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Axios: Democrats Are Heading For a Midterm Buzzsaw

Lots of folks in the leftist media love fawning over the ‘resistance’ and the narrative that the Democrats’ ‘blue wave’ is going to send a massive message to Trump and the Republican Party.

Except, well, it probably won’t.

At least that’s the warning coming from Axios which has pointed out survey data in which Democrat Senators running for re-election in states where Trump won are not looking so hot in the polls.

And that means that, while Republicans are expected to lose some seats, Democrats could easily lose some as well…and possibly more.

That coupled with the fizzled Democrat wave in Texas on Tuesday paints a pretty stark picture for Nancy Pelosi’s dream of being Speaker one last time.

Here’s more from Hotair…

Probably, although this indirect polling argument from Axios might not be the best evidence of it. Partnering with Survey Monkey, Axios polled ten states where Donald Trump won in 2016 to get a lay of the land for upcoming re-election bids by Senate Democrats. They found five states in which Trump’s approval rating widely exceeded that of the Democratic incumbents, positing that Republicans have excellent pickup opportunities there:

Why it matters: Democrats are defending 10 Senate seats in states Trump won in 2016. In six of those states Trump’s approval is higher than 50% (compared to 43% nationally). These numbers underscore how hard it will be for Democrats to pick up the two seats needed to win the majority despite Trump’s troubles.

The most vulnerable senators are Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Jon Tester in Montana and Claire McCaskill in Missouri. Each of their approval ratings is either under 50% or just above it, while Trump’s is well above that in all three states.

The least vulnerable senators are Bill Nelson of Florida, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, and Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Trump’s approval is at just 46% in Florida and Pennsylvania and 54% in Ohio.

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