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Biden’s Team Knew Disaster Awaited in CNN Debate!

The spectacle of the Democratic Party in full freakout mode is a sight to behold. Donald Trump didn’t just defeat Joe Biden in the first debate; he tossed him off a cliff, leaving the Left scrambling to contain the damage. There’s no sugarcoating it: Biden’s performance was a trainwreck, and now there’s talk of replacing him on the ticket. It’s a delicious panic among those who should have known better.

The media, unsurprisingly, saw this coming. Alex Thompson at Axios wasn’t shocked by Biden’s dismal showing, pointing out that the President has been shielded from public scrutiny for months. Even Chris Cillizza of CNN, hardly a Trump sympathizer, admitted Democrats should be “furious” at the Biden team’s self-inflicted wounds.

The hypocrisy is staggering. Biden’s team knew the risks but shamelessly ignored concerns about his age and competence, brushing them off as taboo. It’s a disgraceful display of political malpractice. Why hasn’t Biden’s White House physician faced tough questions from reporters? Why the reluctance to take a cognitive test? Why the secrecy around interviews conducted by the Special Counsel?

These are questions the Biden camp dodges while keeping him hidden away from scrutiny, raising doubts about who’s really calling the shots.

It’s increasingly clear that Biden isn’t the one in charge; shadowy figures behind the scenes are running the show. The transparency promised has evaporated, replaced by a veil of secrecy and evasion. The Democratic panic isn’t just about a debate debacle—it’s about the realization that they’ve pinned their hopes on a candidate they can’t defend and policies they struggle to sell. The circus continues, and the audience can’t help but watch with a mix of amusement and concern.

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