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Biden Deploys the Military Against “Disinformation”

Disinformation and malign influence online are among nascent digital threats the U.S. military is actively countering, top officials said on Monday.

“Watching Facebook and Reddit and Twitter and [Russian social media site] VK and [Chinese search engine and internet company] Baidu after and during the Afghanistan mission—everyone should take a look,” Army G-2 Senior Advisor for Science and Technology, and Innovation, Alex Miller noted. “It’s a great example of what happens when we have a serious traumatic issue that we’re trying to respond to in real-time, and our adversaries are deliberately messaging. They’re putting out malign influence messages. They’re putting out misinformation. They’re putting out true information, just spinning it. So all of that is out there, and it’s really hard to do anything about it if you don’t understand what’s happening.”

Miller joined top officials from the Space Force, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps during a panel at the Intelligence and National Security Summit hosted by INSA and AFCEA. Read more…

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