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GOP Senator Hawley Introduces New Bill For Big Tech Censorship

Conservatives have complained for years that social networks and “big tech” have tried to silence their speech online.

The evidence has piled up as major networks block, ban, or “shadow ban” influential conservative accounts.

In recent weeks, Twitter has even blocked tweets from President Trump—in what some say was an attempt to undermine his comments.

Now, several notable Republican lawmakers are preparing legislation to end this. Read more…


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Dems Angered By NYT Trump Headline, So the Paper Quickly Changes it

President Trump has been using his authority to restore peace to cities across the country.

Meanwhile, the media has bent over backwards to misrepresent his efforts. They ignore Democrat governors who sit back and let their cities burn while saying it’s all Trump’s fault.

When the New York Times ran with a headline that focused on Trump’s actions, Democrats threw a tantrum. So, the pathetic paper changed it.

From Washington Examiner:

On Monday night, New York Times print editor Tom Jolly previewed the front-page headline, which initially read, “As Chaos Spreads, Trump Vows To ‘End It Now,’” but it quickly received flak for failing to acknowledge the president’s militarized and forceful reaction to the protests. Read more…


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Trump Goes Galactic On Mainstream Media

President Trump has a history of messing with the liberal media. And these days, he’s got good reason to!

The MSM has ramped up criticism during the pandemic, especially as we near November. They accuse Trump of all sorts of things, while largely ignoring Biden’s many mistakes and scandals.

Well, Trump took a moment to express his dislike of the media. And his “suggestion” for them is out of this world! Read more…


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Trump Signs Recovery Executive Order to Boost U.S. Jobs

In an effort to jumpstart the economy after the pandemic, President Trump is signing an order to eliminate unnecessary regulations.

The order will direct government agencies to waive regulations to promote job growth. It will also task agencies with deciding which of 600 previously waived regulations should be permanently eliminated.

Senior Trump administration officials told the Daily Caller that the Regulatory Relief to Support Economic Recovery Executive Order “is the first time in living memory that a president has responded to a national crisis by deregulating instead of grabbing more power.” Read more…


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Liberal Washington Post Calls Out Biden

Joe Biden seems to be dodging assault allegations made by a former staffer, Tara Reade. But it looks like he can’t outrun them forever.

He let his campaign issue a denial, but the man himself has refused to discuss it. But even the mainstream media can no longer ignore the growing story.

And now, even newspaper the Washington Post is demanding Biden talk.

From The Hill:

The Washington Post editorial board on Wednesday called on former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, to address allegations of a 1993 sexual assault from former aide Tara Reade and release documents relating to his Senate career. Read more…



Trump Accuses Democrats of Rebellion

During this unprecedented crisis, Democratic governors have been leaning on the president big time. But now, they seem to be turning on him.

When they needed it, President Trump provided the supplies and resources. The states weren’t prepared for a crisis like this. So, the president stepped in quickly to help.

But now, with hope of an end in sight, some governors are discussing reopening their states. Without input from the president. So, Trump dropped a word of warning to them. Read more…


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CNN Accused Of Rigging Democrat Debate

The last Democratic debate before the February primaries just happened. Did you catch it? Of course not.

Even liberal pundits called it a “dull night of the living dead.” Ouch! Talk about harsh. (I would have said worse.)

The Democratic “frontrunners” repeated their same, tired, terrible plans for Americans. They want to burden us with endless welfare programs (costing trillions) without a single believable plan for how they’ll pay for it.

What’s interesting is that, during this debate, something else was clearly going on. Read more…


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ABC Anchor Admits in Video to Dropping Clinton-Epstein Story

We all know about the alleged cover-ups connected to the Clintons, but this might be the biggest yet.

Whenever you look at the Clintons’ private lives, you find rumors of wrongdoing. People who accused the couple of crimes, suddenly “disappear.”

Then there are the scandals related to Hillary Clinton’s time in the Obama administration. I don’t have to tell you about what she did during the Benghazi raid.

Or how she had a private, illegal email server while Secretary of State. Or of the 30,000 emails she deleted when the FBI came calling. Read more…


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Omar’s ‘Controversy Mask’ Comes Flying Off On National TV

Ilhan Omar just made yet another shocking statement-and it seems like her real intentions are coming out.

This “squad” member is giving AOC a run for the title of “Most Disliked Member of Congress.” They even make Nancy Pelosi look good-that’s hard to do!

Omar has frustrated Americans with her insulting and dismissive comments. We are constantly questioning her loyalty to the country-and her support of our most trusted allies.

But, once again, she made an even more surprising statement before a national audience. Read more…


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Trump Allies Launch Investigations Into Media

The media does more than treat President Trump unfairly. You have to agree that they have pushed some of the wildest conspiracies just to undermine him.

“Fake news” might not be the best word to describe the often misleading or dishonest “stories” major liberal outlets put out on Trump.

Let’s get real here: the mainstream media accused him-for over three years-of being a Russian spy. That was based on nothing but rumors and hearsay.

The mainstream media thinks they are getting off scot-free after years of deceit. But 2020 is not going to be like any other election years. Read more…