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Biden’s Making Stuff Up…Again

Apparently, Joe Biden prefers fiction over facts regarding his own life story according to a list of six life story lies told by the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate compiled by the Washington Examiner. Biden’s top whoppers include claiming that his helicopter was “forced down” near Osama bin Laden’s lair along “the superhighway of terror between Pakistan and Afghanistan” AFTER lying about being “shot at” during the Iraq War. The career politician has also claimed humble origins, including mining for coal in the hills of Pennsylvania, as well as an activist role during sit-ins to fight segregation, which has been debunked by the black football teammate whom Biden said he was helping at the time. The left has had some fun calling Trump a liar, but they’re okay with a few bold fibs from Biden…because he’s Biden.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Joe Biden claimed twice recently that he met with Parkland, Florida, shooting survivors when he was vice president, despite the fact that he was already out of office when the attack took place. His campaign said Biden misspoke and was referring to a different meeting he had after the Sandy Hook shooting. But the flub was reminiscent of Biden’s past misstatements and his tendency to embellish biographical details.

In 1988, Biden was forced to drop out of the presidential race after he was found to have exaggerated his academic record, plagiarized a law school essay, and used quotes from other politicians in his speeches without attribution. But these are not the only questionable claims Biden has made. Here are six other times Biden was caught embellishing his biography.

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