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Billionaire’s 2024 Prediction Sends Democrats into Panic!

Billionaire co-founder of Susquehanna International Group (SIG) Jeff Yass, a registered libertarian since 1996, has given Democrats a wake-up call regarding the upcoming 2024 election. As Pennsylvania’s wealthiest individual, with a staggering $47 billion fortune, Yass wields significant influence.

Yass also holds a $21 billion stake in TikTok, as reported by the Daily Mail. Recently, speculation has arisen about Yass potentially joining the presidential cabinet if Donald Trump secures the presidency. However, Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung clarified that there have been “no discussions of who will serve in a second Trump administration.”

Yass shared his insights with the Wall Street Journal in 2022, stating, “He doesn’t have any donors. He doesn’t need the money. He gets so much free publicity. It’s not like you can influence him at all. The only thing you can appeal to is, ‘You’re gonna lose and be humiliated.’” This highlights Trump’s unique position in the political landscape, relying on his massive media presence rather than traditional donor influence.

Yass’s prediction contrasts with Dr. Allan Lichtman’s, a forecaster who has accurately predicted presidential elections for the last 40 years. Lichtman believes Joe Biden will win the 2024 election, arguing that “a lot would have to go wrong” for Biden to lose. Lichtman’s “13 Keys” method, which he uses to predict election outcomes, indicates Biden has lost only two keys so far. According to Lichtman, a candidate must lose six keys to likely lose the election.

Despite Lichtman’s forecast, Yass remains confident in Trump’s victory. Over the years, Yass has spent millions supporting politicians who advocate for reduced government intervention in taxes, trading, education, and gaming, with Trump being a notable beneficiary. This dedication to conservative principles highlights Yass’s commitment to influencing political outcomes in favor of limited government and economic freedom.

Yass’s support for Trump has not been without controversy. He was excluded from a 2023 economic retreat hosted by the Club for Growth, an anti-tax political advocacy group, due to their disapproval of Trump. However, Trump later declared that he and the Club for Growth are “back in love” after meeting with Yass at a group retreat, just before Trump’s reversal on his TikTok policy. This reconciliation underscores the shifting dynamics within conservative circles and Yass’s continued influence in shaping the future of American politics.

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