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Biden Says He Will Force All Americans to Wear Masks When He is President

Joe Biden isn’t President just yet, but he’s already talking about his Oval Office plans, and many Americans are concerned.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee leads Trump in several recent polls, and one could argue he’s gained momentum in recent months.

So, what would be one of Biden’s first moves as Commander-in-Chief?

It would apparently address the ongoing health concerns surrounding the CO-VID 19 epidemic.

Biden, who has been a vocal advocate of face masks, even though he seems to struggle to wear them, believes every citizen should wear one in public. At least so long as the pandemic persists. Read more…


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Trumps Sends a Clear Warning to Those Vandalizing Monuments

For weeks, Americans have watched rioters and so-called peaceful protesters tear up statues and monuments. At first, they called for the destruction of Confederate statues. But very quickly, as many people warned, it seems some of these groups have been willing to deface or tearing down many other memorial, statue, and historical monuments in their sight.

Vandals have even defaced the Lincoln Memorial and the WWII memorial in D.C. Last night, they attacked St. John’s Church for a second time and attempted to pull down a statue of Andrew Jackson. Read more…


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NYC Lawyer Arrested For Burning Police Van, Gets 250,000 Bail Payed by Obama-Era Official

A New York City lawyer was arrested for allegedly firebombing an unoccupied NYPD police cruiser over the weekend.

But she didn’t stay in jail for long, as “a former high-level Obama administration intelligence official” posted the necessary $250,000 bail.

Salmah Rizvi served in the Defense Department and State Department during Obama’s term.

And apparently, she’s both a colleague and a very good friend of the accused, Urooj Rahman. Read more…


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Tara Reade Dares Biden To Take Polygraph

Tara Reade is turning the screws on Joe Biden. And, new bombshell evidence is supporting her story.

In a new interview with Megyn Kelly, Reade was asked if she would take a polygraph.

The woman then turned it into a challenge for the presidential candidate.

From Daily Wire:

When Kelly asked Reade if she would be willing to take a polygraph test, Reade said bluntly, “I will take one if Joe Biden takes one.” Read more…


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Trump Claims China Will ‘Do Anything’ For Him to Lose 2020

Trump played nice with China for years to land a better trade deal for America. But now the gloves are off.

The president has lost patience with the communist regime, largely over how they dropped the ball reporting on the pandemic when it began.

And now, Trump is leveling some heavy charges against the CCP.

From Fox News:

President Trump lashed out at China on Wednesday over its response to the coronavirus pandemic, which he claimed was evidence that the country was trying to get him to lose his re-election bid. Read more…


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China Just Raised Their Official Numbers By 50 Percent

China has been reporting on the virus since January. But even back then, people have suspected their numbers were not quite right.

Some in our media have criticized America, when our numbers exceeded China (which has a population that dwarfs our own).

Well, now that Wuhan has been reopened, suddenly they are changing their figures. And they’ve gone way up.

From Fox News:

China raised Wuhan’s coronavirus death toll by nearly 50 percent Friday following weeks of allegations that officials were underreporting the numbers to make the situation there look better than it actually was. Read more…


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Pelosi Just Tried to Delete Her Chinatown Video, Now it’s Out There For Good

We all know that Nancy Pelosi—and many Democrats—claim Trump has not acted fast enough to defeat the virus.

But as recently as late February, Nancy was encouraging people to visit Chinatown. She even posted a video about it.

Whoops! Looks like that video is no longer on her account. But that’s okay, Trump’s got her covered.

From Twitter:

Dang. First, let’s acknowledge that Trump has totally taken off the gloves in his fight against the Speaker. Read more…


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Supreme Court Takes Unprecedented Action

The Supreme Court plays a vital role in upholding our government.

It decides whether laws are Constitutional, or not. Our justices often rule on cases that determine the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

For over 100 years, the court has carried out this duty. It even endured during intense times of trial, including wars and other crises. So, today’s announcement is pretty historic.

From LA Times:

The Supreme Court announced Monday it would not hold oral arguments during the next two weeks due to the coronavirus, the first postponement of its kind since 1918. Read more…


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Biden Gets Caught on Super Tuesday Stealing a Sniff

Joe, Joe, Joe. Listen man, you just got a lead in this vicious primary race. Now is not the time to screw it-oh, he already screwed it up!

Democrats pulled out a game-stopping scheme to help Biden beat Sanders. They got two candidates to drop out before Super Tuesday. It was a move to ensure moderate voters would flock to Biden.

This was after months of people saying Biden was a goner. But as soon as he gets ahead, he goes and does something really weird.

It seems this guy just can’t seem to keep his hands-or nose-off people.

And someone caught him at it again-on video. Read more…