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CNN Panics: MAGA Calls America a Republic!

There’s a famous story about Benjamin Franklin being approached after the Constitutional Convention. When asked what sort of government had been created, he famously replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” This profound statement highlights the delicate balance and responsibility inherent in maintaining a republic, a concept that seems increasingly misunderstood today.

Many of us learned in middle school or junior high that the United States is a Constitutional Republic. Yet, one has to wonder if this essential lesson is still being taught effectively. The Constitution is quite clear on this matter. Article IV, Section 4 states, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.” This guarantees a republican form of government, not in the party sense, but in the structural sense.

Despite this clarity, a recent segment on CNN attempted to challenge this fundamental understanding. CNN Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel posted about it, only to delete the post after facing backlash. The segment was truly wild, with CNN seemingly trying to refute the fact that the United States is a republic. This kind of misinformation is both baffling and concerning.

In an interview, author Anne Applebaum asserted, “America is a democracy. It was founded as a democracy.” This statement is historically inaccurate. The Founders specifically rejected a pure democracy due to concerns about mob rule. They aimed to protect individual liberties and minority rights through a system of checks and balances, a hallmark of a Constitutional Republic. In a pure democracy, the majority could easily infringe upon the rights of the minority, but in a Constitutional Republic, the rule of law and judicial oversight protect those rights.

The distinction between a republic and a democracy is significant. In a pure democracy, politicians might only cater to the most populous areas, ignoring smaller states. The Electoral College, one of the constitutional safeguards, ensures a more balanced representation across the country. This is precisely why the founders opted for a Constitutional Republic. The idea that this foundational concept is a conspiracy or a MAGA talking point, as suggested by CNN, is not only incorrect but also a dangerous misrepresentation.

The real question is why some Democrats seem intent on labeling America strictly as a democracy while downplaying our identity as a Constitutional Republic. Is it ignorance, or is there a more troubling agenda at play? Actions speak louder than words. We’ve seen Biden and other Democrats advocate for undermining or eliminating fundamental aspects of our republic, from packing the Supreme Court to abolishing the Electoral College. Such moves threaten the very fabric of our government, tilting it towards the majority rule that the founders feared.

If the Electoral College were abolished, presidential candidates could ignore Middle America, focusing solely on populous states like New York and California. This would marginalize the voices of smaller states and rural areas, contrary to the inclusive vision of our founders. Without a proper understanding of our government’s nature, future generations could be misled into supporting policies that erode the very protections that make our nation unique.

In sum, the concept of America as a Constitutional Republic is foundational and crucial for safeguarding individual liberties and maintaining a balanced, fair government. The efforts by some to redefine our government as a pure democracy are not only misleading but dangerous, undermining the principles that have protected our freedoms for centuries.

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