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Truck Caught on Video Moving Ballots Overnight in Florida

More than two days after Tuesday’s midterm election ballots are still being found in Broward County, Florida, and being trucked under the oversight of Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has even waded into the fray, sharing a video on social media that “purports to show Broward County ballots being transported from polling places in private cars.” Another video shows ballots being transferred to a rental truck with a lack of transparency and clear “control” of the integrity of the ballots in a race that has now dwindled from a lead of 57,000 votes to a mere 15,000 with 15,000 “new” votes coincidentally found since election night according to Gov. Rick Scott. This takes vote fraud to a galactic level. We’re keeping tabs on this story.

Here’s more from BPR…

While the midterm elections took lace on Tuesday, the outcome in Florida is being held hostage by two Democrat-run counties that can’t count straight.

In what proved to be a slow drip, the results of Tuesday’s election was being altered as Broward and Palm Beach counties were still finding ballots two days later, and a tight lead by Republicans in the Senate and gubernatorial races continued to shrink.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who defeated incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson by nearly 60,000 votes saw that lead drop all the way down to just over 15,000 votes, and Ron DeSantis saw his lead over media darling Andrew Gillum in the gubernatorial race shrink to 36,333 — enough to trigger a recount.

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