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Burgum: Biden Can’t Match Trump’s 72-Hour West Coast Swing!

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, a potential vice-presidential candidate, praised former President Donald Trump on Sunday for his relentless energy and accomplishments on the West Coast campaign trail. During an interview on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Burgum highlighted Trump’s impressive work ethic and stamina, contrasting it sharply with President Joe Biden’s perceived lack of vigor.

“Wow, I wish America could see President Trump on the stump like I’ve seen him in the last 72 hours,” Burgum remarked to co-hosts Will Cain, Rachel Campos-Duffy, and Pete Hegseth. “First of all, I spent my career in technology. I knew a lot of super hardworking tech CEOs, but nobody works harder than President Trump. The number of speeches he gave, the number of hands he’s shaken—his hand literally bruised from all the shaking—but the guy just keeps on going.”

Burgum emphasized Trump’s engagement with the public, noting his participation in numerous roundtables and discussions on critical issues. “Talking to people about the issues that matter to them, listening, being curious, and digging in,” he added. “It’s impossible to imagine Joe Biden doing one of these events, much less back-to-back for 72 hours, flying around between Arizona and Nevada, Northern California, Southern California. It’s really incredible.”

As the race between Trump and Biden remains tight less than five months out from Election Day, Burgum argued that the enthusiasm and support are clearly on Trump’s side. Trump is navigating multiple criminal cases while seeking a second term, whereas Biden continues to face concerns about his mental and physical fitness.

Burgum, reportedly under consideration as a running mate for Trump, stressed the positive reception Trump receives from the public. “When people see him, they see the depth of his care about the country. And he’s right on all the issues that matter,” Burgum said. “That’s why you’ve got record fundraising happening, record turnout, and people lining the streets. They know he’s the guy who’s going to solve the issues they care about: the border, inflation, wars abroad, all these things. And it’s very exciting.”

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