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Biden’s Rebrand: The CIA Tastes the Rainbow

The Central Intelligence Agency is working to win the hearts and minds of young Americans by going woke; using cat pictures and feminist memes to rebrand itself to the likeness of Generation Z.

A report by Politico called it the agency’s “least covert mission,” critical users online are calling it the agency’s latest psychological operation. However you want to spin it, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is on social media with the goal of rallying public support from America’s youth – Generation Z.

The CIA first joined the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter in 2014, “creating one of the federal government’s quirkiest, creative, and controversial PR campaigns,” reported Politico. Their aim was to “dispel some of the negative press and conspiracy theories that have dogged the agency over the years by showing the public that CIA staffers are just like us.” Read more…

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