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How the NYT Colludes with Democrats

Glenn Youngkin pulled ahead of his competitors, winning a surprise victory in the Virginia Republican primary Monday night. Within moments, Terry McAuliffe, the former governor and the strong favorite to win the 2021 Democratic nomination, attacked. On economic, immigration, taxation, or infrastructure plans? Nope: McAuliffe called Youngkin a “Big Lie believing” election conspiracy theorist…

While during the Clinton White House years broad accusations of “the vast right-wing conspiracy” were sufficient to help dull Republican attacks on the president, more substantive and specific attacks are always more effective. Typically, that job falls to opposition research firms paid by the candidates and their parties to dig up dirt on their opponents, but sometimes you don’t need those as much, for example: when you have The New York Times on your side. Read more…


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Biden to Promote Transgender Human Trafficking

The Biden administration, which effectively announced an open door policy for migrant children crossing the border alone, is expanding their priorities to include families with young children and people who identify as transgender. Vice President Kamala Harris has called violence against LGBT persons a “root cause” of migration.

The administration is opening up exceptions to a pandemic-inspired public health order that was put in place last year, and is increasing the allowances for “humanitarian exceptions,” NPR reports. Those restrictions, put in place by the CDC, come under Title 42.

The White House isn’t publicizing this change in allowable entry criteria so as to not spark another migration boom, such as the one that happened when they announced to the world that unaccompanied minor children would be allowed to cross without exception. These children were promised housing, food, and an education if they made it to the border and crossed on their own. Border detainment facilities are already reported to be at capacity.

This led to a massive uptick in illegal border crossings by kids, and human traffickers were the ones to benefit. Read more…


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Kaepernick: Abolish Police, AND Prisons

The publishing company owned by Colin Kaepernick is editing and soon to publish a collection of essays calling for the abolition of police and prisons.

“Today, I’m excited to share that we at @KaepernickPublishing will be releasing our first title, ABOLITION FOR THE PEOPLE: THE MOVEMENT FOR A FUTURE WITHOUT POLICING & PRISONS, on 10/12/21,” Kaepernick wrote on Instagram. “This anthology builds on decades of organizing and writing against policing & prisons & features the work of over 30 contributors plus a reader’s guide, infographics, & cover art by Emory Douglas.

The NFL’s original anthem protester added, “I’m proud to have edited this collection & hope it adds to the chorus of voices calling for a world without & beyond policing & prisons. #AbolitionForThePeople.”

Kaepernick became possibly the most important figure in the movement to abolish the police when he first sat, then knelt for the national anthem in the preseason of 2016. After he refused to stand to honor the country, he explained that he would not stand to show pride in a flag that represents a country that “oppresses black people.” Read more…


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Big Tech Refuses to Remove Chinese Bot Farms

Platforms including Twitter and Facebook are failing to suspend and label thousands of bot accounts linked to the Chinese Communist Party, according to a new investigation conducted by the Associated Press and the Oxford Internet Institute.

“A seven-month investigation by the Associated Press and the Oxford Internet Institute, a department at Oxford University, found that China’s rise on Twitter has been powered by an army of fake accounts that have retweeted Chinese diplomats and state media tens of thousands of times, covertly amplifying propaganda that can reach hundreds of millions of people — often without disclosing the fact that the content is government-sponsored,” the outlet summarizes. Read more…


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700lbs Human Waste Removed From LA Homeless Camp

This week, Echo Lake Park in Los Angeles California, the location of a former homeless encampment, received a much needed, and long overdue, deep cleaning.

The park was closed last month and since then, city officials have been working to clean and revitalize the park and have reportedly removed over 170 tents and other debris, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Among the 35 tons or 70,000 pounds of garbage, there were literal piles of poop, amounting to 180 pounds of feces and 564 pounds of urine according data from L.A. Sanitation & Environment workers. This did not include excrement collected from portable or permanent restrooms. Other hazardous waste like needles used for drugs, gasoline, and kerosene amounted to 300 pounds of the total trash collected, the LA Times noted.

City officials reportedly didn’t reveal the plans to close the park until the last minute. However, in the months leading up to the closure, more than 160 homeless who were living in the park were relocated to taxpayer-funded hotel rooms and other interim living situations. The cleanup wasn’t completely peaceful, according to ABC7, with one confrontation leading to the arrest of a person accused of battery of a police officer. Read more…


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NY Judge Wants Mom’s Kids Over Confederate Flag

A New York mother has been ordered to dispose of a rock near her driveway bearing a small Confederate flag or risk losing custody of her mixed race child.

Yup. You got that right. A rock. A “White supremacist rock,” of course. The horror!

A New York mom is caught between a rock and an appellate court.

The upstate woman has been told she needs to ditch a driveway decoration painted with a confederate flag or risk losing custody of her mixed race child — even though a family court judge didn’t consider it to be an issue when it was raised during trial.

“Given that the child is of mixed race, it would seem apparent that the presence of the flag is not in the child’s best interests, as the mother must encourage and teach the child to embrace her mixed race identity, rather than thrust her into a world that only makes sense through the tortured lens of cognitive dissonance,” judges with the Appellate Division’s Third Department in Albany wrote in a ruling released Thursday.

The “presence of the confederate flag,” when “viewed pragmatically,” “is a symbol inflaming the already strained relationship between the parties,” the judges said. Read more…


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Now the Woke Military is After Stonewall Jackson

VMI, the famed Virginia Military Institute that employed Confederate General Stonewall Jackson and played an integral role in America’s Civil War, has moved to de-person the General in a Soviet-style purge of the school’s Confederate history, going as far as to rip Jackson’s name away from his own quotes which emblazon a portion of the school and re-attribute them to someone else.

Efforts to de-person Stonewall Jackson and erase the school’s rich Confederate history have been in the works for quite some time, as the publicly funded military school has long been a target of the radical left. Though they had previously been met with resistance, in 2020, as the radical left waged a Soviet-style purge on America’s history – particularly in the south – with the help of a new far-left state government installed in Richmond, efforts to snuff out the Confederate history of VMI – and Virginia as a whole – went into overdrive.

Under a vote passed by the school’s Board of Visitors, General Stonewall Jackson’s name will be removed from VMI’s Memorial Hall while a mural depicting the sacrifice of teenage VMI cadets who took heavy casualties in a famed charge on Union forces at the nearby Battle of New Market will be “contextualized.”

Taking things a step further, the school also voted to de-person Stonewall Jackson in a fashion reminiscent of the darkest days of the Soviet Union, erasing his name from beneath his own words of “You may be whatever you resolve to be,” from an Old Barracks inscription and a re-attributing it to someone else. According to local media reports, the quote will be re-attributed either to 19th-century educator William Alcott, Rev. Joel Hawes, or both – neither of whom appear to have had any link to the school in their lifetimes. Read more…


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BLM Feminists Abolish “Women” for… “Birthing People”?

Democratic Missouri Rep. Cori Bush referred to women Thursday as “birthing people.”

The congresswoman refrained from using the word “women” during a Democratic oversight committee hearing Thursday where she criticized treatment of black pregnant women, drawing on two personal stories about her own children and pregnancies.

“Every day, Black birthing people and our babies die because our doctors don’t believe our pain,” she tweeted with a video of her remarks. “My children almost became a statistic. I almost became a statistic. I testified about my experience @OversightDems today. Hear us. Believe us. Because for so long, nobody has.” Read more…


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Biden Omits ‘God’ in National Day of Prayer Proclamation

President Joe Biden issued a proclamation for Thursday’s celebration of the National Day of Prayer in which he failed to mention “God,” but said the day is one in which “Americans of faith can call upon the power of prayer” as they confront “racial justice” and “the existential threat of climate change.”

Biden said:

“As we continue to confront the crises and challenges of our time — from a deadly pandemic, to the loss of lives and livelihoods in its wake, to a reckoning on racial justice, to the existential threat of climate change — Americans of faith can call upon the power of prayer to provide hope and uplift us for the work ahead.”

The president quoted the words of the late civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis:

As the late Congressman John Lewis once said, “Nothing can stop the power of a committed and determined people to make a difference in our society. Why? Because human beings are the most dynamic link to the divine on this planet.”

Biden said, continuing his theme of social justice:

“Throughout our history, Americans of many religions and belief systems have turned to prayer for strength, hope, and guidance. Prayer has nourished countless souls and powered moral movements — including essential fights against racial injustice, child labor, and infringement on the rights of disabled Americans. Prayer is also a daily practice for many, whether it is to ask for help or strength, or to give thanks over blessings bestowed.”

The president also stated:

“The First Amendment to our Constitution protects the rights of free speech and religious liberty, including the right of all Americans to pray. These freedoms have helped us to create and sustain a Nation of remarkable religious vitality and diversity across the generations.”

Read more…


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Video: BLM Founder Outed as Chinese Communist

Mansion-sampler and BLM founder Patrisse Cullors, a self-proclaimed “trained Marxist” and voodoo practitioner, just added Communist China to her list of influences. That is, alongside Karl Marx and the Devil. Can’t get much more red than that. In a video just unearthed, she compares her writings to those of Mao Tse-Tung during an activist training session. Compare her frenzied followers with Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and its bloody aftermath, and a grim picture of “progress in America” towards “racial justice” emerges.

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors – who recently made headlines for her massive real-estate buying binge – compared her book to Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book” in a speech unearthed by The National Pulse.

Cullors, who infamously described herself as a “trained Marxist,” made the comments during a United States Social Forum panel on “Transformative Organizing Theory” in 2010. Among the breakout sessions at the workshop was “Socialism for the 21st Century.”

During her speech, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder recounts how a young person insisted her book was “like Mao’s Red Book,” a comparison which Cullors embraces:

“I was speaking to this young person from Arizona who’s trying to fight SB 1070, and he grabbed a book and he said, “It’s like Mao’s Red Book.” [Laughter] And I was like man, that’s what I was thinking, and it was just really cool to hear him make that connection, and I was like how about you buy 10 to 15 of these books and you all have like a youth organizing group where you talk about it and you really try to engage this.” Read more…