakes, gaffes, and policies?

Of all the talent in the country, why are they looking to this man to be the next president?

He wasn’t a very impressive vice president. Heck, he even bragged about pressuring a foreign country to help out his son.

Then there are the numerous gaffes that make us worried about this mental state. And other comments that have us worried about his views on minorities. Read more…


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Schiff Caught Hiding Key Impeachment Evidence

Do you think the Democrats have all but made Trump’s impeachment a done deal?

Because it isn’t.

We know this, partly because the House hasn’t sent their articles over to the Senate yet. Until the Senate receives them and prepares the trial, technically Trump isn’t even impeached yet.

Others seem to believe there is another reason. Democrats are withholding evidence.

Namely, bombshell testimony that just might clear Trump’s name for good. Read more…


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Hunter’s Multiple Investigations Crashing Joe’s 2020 Race

My oh, my. It turns out, of all his problems, the millstone around Joe Biden’s neck is his son, Hunter.

We really thought all of Uncle Joe’s gaffes would sink him. Seems like Democrats are willing to forgive almost anything to beat Trump.

But again and again, we discover that Hunter is the real problem facing Joe’s bid for the White House.

Joe recent said he “needs” to beat Trump so that he can return decency and normalcy to the White House. Read more…


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Lindsey Graham Drops Deadline On Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has made a lot of wrong moves. I think we can agree on that.

She promised no impeachment, then flipflopped. She accused Trump of bribery and other crimes, then impeached him over non-crimes.

Now, perhaps her worst, is withholding the articles from the Senate.

All the rush to impeach Trump was a farce. Because apparently now, there’s no rush.

What was this all about, then? Were they “holding accountable” an out-of-control president? Or were they just making a big show for the fake news? Read more…


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Pelosi Presses ‘Pause’ On Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi plunged our nation into chaos when she called for the impeachment of Donald Trump. She said impeachment wouldn’t happen without bipartisan support, then changed her mind.

Such a drastic reversal of her previous stance must mean the situation was dire, right?

Some liberals admitted they did this to affect the outcome of the 2020 election, but oh, no! That’s not the case at all, according to Pelosi.

She said that Donald Trump is a national security threat and must be removed as soon as possible – even though they never put that into their articles of impeachment. Read more…



Trump’s RNC Reveals it Has 7 Times As Much Cash For 2020

Democrats took the plunge and voted to impeach Donald Trump. Even though they are too cowardly to actually send the articles to Senate, they made their stance clear.

They want Trump gone.

Some of them thought, perhaps, this was their ace in the hole.

It hasn’t turned out that way. Americans aren’t on board with impeachment. Many are calling it a sham. That Democrats ran an unfair trial to railroad the Commander in Chief.

Trump is even wearing a badge of honor, saying he’s taking this hit for us. Read more…


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Trump Reveals Major Social Security Changes

It’s no secret that Social Security needs reform. The program was instituted by FDR and have received little improvements since then.

We’ve all heard stories about people who abuse the program. Many get benefits they don’t deserve.

Meanwhile, many who should qualify are rejected.

On top of that, the program wastes millions of taxpayer dollars.

So, President Trump is proposing a new rule that will clean up the program and end decades of waste. Read more…



Trump Sent Spinning By 2020 Poll

You might be wondering why Democrats would take such a huge risk to impeach Trump.

Why do they believe that is the only way they can beat Trump in 2020? Do they have little confidence in their candidates?

Or perhaps, they know something that we don’t? Perhaps it’s this remarkable shift in recent polling groups.

In fact, three major polls have come out, that spell total doom for Democrats in 2020. Read more…


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Federal Court Hands Obama Major Defeat

Barack Obama’s legacy has almost completely crumbled, and now it’s taking its final hit.

Why? Only one reason:

Because Donald Trump is determined to tear it down. Unnecessary environmental and tax regulations? Gone.

Obamacare? On its way down.

Many politicians and citizens say Obama’s pet project is unconstitutional. They want it gone for good, and replaced with common sense. Read more…


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Trump Releases New Impeachment Evidence

Through their entire impeachment movement, Democrats pointed to our Founding Fathers.

They said they were protecting the Constitution and our founders’ values, by pushing impeachment.

Democrats have consistently accused Trump of breaking the law. They are particularly outraged that he used executive privilege to deny the House’s requests.

They call this “obstruction of Congress,” one of two charges in their articles of impeachment. Read more…