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Inside Biden’s “Built to Fail” Economy

…In a similar fashion, the American ”just in time” logistics system has been built around every single part of it being there, unsurprisingly, just in time. If any point of the chain breaks (such as there being containers but no ships, ships but no longshoremen, longshoremen but no truckers, truckers but no truck frames, truck frames but no trucks, trucks but no trains, and so on) the entire system quickly starts failing, like a human body starved of oxygen.


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Why Should American Soldiers Die for Taiwan?

Calls by U.S. leaders to extend security guarantees to Taiwan against an aggressive China are on the rise. American pundits have likewise been eager and disturbingly casual about offering up U.S. service members to go and die for Taipei. Before taking another step down this dangerous path, however, these leaders need to consider just how willing Taiwanese are to die for their own country.