Biden’s Latest Gaffe: ‘I’m Proud to Be Black Woman’

During a recent radio interview, Joe Biden made an eyebrow-raising comment by describing himself as a “black woman,” which has once again sparked questions about his mental sharpness.

“By the way, I’m proud to be, as I said, the first vice president, first black woman… to serve with a black president,” he said on Philadelphia’s WURD.

“Proud to be involved with the first black woman on the Supreme Court.”

“There’s so much that we can do because look… we’re the United States of America,” Biden continued, as reported by the Daily Mail.

This gaffe appeared to be Biden’s way of highlighting Kamala Harris as the first black female vice president and his tenure with Barack Obama, the first black president. However, it quickly turned into a media spectacle, with outlets like The Telegraph and CBS having a bit of fun at his expense.

Anmar Moussa, Biden’s spokesperson, stepped in to clarify, saying, “It was clear what President Biden meant when he was talking about his historic record, including a record number of appointments to the federal bench. This is not news, and the media has passed the point of absurdity here.”

Still, the slip-up has led to renewed calls for Biden to reconsider his 2024 campaign. His remarks followed an admission to Democratic governors that he “needs more sleep” because of his brain, which only added fuel to the fire regarding concerns about his ability to lead.

Social media users didn’t hold back, with one quipping, “Joe Biden has survived in politics for a very long time. Do not underestimate his political skill. His decision to now run as a black woman could be the shot of energy that turns this thing around.”

Despite the humor, some media outlets are trying to smooth things over for Biden. The Associated Press faced backlash for describing him as “sharp and focused” yet also “confused and forgetful.”

Others highlight The Economist’s Independence Day cover story, which paints a more candid picture of Biden and his campaign. “The president and his party portray themselves as the saviors of democracy. Their actions say otherwise,” the article noted.

It went on to say, “The presidential debate was awful for Joe Biden, but the cover-up has been worse. It was agony to watch a befuddled old man struggling to recall words and facts. His inability to land an argument against a weak opponent was dispiriting.”

In the end, Biden’s recent misstep and the ensuing media reaction highlight ongoing concerns about his mental fitness and ability to lead effectively. With his gaffes becoming more frequent, even some supporters are beginning to wonder if he’s up to the task.

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