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Supreme Court Rules 7-2 Giving Trump the Green Light to Fast Track Deportation

Over the summer, the Supreme Court has been ruling on many long-awaited cases. To the shock of many conservatives, the court has handed several victories to left-wing causes.

This week, they ruled on a major immigration case. The court voted in a 7-2 decision.

And it’s a big win for the Trump administration:

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday for the Trump administration in a key immigration case…

The ruling means the administration can deport some people seeking asylum without allowing them to make their case to a federal judge. Read more…


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Democrats Try to Block Trump’s Immigration Freeze

Trump put a temporary halt to immigration during the crisis, but Democrats were quick to try to stop him.

They wanted immigration to continue, even though most states are on lockdown. With so many businesses closed, what were these new immigrants going to do?

Regardless, they took Trump to court. But a federal judge who once ruled against him has made his decision.

From Fox News:

A federal judge in Oregon who previously blocked President Trump’s order to bar immigrants who lacked or could not afford health insurance refused to do the same with regard to Trump’s recent pause on green cards. Read more…


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Trump Warns States With Sanctuary Cities: They Might Not Get Bailout Funds

President Trump is fed up with states looking for a handout during this crisis to cover for their bad choices.

Some liberal states have defied ICE and allowed sanctuary cities, which can cost a lot of money.

But that choice may be coming back to bite them—Trump might leave them out in the cold for wasting taxpayer dollars.

During a recent White House event with business leaders, the President discussed the possibility of a second stimulus check for U.S. taxpayers.

Then he switched gears and talked about bailout money for state governments. Read more…


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Trump Challenging New York “Green Light Law”

President Trump has been fighting liberal states like New York and California since the start of his presidency.

The Democrats who run these states seem to oppose him tooth and nail. When they aren’t challenging him with lawsuits, they are passing new laws that undermine his agenda.

They block him at every turn, even when he works to make the country safer.

Recently, New York even voted to give non-citizens (however they got here) driver’s licenses. Read more…


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California Leader Admits His Sanctuary City is Failing

California is in deep trouble. Even the president has had to intervene.

The homeless problem is growing out of control, but Democrats claim they’re not to blame.

Except… Democrats run the entire state! You know, you can’t claim innocence when your party enjoys a supermajority.

At least one Democrat from the state is facing the music. And he is at least (in part) admitting he was to blame. Read more…


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Trump Keeps Promise: Mexico Paying for Wall

President Trump promised, from the time he announced his run, that he would secure the Mexico border and make Mexico pay for it.

Since then, Democrats and the media like CNN have ridiculed him for this promise. Well, they’re singing a different tune now.

A new wall, which is much higher and far more secure, is springing up along the Mexico border. And more wall is coming.

It’s a human wall in Mexico.

President Trump has kicked Mexico into high gear, and they are now a huge ally in the war against jumping the border. Read more…


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Trump Vetoes Congress’ Attempt to Stop Border Wall

After all this time, many swamp dwellers are still fighting Trump’s border wall.

Congress hasn’t to pass anything that gives the president the funds to finish the job. He had to declare a national emergency just use military funding to proceed.

And even that was opposed by both houses of Congress. It looks like these people go out of their way to oppose keeping us safe!

Trump has planned to secure an additional 500 miles by 2020. But Congress voted to overturn his emergency declaration and halt construction. Read more…


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Border Chief Vows to Give Trump Over 400 New Miles

Every day, President Donald Trump fights to protect America.

And despite Democrat opposition, he has done a LOT already.

He’s worked to get a new wall built along our southern border, which greatly adds to the safety and stability of our country.

This improved wall, which is higher and stronger than our previous barrier, is a real barrier. It is much harder for anyone to get past this new technology.

And now, the Trump administration is promising even more barriers for 2020. Read more…


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Trump Finally Stopping the Infamous ‘Catch and Release’

President Trump has vowed to fix our border problem since the election-and this week he’s making some serious progress.

It’s been a long road trying to fix the mistakes of past presidents. President Trump promised to reform our system and build a big, beautiful wall.

But he’s hit one roadblock after another, thanks to obstructing Democrats. Trump has had to make politically unpopular choices to put America first, but he thinks it’s worth it.

And now, Trump is finally putting an end to one of the worst practices. Read more…


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Pelosi Gives in: Surrenders to Trump On the Border Wall

Nancy just gave in to Donald — it’s so big, the media won’t cover it!

Trump has been taking some hard stances on the border–and Pelosi just gave in.

Democrats can’t deny the progress Trump’s made on the wall. He’s gotten billions more dollars to build hundreds of miles of barrier by next year.

Pelosi and her House Democrats have vowed that the wall will never happen–but they keep failing.

And Pelosi gave Trump one of her big fails yet–and another big win for Donald. Read more…