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NYC Parent Sues to Marry Adult Child

On April 5, 2007, Time Magazine asked the question, “Should Incest Be Legal?” Three years later, when Columbia University professor David Epstein was arrested for a three-year, consensual affair with his adult daughter, his attorney noted, “It’s OK for homosexuals to do whatever they want in their own home. How is this so different? We have to figure out why some behavior is tolerated and some is not.” Not surprisingly, some Columbia students asked why any sexual acts committed by consenting adults should be considered a crime.

Today, that question is being asked again, this time in the context of a lawsuit reported by the New York Post on April 10. Specifically, “A New Yorker who wants to marry their own adult offspring is suing to overturn laws barring the incestuous practice, calling it a matter of ‘individual autonomy.’”

“‘Through the enduring bond of marriage, two persons, whatever relationship they might otherwise have with one another, can find a greater level of expression, intimacy and spirituality,’ the parent argues in the Manhattan Federal Court claim filed April 1.”

Really now, in light of the prevailing logic that love is love, since this is consensual and between adults, why not?

One immediate answer, aside from the obvious revulsion and horror which quite naturally greets this request for “marriage,” is that it is biologically dangerous. Any children produced as a result of this union could have serious genetic issues.

In this case, however, we are told that this is not an issue. According to the filing, “The proposed spouses are adults. The proposed spouses are biological parent and child. The proposed spouses are unable to procreate together.” The lawsuit even uses the acronym “PAACNP,” standing for “Parent and Adult Child Non-Procreationable.” Read more…


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Child Sex Abuse Survivors Speak Out Against Twitter

The child sex abuse lawsuit against Twitter has gained a plaintiff, after another young man has come forward. Twitter has been knowingly profiting from the distribution of predatory content on their platform, but that isn’t the most disturbing detail. What’s most strange is that Twitter was approached about this content before the lawsuit, and refused to act on it in spite of the obvious violations of their terms of service. Money is being made every time content is viewed, and this holds the key to why this lawsuit has to move forward, and why Twitter is playing innocent as children are abused.

A second plaintiff has joined a federal lawsuit against Twitter, alleging that the social media giant knowingly refused to remove images of his sexual abuse as a child. John Doe #2 has joined the lawsuit, which as National File reported, was filed in January by John Doe #1, who when he was between 13 and 14, had sexual images and videos of him widely distributed on Twitter. John Doe #2 was also included in the images.

“Both plaintiffs were harmed by Twitter’s distribution of material depicting their sexual abuse and trafficking, and by Twitter’s knowing refusal to remove the images of their sexual abuse (child pornography) when notified by John Doe #1 and his parents,” the plaintiffs’ legal team wrote. Sex traffickers posing as a 16-year-old female classmate blackmailed him to share nude content, as National File reported…

“Twitter has profited from the knowing distribution of child sexual abuse material depicting these two young men when they were children, and it must be held accountable,” said Peter Gentala, senior legal counsel for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center, who is suing Twitter on behalf of the boys, now aged around 17, along with the Haba Law Firm. “Twitter cannot sweep under the rug the fact that it both allowed child sexual abuse material on its site and refused to remove it,” Gentala added.

“These two young men have suffered severe anguish and trauma at the hands of Twitter,” said Lisa Haba, a partner at the Haba Law Firm. “Twitter had everything it needed to do the right thing and prioritize the safety and privacy of these children before its own profits. Our lawsuit seeks to hold Twitter accountable for knowingly profiting from the sexual abuse and trafficking of children and the re-victimization of these two boys.” Read more…


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Arkansas Senate Overrides Veto, Bans Puberty Blockers

Arkansas Republican legislators voted to override a veto on Tuesday making law out of legislation protecting children from being drugged and mutilated as part of their induction into the depraved and dangerous transgender lifestyle.

The House voted by a 71-24 margin to overturn the veto while the Senate voted by a 25-8 margin to do the same. Far-left attorneys plan to sue the state in an attempt to overturn the will of the people and allow LGBT predators to push children as young as kindergartners to be mutilated to satisfy ‘trans rights.’

“Attempting to block trans youth from the care they need simply because of who they are is not only wrong, it’s also illegal, and we will be filing a lawsuit to challenge this law in court,” said Holly Dickson, who works as the Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas.

Big League Politics reported on Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s decision to veto the legislation yesterday, betraying his faith, his party and his nation to satisfy special interest groups:

“In the latest sorry instance of craven Republican behavior, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson vetoed legislation on Monday that would have protected children from being drugged and mutilated as part of a so-called gender transition.

Hutchinson vetoed the legislation that he called a “vast government overreach” that would interfere with the “parent, child, doctor-patient relationship.” He said that his heart went out to transgender children who would be forced to stop taking drugs as the result of the bill.

“That makes my heart break to think about it,” Hutchinson said. Read more…


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Is Pelosi Renting Office Space to Pedophiles?

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi personally rents office space to a child welfare group, First 5 San Mateo County, that was set up by a convicted pedophile. The group partners with a nonprofit that ran a group house where child molestation occurred and partners with a conflict resolution center that had a volunteer convicted for storing hundreds of images of child porn. NATIONAL FILE has exclusively obtained the lease documents showing that Nancy Pelosi is the group’s landlady dating back to 2002, the same year monstrous pedophile Dr. William Ayres was given an award by city politicians for his work with the group. By that time, numerous pedophilia allegations including a police report had been made against Ayres, who was later convicted on pedophilia charges in 2007 and died in prison.

First 5 is a statewide supposed child welfare group in California that was previously chaired on a state level by Rob Reiner, and is funded with cigarette tax money. California is in the middle of a massive crisis involving child sex trafficking allegations and pedophilia arrests in the Child Protective Services (CPS)/foster care system. In fact, California does not even send out an Amber alert for missing foster care children, instead counting them all as runaways. San Mateo County, where pedophile Ayres set up the local First 5 chapter that calls Pelosi landlady, is arguably the center of the child sex trafficking crisis in California. Nancy Pelosi spends a lot of time in San Mateo due to her friendship with San Mateo lawyer and Democrat fundraiser Joe Cotchett. Cotchett, who is picking federal judges for the Biden administration, and was accused by his ex-wife in his divorce case of physically assaulting his children and being nude around his daughters. Read more…


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Arkansas Governor Betrays Conservatives on Puberty Blocker Ban

Mere days after South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem bowed to the NCAA to put women’s sports at the mercy of transsexuals, Governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson has bowed to Leftist activists and put millions of children in harms way. In the Biden era, where a transsexual at Health and Human Services encourages parents to mutilate their children, no parent can expect to be untouched by the agenda being foisted upon the Untied States. With his latest veto of a common sense children protection bill, Asa Hutchinson has showed what side he’s on, and it’s not child protection.

Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson announced Monday that he has sided with far-left activists and chosen to veto HB 1570, which would ban the use of puberty blockers, hormone replacement procedures, and gender transition surgery on young children.

“I was told this week that the nation is looking at Arkansas because I have on my desk another bill passed by the general assembly that is a product of the cultural war,” Hutchinson said during a press conference. “I don’t shy away from the battle when it is necessary and defensible, but the most recent action of the general assembly, while well-intended, is off course and I must veto House Bill 1570.”

Arkansas has been the subject of an intense social media campaign by transgender activists to pressure Hutchinson into vetoing the bill.

Another Republican governor, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, recently vetoed a bill that would prevent biological male from competing in women’s sports. Read more…