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Bill to Stop Illegal Alien Voting Power Surge!

The House Rules Committee is set to review a proposal known as the “Equal Representation Act” on Monday afternoon. This act aims to address concerns about illegal aliens and foreign nationals affecting the fairness of elections by adjusting congressional seat apportionment and electoral college votes.

The proposed legislation seeks to modify the Census Bureau’s questionnaire for the decennial census starting in 2030. It would require individuals to confirm their citizenship status on the form, using this data to exclude foreign nationals from the count used for congressional and electoral college apportionment. Currently, apportionment is based on the total population of an area, including illegal immigrants, which can distort representation.

The impact of including illegal aliens in apportionment can be significant, potentially diluting the representation of American citizens. This is particularly concerning as many illegal immigrants tend to reside in left-leaning areas, artificially inflating the populations of these regions and affecting the distribution of congressional seats and electoral college votes.

Former President Trump’s attempt to exclude illegal aliens from the census faced legal challenges and was eventually overturned by President Biden. Democrats, like Rep. Yvette Clark, have openly expressed support for including illegal aliens in apportionment counts, citing reasons related to redistricting and maintaining electoral advantages.

The push to include illegal aliens in census data has been linked to broader political strategies, including efforts to counter population losses in traditionally Democratic strongholds like New York and California. Policies such as sanctuary cities, while controversial, have contributed to an influx of illegal immigration into these areas, ultimately affecting the census data used for electoral purposes.

Ahead of the committee hearing, Democrats have proposed amendments to weaken the Equal Representation Act. In contrast, Republican Rep. Harriet Hageman has submitted an amendment aimed at preventing the executive branch from bypassing or waiving the requirements outlined in the bill, signaling broader concerns about the integrity of electoral processes and representation.

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