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YouTube Bans Videos Advertising Guns

First it was Facebook, now it’s Youtube getting in on the anti-gun craze that’s sweeping the nation.

Youtube announced this week a new policy that any videos promoting the sale of guns or a tutorial on how gun parts can be made at home will be banned.

But the problem is there’s a whole bunch of grey area.

What about videos already posted? And what about videos that mention guns available for sale but not explicitly promoted with a link?

This is yet another knee-jerk by the leftmedia in hopes that good feelings with save us all from bad people.

What it’s actually doing is creating some great opportunities for competitors like Vimeo.

Here’s more from Hotair…

It’s not clear to me precisely what is and isn’t banned under the new guidelines. But that’s the point, right? The more ambiguous the new rules are, the easier it is to justify banning gun channels arbitrarily.

If I’m reading this correctly, simple demonstration videos showing how a particular gun operates aren’t banned *unless* they’re being used to promote sales. If you want to upload a video showing off your AR-15, you can — I think. If the gun’s manufacturer wants to upload a similar video with a link to where you can purchase it, nope. Banned. If the manufacturer wants to upload the same video without any link or express notice that they have that gun for sale? Unclear.

Likewise, I think it’s okay to upload a video showing how to install a commercially available gun accessory. What’s not okay are videos showing you how to manufacture that accessory yourself. No machining tutorials, no 3-D printed guns, no lessons on how to make your own bump stock — nothing that would give a crazy person ideas on how to modify his weapon to make it more lethal. In fact, even if your bump stock was purchased commercially, you can’t upload an installation video for it. There’s been a special anti-bump-stock rule in effect on YouTube since the Vegas massacre.

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