Roger Simon: The Deep State Is in Deep Trouble

So what’s all the fuss about the fact that Andrew McCabe was the lead on the investigation of AG Jeff Sessions last year?

As Roger Simon’s new column points out, it’s an obvious sign that the left is in the final stages of self-destruction and that the leak of that investigation is an attempt to paint McCabe’s ouster as paybacks from Sessions.

But, as Simon points out, it’s actually meant to distract from the reality that Inspector General Horowitz’s report is due in a month or so.

And all the available evidence is that it will shake the federal government to its core as this ‘Gate of Gates’ which will make Watergate look like a minor ‘showed up to work late’ infraction.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Why would some “concerned citizen” suddenly¬†leak information to ABC that Jeff Sessions was under investigation for perjuring himself (about Russia, of course) during his confirmation hearing now almost a year behind us?

Could it have something to do with the fact that the man who instigated that investigation was none other than Andrew McCabe, only recently fired by Sessions? Was someone or some group — the ABC report specifies “sources” with an “s” — trying to make the attorney general’s act seem one of revenge, and thus illegitimate?

No doubt. But the problem is that Sessions was long ago exonerated of this charge by none other than Robert Mueller.

Furthermore, just hours after ABC trumpeted its “exclusive,” current FBI director Christopher Wray reaffirmed that the firing of McCabe was justified. Indeed, he asserted that politics didn’t influence McCabe’s firing at all, and that the FBI was now operating “by the book.” (Not, one would hope, the same book¬†that appeared in Susan Rice’s email.)

This leak is yet another manifestation of panic on the part of the cabal that tried to upend Trump’s presidency. The Deep State is in deep trouble — at least that part of it, anyway. (The part that wrote the omnibus budget bill seems to be doing just fine.)

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