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Biden’s Secret Agenda: Why Debate Rules Are Crucial!

President Joe Biden’s decision to reject proposals from the traditional debate commission in favor of establishing his own debate rules has sparked controversy and criticism, particularly from conservative circles. The Commission on Presidential Debates, which has organized debates for presidential candidates since 1988, proposed a schedule that Biden’s campaign deemed unsuitable, leading to a rift over the timing, format, and enforcement of rules.

One of the key points of contention raised by the Biden campaign is the timing of the debates. They argue that the commission’s proposed dates in September and October are too late in the election cycle, potentially disenfranchising voters who have already cast their ballots through early voting. Biden’s team proposed earlier debate dates in June and September to ensure maximum voter engagement and participation.

Another issue raised by the Biden campaign is the format of the debates, particularly the inclusion of a live audience. They argue that large-scale spectacles with audiences are unnecessary and may detract from substantive discussions. Instead, they advocate for a more controlled environment, similar to the historic televised debates between Kennedy and Nixon in 1960.

The Biden campaign also expressed frustration with the commission’s enforcement of debate rules, citing instances during the 2020 debates where rules were not effectively enforced, leading to chaotic and unproductive discussions. They proposed that debates be hosted by reputable broadcast organizations that have experience managing presidential debates and ensuring fair and orderly proceedings.

A notable aspect of the Biden campaign’s stance is their desire to exclude independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from the debates, focusing solely on the two leading candidates, Biden and Trump. This move has drawn criticism from some quarters, with concerns about limiting the debate stage to only two candidates and potentially excluding viable alternatives.

Overall, the conservative perspective on Biden’s rejection of the traditional debate commission’s proposals revolves around concerns about transparency, fairness, and adherence to established norms and traditions in presidential debates. Critics argue that Biden’s decision to set his own rules may signal weakness and undermine the integrity of the debate process.

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