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CA Governor Won’t Ban Protests, But Bans Churches From Singing

California, which issued the strictest lockdown rules in the country, has halted their reopening efforts. Despite demands from citizens, and struggling businesses, the governor continues to restrict their liberties.

Yet the governor has refused to end the BLM protests. In fact, most California Democrats have encouraged the massive gatherings—without social distancing mandates.

But Newsom just made a move that appears to violate the First Amendment directly:

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued new coronavirus orders Wednesday that ban singing in churches or other places of worship. Read more…


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Supreme Court Retirement Reports are Swirling

Sen. Mitch McConnell has pushed that Trump should be able to appoint another Supreme Court justice, should a retirement emerge this year.

Many wonder if Ruth Bader Ginsberg would soon step down. If she does, that would give Donald Trump another chance to create a conservative majority.

But rumors are swirling that two Republican-appointed justices are eyeing retirement. Some D.C. insiders are making this claim:

The “stronger rumor” is that Alito is “going to quit,” conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt told Washington Post reporter Robert Costa on his show Wednesday. Read more…


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FBI Director Admits Floyd Protesters, Are Possibly Influenced by Foreign Actors

Currently, America is still reeling from protests and riots fueled by the George Floyd incident.

Non-violent and sometimes violent protests continue to pop up, especially in highly populated urban areas.

Protesters have demanded police and criminal justice overhauls, and called out the perceived oppression of minorities.

But all protests might not be entirely caused by general racial and societal unrest. In fact, the FBI is looking into another possibility.

FBI Director Christopher Wray revealed another possible cause when interviewed by Fox’s Bret Baier:

Foreign influence. Read more…


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Trump Takes Obamacare to Supreme Court

The Donald Trump administration has been against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) from the beginning.

One of the President’s campaign promises involved delivering a better healthcare option for Americans. Specifically, one that’s less restrictive and more sustainable.

And though they’ve taken strides to end “ObamaCare,” the controversial program remains mostly intact.

That may not remain true for much longer, though.

The Trump administration just took the ACA to the highest court in the land, and the goal is simple: overturn ObamaCare. Read more…


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Biden Says He Will Force All Americans to Wear Masks When He is President

Joe Biden isn’t President just yet, but he’s already talking about his Oval Office plans, and many Americans are concerned.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee leads Trump in several recent polls, and one could argue he’s gained momentum in recent months.

So, what would be one of Biden’s first moves as Commander-in-Chief?

It would apparently address the ongoing health concerns surrounding the CO-VID 19 epidemic.

Biden, who has been a vocal advocate of face masks, even though he seems to struggle to wear them, believes every citizen should wear one in public. At least so long as the pandemic persists. Read more…


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Beto’s PAC is Trying to Flip Texas Blue

Robert Francis O’Rourke, better known as “Beto” lost his bid to take Ted Cruz’s Senate seat. He later lost his chance at becoming the Democrat presidential nominee, when he bowed out to give Joe Biden a boost.

But the Democrat has set his sights on flipping conservative Texas into the next San Francisco. And his political action committee is targeting new residents:

Beto O’Rourke and his band of volunteers are entering the next phase of their effort to help Democrats win the Texas House. Read more…


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Judge Jeanine Unloads On Supreme Court For Becoming a Partisan “Political Force”

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Democrats when they knocked down Donald Trump’s 2017 rescinding of DACA. The court decided Trump did not provide “adequate” reasoning for ending this policy, which was never upheld by legislation.

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine had a few thoughts on the subject, to say the least.

I love her passion for justice and America! She pointed out that Obama’s policy was not legal nor was it supported by a piece of legislation by Congress. She goes on to call out the Supreme Court, for becoming a “political force” just before a major election. Read more…


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GOP Senator Hawley Introduces New Bill For Big Tech Censorship

Conservatives have complained for years that social networks and “big tech” have tried to silence their speech online.

The evidence has piled up as major networks block, ban, or “shadow ban” influential conservative accounts.

In recent weeks, Twitter has even blocked tweets from President Trump—in what some say was an attempt to undermine his comments.

Now, several notable Republican lawmakers are preparing legislation to end this. Read more…


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Trump Fights Back After Supreme Court Fails to Strike Down Obama’s DACA

The media was abuzz yesterday after a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling on DACA.

While the left claimed the court “upheld” DACA, they actually ruled that the Trump administration failed to provide adequate justification for terminating the policy in 2017. One could definitely make the case the Supreme Court is agreeing with Obama’s executive action instead of going through Congressional approval.

President Trump clarified the meaning of the ruling, saying the court “punted” the issue further down the road. And he promised his administration would continue their fight. Read more…


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Van Jones Turns On Pelosi And Schumer

As Congress appears to be dragging its feet on police reform, President Trump accelerated the process with his own executive order.

The order directs federal agencies to implement major new reforms. It will increase training for cops and bring significant accountability to police with histories of abuse.

In typical fashion, Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were quick to attack Trump’s action. But CNN’s Van Jones applauded the order, in a rare show of support:

CNN’s Van Jones called President Trump’s executive order on police reform “a good thing” and a “a step in the right direction” following a White House signing ceremony on Tuesday. Read more…