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Ben Carson Calls Out Maxine Waters

It takes a lot to get patient and calm Ben Carson worked up-but congrats to Maxine Waters, because she did it.

Waters is a 30+ year Democrat from California. Like the rest of her party, she tries to blame the problems of her state on President Trump.

Keep in mind, Trump has been in office for three years. Waters has been a congresswoman for decades.

So who should really be blamed for CA’s problems?

Waters had the gall to send a condemning letter to Trump, accusing him of shamelessness. His crime? Trying to help California residents in serious need. Read more…


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Ken Starr: Pelosi is Not Running Watergate, But A ‘Coup’

If anyone out there understands how a real impeachment happens, it’s Ken Starr.

This lawyer was a key investigator in the impeachment of Bill Clinton during the 90s. His team did a sharp job investigating and providing evidence of wrongdoing by then-President Clinton.

And Starr has been commenting on what’s been going on during Pelosi and Schiff’s impeachment push.

He’s already made it clear there has been no evidence worthy of impeaching Trump. Read more…


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Evidence Shows Omar Paid Another 150,000 to Lover’s Firm

Omar is a Minnesota freshman congresswoman. And her first year in D.C. has been less than stellar.

It might be safe to say that more than a few Minnesota residents regret putting her into office.

It has more to do with the damaging things she’s said about Americans (being ignorant), 9/11 victims, and Israel.

Seems like this “squad” member-who is an advocate for Bernie Sanders and socialism-has a troubled history with doing the right thing. Read more…


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Pelosi Insults 63 Million Trump Voters

It’s no secret that her impeachment scheme is struggling. Even with all the leaks, it doesn’t look like the Democrats have produced a shred of evidence to prove Trump broke the law.

But Pelosi can’t admit defeat. In fact, she seems to be losing her grip.

On live TV, during an interview on Face the Nation, she insulted 63 million Trump voters. How?

By calling the President of the United States an imposter.

She is saying your vote for Donald Trump in 2016 was illegitimate. Read more…


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Supreme Court Freezes Congress Order to Hand Over Trump’s Taxes

Democrats in Congress have spent the last three years trying to undo the 2016 Election.

The current impeachment push has been only the latest effort to remove Trump from office.

We’ve seen plenty come and go.

Another attempt seemed to have been moving quickly through the courts. They were trying to dig into the president’s personal files.

It was clear they were just hoping to get dirt on him-to endanger his chances of being re-elected. Read more…



Ken Starr to Democrats: Unlike Nixon, There is “No Hope”

Ken Starr was the man who led Clinton’s impeachment investigation back in the 90s. And he’s appeared in public for the first time in 20 years to comment on the left’s attacks on Donald Trump.

If there was ever a person who knows about impeachment, it’s Starr. The media attacked him mercilessly back then-trying to protect Clinton.

But Starr did his job-and uncovered the facts.

Today, he’s watching the Democrats’ pathetic attempt to take down our president. He has been following the events and yesterday’s first public hearing.

He weighed in on what has been discussed and has his verdict. It will make, Pelosi, Schiff, and the rest very upset. Read more…


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After Impeachment Fails Trump’s Approval Rating Sky Rockets

Yep, you’ve been hearing about it all week. Adam Schiff held his first public hearings in his attempt to impeach Donald Trump.

After a month and more of media hype, leaks, and big boasts, all America saw what Democrats have on Trump.

At it looks like a big load of nothing.

All of Schiff’s key “witnesses” were humiliated by Republicans. They couldn’t even answer a simple question, “What did Trump do that was impeachable?” Read more…


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Nunes Just Crashed Schiff’s Public Hearing

Today, Adam Schiff is taking his impeachment circus public. Despite the hype from the liberal media, Schiff’s biggest gamble is quickly turning into a dud.

Schiff wants all the focus on so-called witnesses and his argument that Trump broke the law.

But Republicans are demanding answers from this Democrat. There are more than a few moments where Schiff was dishonest about what he knew.

Plus, he read out a false version of Trump’s phone call with Ukraine. That was enough to show Schiff isn’t being impartial at all. Read more…


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Uncle Bernie Promises AOC Major Role in His White House

Well, you’ve heard it here folks: Bernie Sanders’ political campaign is over, and one promise just sealed it.

The “Democratic Socialist” must be getting pretty desperate. After all, people like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have been eating his lunch since the start of this Democratic primary.

Sanders just can’t seem to connect with regular voters-and liberal ones at that!

How could that be? He’s only promised to tax Americans into oblivion and punish billionaires-you know, the people that create jobs! Read more…


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Clinton Adviser Sideswipes ‘Crooked Hillary’

It’s been three years since the 2016 Election, yet we still have to put up with Hillary Clinton.

Even though she lost (twice) she’s been talking an awful lot lately about the upcoming election. Some people are thinking she’s gearing up for a rematch against her old opponent, President Donald Trump.

It’s not too farfetched. The Democratic field is so weak, some liberals are scared of losing and think Hillary can save them.

But a former advisor has some tough words for Mrs. Clinton. Read more…