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Big Tech’s Efforts to Sway the Election Revealed

A book being released today by Breitbart News senior tech reporter Allum Bokhari, #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election, brings together sources from Google, Facebook, Twitter and other tech companies to expose Big Tech’s hidden efforts to sway the coming election.

“When voters find out what big tech companies have done to meddle in the coming election, they’ll be rightly furious” said a Google whistleblower interviewed for the book.

#DELETED can be ordered online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. It is available in hardcover, digital, and audiobook formats.

Bokhari, author of #DELETED, has spent four years developing a network of whistleblowers in Silicon Valley. In the book, these sources tell the inside story of how the most powerful information technologies ever devised have been weaponized against President Trump and his movement.

Through this network of sources, Bokhari has already published a number of explosive stories exposing Big Tech’s rampant anti-conservative bias, including:

The Google Tape, a 1-hour recording of Google’s co-founders and executives lamenting President Trump’s election and vowing not to let it happen again. Read more…


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Tucker Carlson Releases Damning Audio of CNN President Jeff Zucker

Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed a reportedly recorded 2016 conversation between CNN president Jeff Zucker and then-Trump attorney Michael Cohen in a Tuesday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” exclusive.

The conversation, reportedly recorded in March 2016 as then-candidate Donald Trump was vying for the Republican presidential nomination, featured the two friends discussing Trump’s candidacy and even the possibility of a regular CNN show.

“On March 10, 2016, that was the day of the final Republican primary debate, Cohen called Jeff Zucker on his cell phone,” Carlson said. “CNN was hosting the debate that night in Miami, and Cohen, who was working for Donald Trump at the time, wanted to check in about it. Zucker almost immediately started bragging about himself, as he is wont to do.”

“After a few pro forma words about their families, Zucker launched into an extended lecture about about his own importance,” he continued. “‘Here’s the thing,’ Zucker announced to Cohen, ‘you cannot be elected president of the United States without CNN. Fox and MSNBC are irrelevant — irrelevant — in electing a general election candidate.’”

Carlson said Zucker told Cohen that the campaign has “had great instincts, great guts and great understanding of everything, but you’re missing the boat on how it works going forward.” Read more…


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Mark Zuckerberg Warns That Presidential Election May Take Weeks to Be Called

Amid election security concerns, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg attempted to normalize the possibility of a delayed outcome of the upcoming presidential election were to occur. This despite the fact that he is not an elected official and holds no government position.

“One of the things that I think we and other media need to start doing is preparing the American people that there’s nothing illegitimate about this election taking additional days or even weeks to make sure that all of the votes are counted,” Zuckerberg told “Axios on HBO,” in which the full interview will air Tuesday.

“In fact, that may be important to make sure that this is an important, legitimate, and fair election,” the social media giant continued.

Admins will supposedly market messaging around this premise “just to make sure people know that’s normal.”

On Thursday, Facebook rolled out its new measures, which include flagging posts by candidates who claim premature victory and forbidding new political ads within a week of Election Day.

For example, “informational context” will be added directly to a candidate’s post if a consensus result is not yet reached.

Zuckerberg then noted a potential “heightened risk of civil unrest in the period between voting and a result being called.” Read more…


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Facebook to Block New Political Ads the Week Before the Election

Social media giant Facebook has announced plans to ban new political ads for the week leading up to Election Day on November 3. Mark Zuckerberg announced the ban along with several other changes because he fears “there could be an increased risk of civil unrest across the country.”

NBC News reports that Facebook has announced plans to ban new political ads in the week leading up to Election Day on November 3. The site will also remove posts that try to suppress or discourage voting according to company CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The decision aims to prevent campaigns and their supporters from making early claims of victory. The announcement is part of series of actions taken by Facebook to address concerns about how the social media site could be used to manipulate the election and includes a warning from Zuckerberg about potential unrest around the U.S. related to the election.

In a note to staff members, Zuckerberg wrote: “The U.S. elections are just two months away, and with Covid-19 affecting communities across the country, I’m concerned about the challenges people could face when voting. I’m also worried that with our nation so divided and election results potentially taking days or even weeks to be finalized, there could be an increased risk of civil unrest across the country.” Read more…


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BLM Co-Founder Demands Hollywood Strike Over Jacob Blake Shooting

Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, has called upon all of Hollywood to strike in response to the Jacob Blake shooting.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Cullors said that Hollywood could be a tremendous help to the Black Lives Matter movement if all of the unions, which have been severely hurt by the pandemic, would halt work to push for change.

“I think it’s time for talent, writers, executives, the guild and SAG to show up for Black lives as well,” Cullors said. “Join this strike. Now is the time and our movement is really looking to unions to step in in a particular way and say ‘We’re going to hold back on allowing for the exploitation and the degradation of Black communities to continue under our watch.’ I think Hollywood can really show up in this moment.”

Cullors said that the strike will focus on getting President Trump out of office and forcing the Democratic Party to deliver on their promises to the black community.

“People are tired of having to say the same thing over and over again, and not seeing the change that we deserve from either party, frankly,” she said. “I think the work that we’re up against right now is to ensure that we can get Trump out of office, but also ensure that we can get the Democratic Party to truly create policies that will make sure that Black people are protected from vigilantes and from police torture.” Read more…


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After Biden Dodges Fox Interview, Trump Says Joe Would “Cry Mommy” If Interviewed by Wallace

Last week, President Trump sat down with Chris Wallace for an intense, hour-long interview.

Wallace, who is no fan of Trump’s, fired some hard questions at the president.

Trump went toe-to-toe with the Fox News correspondent, answering the questions head-on.

It turns out, Wallace offered the same invitation to Joe Biden. But the Biden campaign refuses to let Joe be interviewed.

President Trump gave the blistering reason why. Read more…


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GOP Senator Hawley Introduces New Bill For Big Tech Censorship

Conservatives have complained for years that social networks and “big tech” have tried to silence their speech online.

The evidence has piled up as major networks block, ban, or “shadow ban” influential conservative accounts.

In recent weeks, Twitter has even blocked tweets from President Trump—in what some say was an attempt to undermine his comments.

Now, several notable Republican lawmakers are preparing legislation to end this. Read more…


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Dems Angered By NYT Trump Headline, So the Paper Quickly Changes it

President Trump has been using his authority to restore peace to cities across the country.

Meanwhile, the media has bent over backwards to misrepresent his efforts. They ignore Democrat governors who sit back and let their cities burn while saying it’s all Trump’s fault.

When the New York Times ran with a headline that focused on Trump’s actions, Democrats threw a tantrum. So, the pathetic paper changed it.

From Washington Examiner:

On Monday night, New York Times print editor Tom Jolly previewed the front-page headline, which initially read, “As Chaos Spreads, Trump Vows To ‘End It Now,’” but it quickly received flak for failing to acknowledge the president’s militarized and forceful reaction to the protests. Read more…


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Trump Goes Galactic On Mainstream Media

President Trump has a history of messing with the liberal media. And these days, he’s got good reason to!

The MSM has ramped up criticism during the pandemic, especially as we near November. They accuse Trump of all sorts of things, while largely ignoring Biden’s many mistakes and scandals.

Well, Trump took a moment to express his dislike of the media. And his “suggestion” for them is out of this world! Read more…


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Trump Signs Recovery Executive Order to Boost U.S. Jobs

In an effort to jumpstart the economy after the pandemic, President Trump is signing an order to eliminate unnecessary regulations.

The order will direct government agencies to waive regulations to promote job growth. It will also task agencies with deciding which of 600 previously waived regulations should be permanently eliminated.

Senior Trump administration officials told the Daily Caller that the Regulatory Relief to Support Economic Recovery Executive Order “is the first time in living memory that a president has responded to a national crisis by deregulating instead of grabbing more power.” Read more…