Principal Says Can’t Stop Children from Walking Out to Protest

In every school in America, students are expected to be housed in a safe environment.

At least that’s the premise behind the furor over recent school shootings.

And in most communities, school attendance is mandatory.

But according to some leftist public school administrators, a political agenda trumps all need for safety.

At least that’s the logic offered by the principal at a Ventura, CA, school as she explained to an enraged father why she can’t stop sixth-graders from leaving the school ‘to protest’…or something.

Because 12-year-olds roaming around city streets unsupervised is super safe and obviously is a really good idea.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

John Gunn, father of a student at a Ventura, Calif., middle school, was enraged when he found out his son’s sixth-grade class was allowed to walk out in protest of gun rights in the wake of the shooting in Florida. He went to the school in person with his camera rolling to confront the principal about her decision to allow political protesting on campus. What Gunn was told when he asked principal Barbara Boggio, who made the decision to allow 12-year-olds to walk out of school, boggles the mind.

“There is no such authorization. If a student chose to leave that’s their choice,” she said. “I won’t restrain a sixth-grade student if they choose to leave.”

Boggio goes on to proclaim again and again that her main job is to keep her students “safe.” (How she does this while allowing them to leave the school whenever they want is unknown.)

PJM reached out to Gunn. “They said it was a memorial. I spoke to my son’s friends. They were playing basketball [during the walkout] when a homeless person came through the fence and took their ball,” he said.



Leftist Author: We Need to Depopulate World’s Rural Areas

Just when we thought Malthusianism had thoroughly been discredited, comes now a rebooted version of the idea that there are just too darn many people on the planet.

Renowned science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson detailed in a recent op-ed that, since we’re all “enmeshed in Earth’s web of life,” we should forcibly move people out of the rural areas of the globe and into mega-cities.

That would free up a “considerable portion of the Earth’s surface.”

So there you have it.

Humans are essentially parasites that need to be herded into urban pens so as to have a minimal impact on the ‘web of life’.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson is one of the best-known names in a genre known for looking forward. However, not all writers in the genre look to the future for their ideas — plenty are obsessed with moving backwards, from liberty back to tyranny.

Robinson recently penned an op-ed in The Guardian that favors removing humans from most of the world, forcefully herding us all into cities.

“The tendency of people to move to cities, either out of desire or perceived necessity, creates a great opportunity. If we managed urbanisation properly, we could nearly remove ourselves from a considerable percentage of the planet’s surface,” Robinson writes. “That would be good for many of the threatened species we share this planet with, which in turn would be good for us, because we are completely enmeshed in Earth’s web of life.”

Robinson doesn’t claim credit for this idea.

“Here I’m referring to the plan EO Wilson has named Half Earth. His book of the same title is provocative in all the best ways, and I think it has been under-discussed because the central idea seems so extreme,” he notes.



Teacher Suspended for Asking If Pro-Life Walkout Would Be Allowed

One of the signature characteristics of the left’s march of political correctness is the selective nature of freedom.

According to the Social Justice Warrior’s Manual for Political Action, it’s freedom of speech for me but not for thee.

So it comes as no surprise that (leftist) students and their fellow travelers can walk out of school (aka truancy) and advocate for gun control without any consequences.

But when a teacher wonders during a class discussion whether that freedom might extend to a walkout for a pro-life rally, off with her head!

That’s exactly what happened to California teacher Julianne Benzel after a couple students were offended by the suggestion.

Benzel was summarily placed on leave for her obviously insensitive suggestion.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

While pundits and the media applaud the legions of schoolkids who walked out of class on Wednesday, a teacher in California had a valid question. She wondered if protests of a different sort would receive the support of the school administration.

The teacher asked if it was appropriate for the school to have been providing support for a politically motivated protest, and if such support would be there for other causes.

Said history teacher Julianne Benzel:”I just kind of used the example … a group of students nationwide, or even locally, decided ‘I want to walk out of school for 17 minutes’ and go in the quad area and protest abortion, would that be allowed by our administration.”

If civic engagement and protest are good and noble things — which we’re hearing from schools in support of the student walkouts — then they’re good and noble things. If not, you’re showing a preference for certain political positions over others.



Report: Matt Damon Leaving America Because Of Trump

Page Six is reporting that finally one Hollywood celeb has the gumption to back up his promise to leave the country after the election of the most recently vilified Republican president.

Celebs like Alec Baldwin, Lena Dunham, and Barbra Streisand have all promised to emigrate in the past. But Matt Damon is actually pulling the trigger.

The report cites the purchase of a home in Australia where he’ll move his wife and four kids so they can live a “safe life” free from that madman, Donald Trump.

We might have recommended Canada which would more likely have been his particular flavor of socialism. Nevertheless, good riddance.

Here’s more from Redstate…

It finally happened — after years of Hollywood celebrities vowing that the horrors they expected to endure during the tenure of a Republican president would force them to flee America, one of them is finally doing it.

According to Page Six, Matt Damon will be moving his family to Australia, “in part because the liberal star’s fed up with President Trump.”

Damon, 47, reportedly has purchased a property in Byron Bay, New South Wales, according to Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph. The home’s next door to a place owned by Chris Hemsworth — with whom Damon recently appeared in “Thor: Ragnarok.”

A source exclusively tells Page Six: “Matt’s telling friends and colleagues in Hollywood that he’s moving the family to Australia” because the activist actor disagrees with Trump’s policies. The president’s frequently butted heads with liberal Hollywood A-listers including Meryl Streep. The source added, “Matt’s saying the move will not impact his work — as he will travel to wherever his projects are shooting. He’s also telling friends he wants to have a safe place to raise his kids.” Damon has four children with wife Luciana Barroso.



Youtube Sued for Refusal to Hire White People

We know you’ll be totally surprised to read this story, so just prepare yourself. Silicon Valley is full of a bunch of leftist, social justice, political correctness police masquerading as capitalist tech barons.

And so it’s entirely characteristic for Youtube — owned by Google — to instruct its hiring agents to refuse the hire of white and Asian men.

Instead, they were required to hire black, Hispanic, and female employees.

So alleges a lawsuit by a former recruiter whose claims have been corroborated by other employees.

Incidentally, that former recruiter was fired for complaining about Youtube’s explicit racism.

My how things have changed since MLK had a dream.

Here’s more from Hotair…

According to claims made in a lawsuit filed by a former recruiter for Google’s YouTube video site, the company instructed staff to stop hiring white and Asian men last year in an attempt to improve corporate diversity. The Wall Street Journal reports that the freeze on hiring whites and Asians was confirmed by others familiar with the company’s hiring practices:

The lawsuit, filed by Arne Wilberg, a white male who worked at Google for nine years, including four years as a recruiter at YouTube, alleges the division of Alphabet Inc.’s Google set quotas for hiring minorities. Last spring, YouTube recruiters were allegedly instructed to cancel interviews with applicants who weren’t female, black or Hispanic, and to “purge entirely” the applications of people who didn’t fit those categories, the lawsuit claims.

A Google spokeswoman said the company will vigorously defend itself in the lawsuit. “We have a clear policy to hire candidates based on their merit, not their identity,” she said in a statement. “At the same time, we unapologetically try to find a diverse pool of qualified candidates for open roles, as this helps us hire the best people, improve our culture, and build better products.”

People familiar with YouTube’s and Google’s hiring practices in interviews corroborated some of the lawsuit’s allegations, including the hiring freeze of white and Asian technical employees, and YouTube’s use of quotas…



Jesse Jackson: Coin Tosses Are Obviously Racist

In case you missed it, there’s a globe-altering controversy at the Olympics.

Apparently, the right to carry the American flag in the opening parade came down to a coin toss.

And since one of the two finalists was black and the white athlete won the toss, it’s an epic case of racism.

Because coins obviously carry a latent cultural bias against those of African descent.

Enter Jesse Jackson, who knows no scandal that doesn’t need a race card.

Jackson quickly opined that the right to carry the flag should be a more fair decision.

In which we assume he means: heads we win, tails you lose.

Otherwise, what’s more fair than a literal 50/50 chance?

Here’s more from Twitchy…

Remember the story we told you yesterday about how black Olympian Shani Davis was angry that a coin flip decided that white Olympian Erin Hamlin would be the Team USA flag bearer in today’s opening ceremony?

Well, the story got worse. Davis skipped the parade of athletes over the entirely fair process to decide a tie:

Rev. Jesse Jackson decided to weigh in, too, demanding the US Olympic Committee develop a different way to decide ties when athletes vote for the games’ flag bearer:



Feminists: Bigger Families Cause More Global Warming

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years, you likely have heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Their show on HGTV is sort of popular.

Actually, it’s been one of the top-rated cable shows for a while now.

The Gaines family also happen to be very conservative Christians.

So clearly they’re a target for the left to take down. Enter the feminists who’ve decided that the Gaines’ recent announcement of their fifth child is simply intolerable.

You see, it’s just plain selfish of these people, argue feminists, to have large families and blindly add more carbon footprint in a world that’s already careening toward the apocalypse.

But don’t take our word for it; here it is straight from the horse’s mouth: “Procreation is becoming a global public health concern…when people do irresponsible things like having five children, we absolutely need to be calling them out.”

Yes, those words were actually published.

Insert your most dramatic facepalm.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Every now and again you come across something so stupid that you have trouble gathering your thoughts about it. The stupid that I’m currently trying to wrap my brain around came in the form of an opinion article from CBC News, which openly promoted shaming HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines for — and this was not a joke — selfishly having children like any married couple would.

The article was written by self-proclaimed feminist Kristen Pyszczyk, who is of the mind that while the backlash the Gaines’ got for announcing their recent pregnancy was unfortunate, it’s necessary because bringing more children into the world is irresponsible and worthy of condemnation.

Why? Because apparently we’re overpopulated and babies are bad for the environment.

There’s no way I can physically relay the stupidity Pyszczk wrote accurately, so I’m just going to quote her verbatim:

In the global West, where the environmental footprint of one person is far larger than in developing nations, it’s crucial that we begin to present all people with alternatives to the traditional nuclear family. This inevitably involves calling out people who have kids like they’re going out of style.

Shame is a powerful tool for changing behaviour: it’s how we introduce new and existing social conventions. It’s unfortunate that Chip and Joanna bore the brunt of changing attitudes, but let’s learn from the reaction and examine our own actions.

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Crash, Burn: Global Warming Movies Didn’t Do So Hot

Happy New Year to our loyal readers.

Rest assured 2018 promises to be an exciting year for conservative news, one way or another. But first, we’d like to take stock of a couple key observations from 2017.

First, liberals’ attempts at ‘resistance’ utterly failed.

And we’re happy to report that tree-hugger attempts to propagate the masses at the box office went up in smoke.

Whether it was Al Gore’s sequel, Geostorm, Bladerunner, Mother, or Downsizing, every single one of them underperformed expected ticket sales.

And a few of them didn’t even turn a profit.

The fact is Americans simply aren’t buying baloney anymore.

Here’s more from Washington Times…

Climate change got its close-up in 2017. A gaggle of films either name-checked Al Gore’s biggest fear or built their narratives around it.

The timing, in theory, couldn’t be better for Hollywood bean counters: Three major hurricanes. Massive fires in the West. Record-setting chills. Media reports routinely connected the disasters with a warming planet.

Yet audiences stayed away from films influenced by eco-concerns. Far, far away.
Think “Blade Runner 2049,” “Geostorm,” “Downsizing,” “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” and “mother!” They all flopped, some in spectacular fashion.

Mr. Gore’s sequel to his documentary smash “An Inconvenient Truth” paid the most attention to climate change, of course. The 2006 original scored with audiences and Oscar voters, earning best documentary honors.

The sequel snared a fraction of the first film’s tally: $3 million versus $24 million. That’s despite massive media attention, mostly fawning reviews and promotion from eco-conscious stars such as Paul McCartney, Bono and Pharrell Williams.

Documentaries rarely make serious coin at the box office, but the drop was massive.



The Nativity and the Church: An Historical Retelling

All too often we, particularly here in the U.S., get caught up in the commercialization and popular pomp of the celebration of Christmas and forget the historical, religious quality of the event.

That’s why we’re so apt to point to history and tradition as the anchor for everything we hold dear in Western culture.

And there’s no better place to look for a proper reflection on this day than to the Apostles and their successors — the Fathers of the Church — for clues how the Nativity of Christ was and is to be remembered.

Thanks to Redstate for offering up an historical profile on some of those Fathers and their poignant writings on the First Advent of the Lord of the Universe…

Here’s more from Redstate…

For Catholics, the Orthodox and mainstream denominations like Lutherans and Episcopalians/Anglicans, much of our theology and Scriptural exegesis comes from the Church Fathers. These, broadly speaking, were theologians, mostly they were priests and bishops, who, mostly, lived before the canon of the Bible was decided and whose sermons and lectures give us insight into how the Early Church interpreted Old Testament scripture as well as the books that later became the New Testament. One group, called the Apostolic Fathers are significant because they were disciples of the original Twelve and their writings reflect Christianity as the Apostles taught it.

The Church Fathers were very much into Christmas as a holiday celebrating the Nativity. Here is a sampling from their sermons.

St. Leo the Great (400 – 10 November 461)

Our Saviour, dearly-beloved, was born today: let us be glad. For there is no proper place for sadness, when we keep the birthday of the Life, which destroys the fear of mortality and brings to us the joy of promised eternity. No one is kept from sharing in this happiness. There is for all one common measure of joy, because as our Lord the destroyer of sin and death finds none free from charge, so is He come to free us all. Let the saint exult in that he draws near to victory. Let the sinner be glad in that he is invited to pardon. Let the gentile take courage in that he is called to life. For the Son of God in the fullness of time which the inscrutable depth of the Divine counsel has determined, has taken on him the nature of man, thereby to reconcile it to its Author: in order that the inventor of death, the devil, might be conquered through that (nature) which he had conquered.

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President Trump wishes overseas troops a Merry Christmas

The Trump administration has gone way out of its way to demonstrate to the troops that they can rest assured they’re part of a government that appreciates their service.

SecDef Mattis visited troops earlier this week and Vice President Mike Pence paid a surprise visit to servicemen and women in Afghanistan.

Then President Trump delivered a special message to the overseas troops wishing them a Merry Christmas and thanking them for their sacrifices.

The message came on the heels of a visit with wounded troops at Walter Reed Hospital last week.

Morale across the board in the military has notably increased in the months since Trump’s inauguration, which comes as absolutely no surprise.

Here’s more from the Blaze…

President Donald Trump wished a number of overseas troops a Merry Christmas via personal videoconference over the weekend. Fox News showed video of some of some of the messages this morning.

In the messages, President Trump expressed America’s thankfulness for the troops who are separated from their families for the holidays while protecting the country. He also offered praise to servicemen deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan for their work in fighting against ISIS and other extremist organizations.

A number of prominent administration members have personally visited members of the military this holiday season. Secretary of Defense James Mattis has spent the last several days visiting service members in Guantanamo Bay and also at several domestic military bases, according to IJ Review. Vice President Mike Pence also surprised troops in Afghanistan with a personal visit last week.