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BFD: Mueller’s FBI raids Trump Lawyer’s Office

This week the tabloids and the national newspapers united on headlines after Mueller’s FBI investigation raided the office of President Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen.

The raid resulted in the seizure of emails, tax documents, and other records related to the payment to Stormy Daniels, the actress in some of those not-so-silver-screen flicks.

Having found nothing of substance with which to hang the president, Mueller is going rogue using tabloid covers as cause for the ongoing investigation.

Somewhere there’s got to be a link between Stormy and Russia. Maybe she drank a White Russian once in the bar at Trump Tower.

Here’s more from The Hill…

The FBI on Monday raided the office of President Trump‘s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, and seized emails, tax documents and records related to his payment to adult-film star Stormy Daniels.

Cohen’s lawyer, Stephen Ryan, said in a statement that federal prosecutors in Manhattan obtained a search warrant after receiving a referral “in part” from special counsel Robert Mueller. Ryan called the search “completely inappropriate and unnecessary.”

The New York Times reported that the payment to Daniels is just one of “many topics” being looked at by the FBI.

Other seized documents include business records and communications between Cohen and Trump, but the raid does not appear to be directly connected to Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, according to The Times.

Among the materials agents secured are those related to Cohen’s $130,000 payment to Daniels as part of a nondisclosure agreement related to her alleged 2006 affair with Trump.


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DOJ Caves to House Intelligence Committee Subpoena

The Mexican stand-off between the House Intelligence Committee and the Department of Justice just came to an end.

Chairman Devin Nunes had previously requested, along with the House Judiciary Committee, the original FBI memo that started the whole FISA app mess.

The DOJ replied with a copy of the memo that was heavily redacted and almost unreadable.

That’s when Nunes issued a subpoena to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein demanding an unredacted version.

After weeks of silence, Rosenstein finally agreed to comply. Memogate may very well get fired up all over again with fresh details on FBI collusion. Stay tuned.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Last week, the House Intelligence Committee sent a letter to deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein threatening to take action to enforce a subpoena it had issued for the FBI memo that kicked off the initial counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign. The issue is that both the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees had requested access to the document. The FBI and Justice had delivered it in heavily redacted format.

This is pretty critical. The focus of the House Judiciary Committee and the Intelligence Committee is now on how the Trump dossier prepared by a Fusion GPS subcontractor was used as a weapon against the Trump campaign and administration.

Friday, Justice and the FBI agreed to comply with the subpoena.


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Accountability: IRS Audits Fewest Tax Returns in 15 Years

The news isn’t all negative.

A new report shows IRS audits at a 15-year low with just six for every 1,000 returns last year. The reasons for the reduction are clear.

First, the Republican Congress insisted on budget cuts which forced the agency to do more with less money. That means fewer auditing staffers.

Second, with multiple scandals on the books from the Obama era, IRS heads have little incentive to raise the ire of taxpayers who are already fed up with their antics.

It’s just one more example of what good comes from oversight of bureaucrats.

Here’s more from Washington Times…

The IRS is auditing fewer tax returns than at any other time in the past 15 years as the agency struggles with what it says is a shrinking budget and pressure from Congress to be less zealous in enforcement.

Just six out of every 1,000 individual taxpayers faced an audit last year, the government said in the latest IRS Data Book released last week, marking the lowest rate since 2002.

Analysts said that is unlikely to change this year, as the April 17 deadline for this year’s filing season nears and as the IRSgrapples with endemic budget cuts and the strain of having to administer the new tax law.

Some taxpayer advocates cheered the news, saying it’s time the IRS was brought to heel after years of excesses, including targeting tea party groups for illegal scrutiny and making tax-filing season tougher than it had to be as a protest against budget cuts.

“It should be a healthy sign if they’re auditing less,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “I would very much like to live in a world where the IRS doesn’t have to do too much auditing because the tax code is simple enough for people to understand.”


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Rep. Jordan: McCabe Lied Four Times about Leaking to the Media

Last week recently fired Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe admitted in a column that he wasn’t quite as forthright with officials as he should have been because he was ‘distracted’.

That’s a peculiar way of admitting he lied.

But the fact is he actually lied at least four times. Rep. Jim Jordan explained during a candid interview with Fox News that McCabe lied to his then-superior James Comey, to the Office of Professional Responsibility, and twice under oath to the Inspector General.

So, rest assured, when IG Horowitz’s report comes out in a month or so, McCabe’s serial prevarication will take top billing.

And it will likely link McCabe’s accomplices in the massive cover-up to hide FBI collusion with the White House to prevent Trump’s election. Get your popcorn ready.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on Thursday revealed that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lied not once, but four separate times about leaking information to the press.

Jordan, who sits on the House Oversight and Government Reform and Judiciary committees appeared with Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday night to discuss Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision not to appoint a second special counsel to look into how the FBI and Justice Department handled the Clinton email probe and Russia investigation. The attorney general has instead appointed a federal prosecutor to evaluate those and other issues, including the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.

Meadows and Jordan also accused the DOJ of stonewalling Republicans in Congress on their document requests. Meadows said that in seven pages of documents recently submitted to Congress there were twelve material facts omitted by the Department of Justice.


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DOJ Inspector General to Investigate FBI FISA Abuse

The FBI was already in deep kimchi for its repeated obfuscation and obstruction of justice both before and after the election during which multiple agents are now known to have aided the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

DOJ Inspector General Horowitz is due out with his full report in a month or so which is expected to shake the foundations of the federal government.

And now he’s appending yet another investigation: the abuse of FISA warrants by the FBI, the chief example of which is the use of the dubious Russia dossier as an excuse to investigate and surveil the Trump campaign.

In the words of Joe Biden, “This is a big effing deal.”

Here’s more from Redstate…

It’s been a long time coming — well, it feels like it’s been a long time coming, but the Steele dossier has really only been exhausting us since June of 2016 — but the Department of Justice Inspector General has decided to formally investigate allegations of abuse by the agency of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, and its associated court.

The FISA court is, of course, where warrants were obtained to spy on Carter Page, former adviser to President Donald Trump, using the now-largely debunked Steele dossier which contained little more than unverified and highly salacious claims. The dossier was created by a former British intelligence officer, Michael Steele, who was under the employ of a firm being paid by Hillary Clinton via the Democratic National Committee.

Republican lawmakers and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have been engaged in a letter-writing campaign in recent weeks in an attempt to convince the DOJ’s internal watchdog to investigate what they considered abuse of the secretive court. They allege that the unverified dossier was created by a political opponent in an attempt to smear Donald Trump pre-2016 election, ostensibly to hurt his chances of winning; and then post-election to damage his reputation.


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Andrew McCabe Fires Back After Getting Axed from FBI

Newly axed acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe isn’t taking his ouster sitting down.

After learning of his firing from the press release that was issued by the bureau, McCabe issued his own statement which included an ominous and likely not-so-veiled threat.

He warned, “All along we have said nothing, never wanting to distract from the mission of the FBI by addressing the lies told and repeated about us…No more.”

The question now is how he plans to respond. Will he name names and bring down the house of cards? It’s going to get interesting very soon.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Just over a day before his scheduled retirement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, stripping the career FBI agent of a half-million-dollar pension.

In return, McCabe broke his silence and said he was “being singled out and treated this way” for what he witnessed and did after President Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey.

McCabe issued a lengthy statement noting his 21-year career as a special agent and his case experience, including investigating Russian organized crime.

“For the last year and a half, my family and I have been the targets of an unrelenting assault on our reputation and my service to this country. Articles too numerous to count have leveled every sort of false, defamatory and degrading allegation against us. The president’s tweets have amplified and exacerbated it all. He called for my firing. He called for me to be stripped of my pension after more than 20 years of service. And all along we have said nothing, never wanting to distract from the mission of the FBI by addressing the lies told and repeated about us,” he said. “No more.”


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Breaking: FBI Fires Andrew McCabe in the 11th Hour

So it happened.

Based on the recommendation of the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility and the investigation of the Inspector General, Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially terminated former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe late yesterday.

President Trump celebrated the decision via Twitter as justice served.

As we reported yesterday, this formally kills McCabe’s million-dollar pension for which he otherwise would have qualified after twenty years in the bureau.

His role in the dubious FISA warrant along with lying about media manipulation during multiple investigations isn’t just professional misconduct, it’s criminal.

Here’s more from Fox News…

The Justice Department dealt a stunning blow to former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe on Friday night, firing him just days before he would have been eligible for a lifetime pension after determining that he lied to investigators reviewing the bureau’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

“Pursuant to Department Order 1202, and based on the report of the Inspector General, the findings of the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility, and the recommendation of the Department’s senior career official, I have terminated the employment of Andrew McCabe effective immediately,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement.

“After an extensive and fair investigation and according to Department of Justice procedure, the Department’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) provided its report on allegations of misconduct by Andrew McCabe to the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR),” Sessions said.


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Kids Taken from Parents Because They Didn’t Allow Easter Bunny

Before you ask, no, this story is not from the Onion.

It comes from the land up north where everything stupid and socialist in America is first tested.

Canadian authorities removed foster kids from their parents’ home after reports of really heinous abuse.

That’s right, according to the commissars at Children’s Aid Society, the home was deemed unfit because the Christian parents refused to respect the kids’ ‘cultural traditions’ when they decided not to pretend the Easter Bunny is real.

No, we’re not kidding.

Thankfully a judge found a deposit of common sense still remaining in Canada and ruled that the parents’ freedom of religion had been violated.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Proving that Canada is as insane as many of us believe, a foster agency removed children from the home of Christian foster parents because they refused to celebrate Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. However, proving that some authority figures in Canada still have their wits about them, a judge ruled in favor of the foster parents.

Frances and Derek Baars are members of a conservative Presbyterian denomination that doesn’t celebrate Easter and Christmas. However, the Baars are not so entrenched in their own beliefs as to be tyrants about it. In fact, according to Christianity Today, “When they became foster parents in December 2015, they altered their celebrations to purchase Christmas gifts for the girls and take them to a family gathering as well as a Sunday school program at another church.”

However, Frances Baars went on to say, “We have a strict ‘no lying’ policy, because God is the God of truth who is Truth, and telling kids that the Easter Bunny and Santa are real is lying.”

The fact that the Baars made sure to make their positions about the Easter Bunny and Santa clear during their foster parent training and home visits did not matter. The Children’s Aid Society ” took the children away from the Baars with just a day’s notice, citing the couple’s refusal to respect the girls’ cultural traditions.”


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Three Classmates Alerted Authorities on Nikolas Cruz

Clearly all of this ‘see something, say something’ nonsense is just that…at least that’s the case in Florida.

One might think the multiple shootings over the last decade or so might have given reason for authorities at all levels to take threats of violence a little more seriously.

Not so apparently.

Whether the Miami office of the FBI or the Broward County Sheriff’s office, multiple reports from observers and classmates were completely ignored.

Had they responded, 17 people would be alive today.

This isn’t a problem of guns; it’s a problem of law enforcement. Period.

Gun laws are worthless if no one is willing to enforce them. Cruz violated laws as an adult and remained free.

That’s a crime.

Here’s more from Redstate…

These were more of the signs that were overlooked, or just ignored.

Maybe it’s because this is what teenagers do. Maybe this part seemed almost “normal,” but 3 former classmates of Nikolas Cruz are telling of their experiences with the Parkland high school shooter.

The three students, Dana Craig, 16; her boyfriend, Matthew Rosario, 16, and Enea Sabadini, 17 say that there was trouble with Cruz, after Sabadini began dating his ex-girlfriend.

Sabadini and Cruz got into a fight, and that may have been one factor that led to Cruz being expelled in 2017 from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Another report is that he showed up at the school with a weapon or ammunition in his backpack.

Either way, he was flagged as a threat.

“Im going to watch ypu bleed,” read an Instagram message sent under Cruz’s name to Enea in 2017, when students said Cruz was no longer at the school. “I am going to shoot you dead.” Another message said Enea “stole my ex.”

The FBI’s reaction to reported concerns about Cruz was botched.

The Broward County Sheriff’s office received around 20 calls and nothing came of it.


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Fail: FBI Admits It Mishandled Tip On Florida Shooter

The FBI is not on the top of the ‘Most Popular Federal Agencies’ list these days.

And after the shooting in Florida this week, the FBI is under the microscope once again.

Director Chris Wray admitted culpability and apologized in a public letter after it was revealed the FBI had been given a tip that Nikolas Cruz was a potential shooter.

But the FBI did precisely nothing with that tip, and now 17 innocent people are dead.

Wray’s apology wasn’t enough for Florida Gov. Rick Scott who has very publicly called for Wray’s resignation.

What’s more, Sen. Marco Rubio is calling for a congressional investigation of the FBI (because one can never have too many investigations of the FBI).

So far, 2018 isn’t shaping up to be a banner year for the bureau.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

The FBI failed to follow proper protocols after a person close to Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz called the FBI tipline to warn that Cruz had a “desire to kill people” and could carry out a school shooting, the agency said in a statement on Friday.

The agency failed to act on the tip, which came a little over a month before Cruz killed 17 people at a Parkland, Florida high school this week.

“We are still investigating the facts. I am committed to getting to the bottom of what happened in this particular matter, as well as reviewing our processes for responding to information that we receive from the public. It’s up to all Americans to be vigilant, and when members of the public contact us with concerns, we must act properly and quickly,” said FBI Director Chris Wray.