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Reversing Critical Theory

Critical Theory is an ingenious piece of technology. Through Critical Theory (CT), disparate flavors of leftism – be it liberalism, social democracy, socialism, or anarchism – are united against the threat of racism. By interpreting all phenomena as either racist or anti-racist, CT can unite the anti-racists, no matter how much they may disagree amongst themselves, against the racists.

If liberal disagrees with an anarchist who wants to shut down the bank account of a prominent conservative, perhaps because he does not believe in weaponizing private industry against political opposition, then that liberal is quickly identified as siding with the racists and is either ideologically purged (“cancel culture” is the cutesy way of saying just this) or is forced to hold to the party line. Through this technology, a divided left is able to unify as a single force and crush its opposition.

Unlike the left, the right is seemingly unable to put aside its differences for the sake of defeating the godless left. Read more…

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