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NYT: Conservatives Have ‘Weaponized’ First Amendment

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Justin Lane/EPA/REX/Shutterstock (7832511d) A View of the New York Times Building in New York New York Usa On 08 December 2008 the New York Times Company Announced On 08 December That is Was Borrowing Up to 255 Million Us Dollars Against the Value of the Building Due to a 400 Million Us Dollar Debt Repayment in Due in May 2009 Usa New York Times - Dec 2008

You know what they say about paybacks?

Clearly, the leftist, group-think MSM is distraught that it no longer has a monopoly on all of America’s press.

But that fact isn’t going to motivate them to accurately report news anytime soon.

To wit, we’ll continue getting articles like the recent NY Times front page piece: ‘How Conservatives Weaponized the First Amendment’.

Because obviously the First Amendment is a sacrosanct protection for a free people when applied to leftist media, but it’s merely a tool for political coercion in the hands of conservatives.

Got that?

Here’s more from The Daily Caller…

In a Sunday article shockingly not marked “opinion,” a New York Times reporter accused conservatives of “weaponizing” the First Amendment. The story by Adam Liptak titled “How Conservatives Weaponized the First Amendment” made it onto the front page of Sunday’s paper and was presented as a straight news story rather than an opinion piece.

Within just four paragraphs, the author claimed that conservatives have used free speech to justify “discrimination against gay couples” and “unlimited campaign spending.” The article went on to suggest that conservatives are only interested in protecting free speech because it advances their policy goals and that free speech disproportionately benefits the powerful in society.

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