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New 2020 Poll Shows Almost 4 in 10 Voters Believe Biden Has Dementia

At the start of the primary season (last year), Democrats had over twenty candidates fighting for the nomination. Despite that lineup, they ended up with 77-year-old Joe Biden.

Apparently, he was considered the “safe,” moderate candidate that could win voters from Donald Trump.

But in recent months, many have watched Biden’s performance and grown worried. And now, a new Rasmussen poll is confirming what Americans are thinking:

Nearly four-out-of-10 voters believe Joe Biden has dementia. Most voters, including just over half of Democrats, feel it is important for the likely Democratic presidential nominee to publicly address the issue. Read more…


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Texas Supreme Court Drops Their Decision On Mail-In Voting

Democrats all over the country are pushing for mail-in voting. They claim that COVID-19 makes it too dangerous for people to vote normally.

President Trump has voiced serious concerns it will lead to voter fraud. Twitter actually “fact-check” his worries, linking to liberal media outlets.

But at least in the great state of Texas, the left’s mail-in plans hit a wrinkle as the courts made a big decision. Read more…


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Democrat Election Judge Pleads Guilty

Many say voter fraud is just a conspiracy theory.

They’ll say it’s a problem that’s blown way out of proportion, primarily by Republicans, Conservatives, and Trump supporters.

But it’s a very, very real problem — and here’s one example that involves a former Democratic municipal Judge of Elections.

Not only did this guy stuff the ballot box, he accepted money to do it!

From Fox News:

A former Democratic elections judge has pleaded guilty for his role in accepting bribes to cast fraudulent ballots and certifying false voting results in primary elections in Philadelphia, prosecutors announced Thursday. Read more…


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Biden Just Told Americans They “Probably Shouldn’t Vote For Him”

Joe Biden has made some startling gaffes over the years, but this one might seal his fate.

Some people might try to praise the man, saying he’s just being honest. But when you’re running to be President of the United States, you just don’t say things like this.

Because the man who wants to take Donald Trump’s job just said maybe you shouldn’t vote for him. Here’s why:

From NY Post:

“If they believe Tara Reade, they probably shouldn’t vote for me,” the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee told host Lawrence O’Donnell. Read more…


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Rush Limbaugh Predicts Biden Will Vanish From Ballot

As time goes on, many Americans have speculated about Joe Biden’s “electability.”

Democrats were worried about him, before the Tara Reade allegations. Now, it seems many are worrying if he can stand up against a candidate like Donald Trump.

Now, Rush Limbaugh, one of conservative America’s top voices is making a bold prediction about Sleepy Joe.

From Washington Examiner:

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh predicted that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden will essentially disappear from November’s election ticket. Read more…


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Gingrich Predicts Biden Will Implode by November 2020

The latest 2020 polls make the claim that the race is close, or that Biden has a clear advantage. Sound familiar?

Despite three years of record accomplishments, the (liberal) media polls say that Trump is done for. Are they right? Will Joe Biden become our next president?

Newt Gingrich has weighed in. And he’s making a bold prediction about how the race will play out.

From Newsweek:

Despite all these advantages and various polls that reflect the intense anti-Trump news media hostility, there will be a point in August when there will be a real campaign. Read more…


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Trump’s First Quarter Fundraising is in

President Trump has been through an unprecedented first quarter of the year. I don’t think another president faced more challenges in just a few months!

Democrats kicked off the year with their impeachment Senate trial. Before that even ended, this virus struck the country hard and fast. All in a re-election year.

You might have thought all this hammered Trump’s fundraising efforts, right? Wrong.

From Fox News:

President Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee brought in more than $63 million in March, bringing their first-quarter fundraising total to more than $212 million amid the coronavirus crisis. Read more…


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Trump Makes Exception For Seniors On 2020 Mail-In Ballots

Nancy Pelosi is picking a new fight with President Trump.

We’re still over 6 months away from the 2020 election, but already Nancy and her Democrats are pushing their liberal agenda to do mass mail-in voting.

Trump just came out strongly against that, but now he’s laying out a few key exceptions—and one of them is for seniors. From Trump’s Twitter:

Absentee Ballots are a great way to vote for the many senior citizens, military, and others who can’t get to the polls on Election Day. Read more…


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Former Obama Adviser Predicts Trump Could Have “Record Turnouts”

As we enter a crucial stretch of the epidemic, let’s not forget one thing: we’ve still got an election coming in November.

And if David Plouffe, an adviser to former President Barack Obama, is right, Democrat leader Joe Biden won’t be too happy this fall.

Plouffe offered a prediction to Fox News that leftists probably won’t like—especially Joe Biden! From Fox News:

You look at the economic situation and say, ‘How can an incumbent win in that?’ But, you know, no one’s blaming Trump for the damage.

That’s right: most people aren’t blaming this whole situation on President Trump. A pandemic is not in his control, and he did a lot to slow it down. Read more…


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Obama Operative Warns Of 2020 Election Impact

Everyone is focused on how coronavirus will impact the immediate future. It is affecting our day to day lives, and it has already politically affected the Democrats’ primary race.

But we have to wonder, how will this influence the 2020 Election?

November is not that far away. And, despite this crisis, Americans will go to the polls to vote for a president. Almost nothing can stop that.

Some claim the virus’s negative impact on the economy will hurt Trump. Makes some sense, the strong economy was helping him, but it’s clearly not his fault for what’s going on now.

But one top Obama agent has a different take, and Democrats may not like it. Read more…