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Silicon Valley Building Commie-Style “Social Credit” System

The latest reports on Silicon Valley happenings just got even creepier. Fast Company reports that Big Tech is bringing its own version of China’s “social credit” system to America: “We rely on Facebook and other social media platforms for so many things. Uber and Lyft will also ban you now-they’ve started to ban people for political viewpoints, so you think China is the only one that’s going to cut you off from transportation for having the wrong opinions- well, Western corporations are now doing that, too. Airbnb, Amazon, they’re all doing it.” Add in that they’re more obviously tools for the outrage mob politics of the left and we’re in for a rude awakening as soon as Silicon Valley presses the kill switch for conservative use of its platforms.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Fast Company has caught on to what Breitbart News has been highlighting for some time: that the Big Tech Masters of the Universe are developing systems to monitor and regulate personal behavior that closely resemble China’s totalitarian “social credit” system.

The “social credit” system assigns all Chinese citizens a “social credit score.” A citizen’s score drops if he engages in a range of disfavored activities, ranging from littering to supporting political dissidents.

Citizens whose score drops low enough can find themselves subject to strict punishment, including bans from the use of public transport, exclusion from top jobs, and prohibitions on their children attending top-rated schools.

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