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Trump Admin is Closing in On Potential Russian Bounty Leakers

Last month, the New York Times published a story claiming that Donald Trump was briefed on Russian bounties set on American troops’ heads. The story asserted that Trump knew about this intel, but apparently did nothing.

The media was quick to pounce on this report, despite the Times’ unwillingness to name the source in order to verify the claim.

The White House denied the story and was backed by the Pentagon. President Trump said he was never briefed, suggesting the intel was of low quality and not worth his time. Still, the media harped on this issue, due to the gross bias in most media outlets. Read more…


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After Voter Fraud Investigation, FBI Swoops in, Arrests One-Third of Toledo City Council

President Trump made a major promise during his 2016 campaign to end corruption within the government, or to “drain the swamp.” It’s become so common for government officials to bend the law to benefit themselves, it almost seemed as if Americans were okay with it.

But since Trump took over the presidency—and appointed tough prosecutors and investigators within the DOJ—things began to happen. Over the last few years, we’ve learned about how the FBI has arrested leaders in state and local governments for various crimes (see the former mayor of Baltimore). Read more…


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CA Governor Won’t Ban Protests, But Bans Churches From Singing

California, which issued the strictest lockdown rules in the country, has halted their reopening efforts. Despite demands from citizens, and struggling businesses, the governor continues to restrict their liberties.

Yet the governor has refused to end the BLM protests. In fact, most California Democrats have encouraged the massive gatherings—without social distancing mandates.

But Newsom just made a move that appears to violate the First Amendment directly:

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued new coronavirus orders Wednesday that ban singing in churches or other places of worship. Read more…


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Professor That Predicted 2016 Trump Victory Now Says Trump Reelection at 91%

Helmut Norpoth is a professor who has successfully predicted the outcome of the last 24 out of 26 elections. In fact, he was one of only a few people to get the 2016 Election right.

It seems he knows something the pollsters (and news outlets) do not. And now, his model is showing Trump’s chances against Joe Biden:

Our Take:

Norpoth looks at what he calls “real polls,” not the opinion polls conducted by the mainstream media. He cites the overwhelming turnout of votes to nominate Trump during the primaries, versus the very weak turnout for Joe Biden throughout the primary season. Read more…


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Trump Calls For Round 2 of Stimulus Checks

With states still lagging in their reopening efforts, many Americans have yet to return to work.

So, the president wants to provide more economic relief. This time, however, he wants to provide more money than the Democrats:

President Trump supports another round of economic impact payments to individuals, he told FOX Business on Wednesday…

“I support actually larger numbers than the Democrats, but it’s got to be done properly,” Trump said. “I want the money getting to people to be larger so they can spend it. I want the money to get there quickly and in a noncomplicated fashion.” Read more…


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Supreme Court Retirement Reports are Swirling

Sen. Mitch McConnell has pushed that Trump should be able to appoint another Supreme Court justice, should a retirement emerge this year.

Many wonder if Ruth Bader Ginsberg would soon step down. If she does, that would give Donald Trump another chance to create a conservative majority.

But rumors are swirling that two Republican-appointed justices are eyeing retirement. Some D.C. insiders are making this claim:

The “stronger rumor” is that Alito is “going to quit,” conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt told Washington Post reporter Robert Costa on his show Wednesday. Read more…


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New 2020 Poll Shows Almost 4 in 10 Voters Believe Biden Has Dementia

At the start of the primary season (last year), Democrats had over twenty candidates fighting for the nomination. Despite that lineup, they ended up with 77-year-old Joe Biden.

Apparently, he was considered the “safe,” moderate candidate that could win voters from Donald Trump.

But in recent months, many have watched Biden’s performance and grown worried. And now, a new Rasmussen poll is confirming what Americans are thinking:

Nearly four-out-of-10 voters believe Joe Biden has dementia. Most voters, including just over half of Democrats, feel it is important for the likely Democratic presidential nominee to publicly address the issue. Read more…


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Supreme Court Gives Trump Power to Fire Obama-Created CFPB Chief

The Supreme Court has been ruling on major cases throughout the Summer of 2020.

Some of which have upset Trump supporters, as the court sided with the liberal opinion.

But they recently decided that the president has the power to fire, for any reason, the head of a controversial organization created by Obama and spearheaded by Elizabeth Warren:

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the federal law which created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) during the Obama administration unconstitutionally limited the reasons for which the president could fire its director — but in doing so allowed the agency to continue operating, saying that the part of the law requiring certain reasons for the director’s removal is “severable” from the rest. Read more…


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FBI Director Admits Floyd Protesters, Are Possibly Influenced by Foreign Actors

Currently, America is still reeling from protests and riots fueled by the George Floyd incident.

Non-violent and sometimes violent protests continue to pop up, especially in highly populated urban areas.

Protesters have demanded police and criminal justice overhauls, and called out the perceived oppression of minorities.

But all protests might not be entirely caused by general racial and societal unrest. In fact, the FBI is looking into another possibility.

FBI Director Christopher Wray revealed another possible cause when interviewed by Fox’s Bret Baier:

Foreign influence. Read more…


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Trump Takes Obamacare to Supreme Court

The Donald Trump administration has been against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) from the beginning.

One of the President’s campaign promises involved delivering a better healthcare option for Americans. Specifically, one that’s less restrictive and more sustainable.

And though they’ve taken strides to end “ObamaCare,” the controversial program remains mostly intact.

That may not remain true for much longer, though.

The Trump administration just took the ACA to the highest court in the land, and the goal is simple: overturn ObamaCare. Read more…